War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 134

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Source: Dita

How to send clips Picture guide https://imgur.com/a/J42q320

How to submit your replays:
– Send the file or video with time stamp where stuff happens
at Dita2233@yahoo.com

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  1. Bruh this heat outside is awful

  2. 7:05 better than jumbo !

  3. Mr Krabs43 is back

  4. Can I submit clips from my YouTube channel for wins and fails or does it have to strictly be from war thunder replays


  6. Been off War Thunder for some time, but I see that a recent patch note said that it fixed a bug that: “Caused overpressure on your vehicle when another player in close proximity was overpressured”.

    Sad to say, but most of these multikills were Gaijin doing what Gaijin does.

  7. 1:20 *WHAT THE FUCK?*

  8. Когда Фугасы зафершлят, будем смотреть этот ролик и пускать скупую слезу.

  9. -a6m2 mod.11 cannot spawn on carriers as it does not have a tail hook-

    -some guy on discord i knew once


    tl;dr mod.11 was ‘land based’, you already know what happens if lt repairs on a carrier

  10. Best intro ever.

  11. Dita: *releases new wins ‘n’ fails video*
    Me: “Hell, it’s about time.”

  12. Patryk1 patryk01


  13. Welcome back man!

  14. Bruh that glass cannon survive

  15. @ 2:47 are they actually adding in Yugoslavia? that would be awesome!!

  16. 10:59 I like this victory sound, from what movie is it?

  17. I know it’s used a lot, but what’s the song from 11:47

  18. AntonioBeltran TheSumoSnipe

    The squirrels gave much love to that F-4 Phantom

  19. Song at 10:38

  20. You timed the Daredevil clip to perfection!

  21. I liked that sound played at 0: 48

  22. 1:20 what did you approve, the fact that those poor guys got gaijined?

  23. Hola🙃, solo quería desirles que tengo un servidor de war thunder de discort roll play como no roll play, resien estoy empezando y busco gente para que se le una. Me yudarias 🥺

  24. 3:05 *_C O O L V I B R A T I O N S_*

  25. This reminds me of that video where the dude is on a small island and starts yelling at some guy on the coast saying,” fuck you!”

  26. A6M1 mod11 haven’t arresting hook = not navy fighter

  27. I miss councilor

  28. андрей моргунов

    Piemation! EEEEE

  29. Alfred Clausewitz

    4:14 Ace Combat: Assault Horizon 🤣

  30. i am that one tiger 2 that survived the fv4005 hesh, i have a video of my perspective on my channel.

  31. 3:00 Shingo approb…

  32. Watermonitor Gamer

    3:00 heatseeker xDDDDD

  33. Wow, a Dita Seal of Approval. Haven’t seen that in awhile.

  34. 2a6 : dies to fuel probably blowing up ( is a thing now )

    Meanwhile : Me being killed by my track imploding after being shot by APFSDS ( hits only my track ) and killing the crew….

  35. War Thunder is soo fucked up man.

  36. 0:49 Nani ?!

  37. 4:06 Bishop , Trinity has been lunch , YOU HAVE TO STOP IT

  38. Luved the ace combat one beautiful

  39. In the first clip you would’ve needed me

  40. ArcLight HiveCasts

    Torpedo beats!

  41. Torpedo beats war thunder addition

  42. Larry Foulke Solo Wing Pixy


  43. Mr Технарь


  44. 4:00 that guy can actually call himself Luke Skywalker , he is a hero and can be called a jedi

  45. 6:20 Tryhard german virgin VS Average Italian chad

  46. 9:40 the guy deserved that L.
    What was he even thinking trying to Roll with that Russian tugboat?


  48. Mr Krabs, LOL

  49. If only there was a compilation of all the clips in these videos that hade Ace Combat OST on the background.. please?

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