War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 133

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Source: Dita

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How to submit your replays:
– Send the replay file or video with time stamp where stuff happens
at Dita2233@yahoo.com

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  1. U look very cute today yes

  2. Speaking of the bridge at 10:00, am I right to presume that Independent and his fat bastard son T-35 are long enough to pass the gaps? I mean, they were specifically made this long to pass over anti-tank trenches which are 3m wide. I would also mention TOG and french (super?) heavies, but neither of them currently is in the game.

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  4. the intro is the reason why i prefer to use the KV-1, you never know when you get swarmed by R3

  5. War Thunders replay system is so fucking stupid

  6. The Lankee Pineapple _

    0:30 , i didnt expect my clip to make it, thanks very cool dita

  7. Guilherme Polis Maia

    Some brazilian players are so crazy!

  8. The Locust that could

  9. In this video, Baku go brrrrrrrrrrr

  10. I reloaded at the airfield and lifted off with a 1 Ki-61-I Tei and 2 B7A2, we lifted off from the airfield, formed up and protected the 2 B7A2’s from enemy air 1 P-51 and 4 F4U-4, while our guys straffed and bombed 2 points to clear them of enemies and let the rest of the team cap and win.
    A come back from 350 pts VS 4000 pts… *God I hate(love) this game sometimes.*

  11. Hi! Please, check your email, wrote you with sponsorship offer about War Thunder game (not scam) 🙂

  12. i got banned on twitch why?

  13. TheJackalPhantom


  14. The sherman jumbo execution system is a multi stage assault on the jumbo done by numerous R3s

  15. Kriegs Bär Lets play

    Non penetration is the same by me, i shoot with my Leopard 2A5 in the side of a BMP2M and i bounced with APDSFS DM23 🙁

  16. Sherman Jumbo vs T 34 57.. who will win?

  17. 12:30 – OMG I forgot that I sent that one into you SO long ago! But yeah, I said the same damn thing when it happened! LOL. Thanks Dita! This really made my day! ^.^

  18. That Baku camping vautour is like mixing vautour aids with Baku black plague, single handedly the most cancer thing I’ve ever seen and i grew up with mw2

  19. Donovan Hochradel

    Did u get my t34 plane kill?

  20. 3:16 and here we have a rare sight in deed two airplanes mating to create another airplane much like bald eagle they begin their horny death spiral but sadly they could not separate in time and met an unfortunate end by slamming into the ground at insane speeds

  21. 10:34 MOM IM ON YOUTUBE

  22. 7:40 so we have an American Locust, pinning a German Panther, trying to be saved by a Russian KV-85 only to be nailed in the attempt and the locust drowns the Panther. You can’t write this

  23. 17:00 when you find your new friend…

  24. 6:12 Latin America’s Internet moment

  25. I lose most of my tank battles but rarely lose with aerial combat havent tried naval net

  26. 13:22
    Enemies: guys destroy this guy, time now!
    Me: nah
    Enemies: Nooo! You can’t lock me, aa is ww2!!!
    Navy AA and Me: Hahahaha go brrrrrr

  27. Dylan Gelston-Swain

    1:46 Italia here to save the day


  29. the atgm in the new patch are buged as fuck

  30. Alchemist Magavyn

    The last one is when the enemy has more respect for you than your allies

  31. that’s my man pickles at 3:20

  32. Jumping r3 lmao

  33. 8:10 man that was brutal lol

  34. Victoria Trenchard

    What’s the song that is playing on the clip from 10:30 to 11:50?

  35. 69,999 views, nice

  36. 1:44 that’s really some Fast N’ Furious stuff , Damn XD

  37. dita I want to give you these videos. I certainly love your videos

  38. Bladee CS Source

    When a player from enemy team is more helpful than your own team

  39. Everyone, the button to zoom out on YouTube

  40. 9:30 same happened to me twice. Shell hits barrel, shell explodes outside but kills everyone.

  41. unwatchable

  42. Dita rule 34

  43. Seeing that CIWS light up and curbstomp those two aircrafts was beautiful. First time i’ve seen those things be of any damn use.

  44. Imagine playing arcade with a maus or an is7, such a waste of rare vehicles

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