War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 19

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Oh boy part 19 of ‘n’ already


  1. Get fucked, Dita

  2. lolz
    u know thunder show? it free 5k eagles

  3. WT hates you keepping logging in


  5. after a long time you played air rb again

  6. ThvictormanixhT

    9:19 “Oh the driver’s seat is full of water and I won’t be able to even have a little bit of space to breathe. Let’s change seats :D”

  7. Gaming Saba Saba

    That moment, when there is enemy on your six, you try to avoid his shots and you crash into something and die… so many times, hurts..

  8. The last one is priceless

  9. Жвавий Підсвинок

    WOW! NICE!

  10. are You excited about pasta planes dita

  11. co kurwa ?

  12. That intro reminded me of the fact that my 150+ days straight of logging in and spinning the Wheel of Poverty are gone now 🙁 This is why you should play your games on reliable machines kids… Don’t drink and drive, knowing is half the battle, with a great computer comes great responsibilities.

  13. Dita… you should probably taxi onto the launch line before you take off the carrier… -3-

  14. receive my likes and those of our comrades!

  15. is dita2233 the real dita? :O

  16. BlueRosse Gaming

    boi thats not how u recover from a spiral…..

  17. Nice 5k subs bro

  18. dita should of said best bellyflop ever 8:34

  19. Егор Селиванов

    8:15 Flight model is beyond the reality.

  20. 1:26 o kurwa XD slavik power bro 🙂

  21. how the hell do you manage to play for over 400 days in a row

  22. lol I was in this video I was *fnm* butterworthkid you later drove down that river and died Dita

  23. Dita word of advice in a flat spin put the nose of your plane down not up 🙂

  24. I’m beginning to like your videos dita (very new here)

  25. My life is complete, i just had a sim game with you and counciler

  26. a good inquisitor always drives his baneblade…..i mean his kv2

  27. 1:25
    what he realy tried to say: suka blyat 1vs1 stronk milk truck wot die, kruwa

  28. Napstablook!

  29. well you will have another try after two week

  30. Ka-50 Black Shark

    Do you ever get anything out of the Daily Rewards? (The good ones)

  31. Dita: hero of the KEK tank division

  32. Was he talking about 906, 685, or 934 at 7:25? I’m curious with the whole “designed to resist 23mm shells”.

  33. your gun sounds sound more realistic, where’d you get them?

  34. Anecha Chatngoen

    this game it better than world of tank.

  35. 0:06 duuude i got the same reward, was so disappointed.

  36. Dita. Your stabiliser is stopping your turret from turning with the hull. Turn it off if you want to turn your gun quickly.

  37. 9:59 18+ stuff right there

  38. oh shit doota’s getting subs

  39. Orcadilla Sutanna

    The last clip is hilarious

  40. Pengi The Penguin
  41. hey dita when your in a tlat spin ROLL your plane DON’T turn your plane

  42. ricardo osorio cisternas

    what sound mod are you using?

  43. how you se you gun when you aiming????
    sory im not good in english

  44. can you tell blitz he’s a cuck please?

  45. I didn’t realize that was you in that game with the T-44-100))))

  46. 7:46 War Thunder in a nut shell

  47. how you have different cannon fire and reload sounds??is it just a sound pack or an actual update (pls reply and sorry for my english)

  48. Came here for some weeb stuff, but i got an W40k meme. I don’t know if i should declare exterminatus or subscribe.

  49. Dita can you do a live stream ?

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