War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 26

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  1. 0:20 N-NANI!!!!

  2. I have forgotten to add some clips (5 of them to be exact) because i was tired as F while editing this out i will be adding them next week. Also added YT clips that were sent from YT check video description

  3. SovietBiasIsReal

    nice memes you dip

  4. Why’d you close your discord Dita, I wanted back in to shitpost and get Hans A N G E R Y

  5. i’m here for the memes

  6. 0:45 can you not

  7. F


  8. The Soviet Romanian

    0:48 Tactical eurobeat works perfecly comrade )))))))

  9. азаза азаза
  10. last episode so fucking epic

  11. 1:54 ROFL

  12. BudBringer_AvKaos

    Humm aaah Noice! ?

  13. Dita, some word of advice: Use your flaps as the elevator if your elevator gets blown off.

  14. Great video! I left a like & a sub! (◠‿◠)

  15. -“Your a Dick!”
    -“I know…”

  16. Bernard Law Montgomery

    5:23 – Press F to make Facepalm.

  17. is your mascot yandere chan with ears? also 28th comment

  18. At 3:30, that tank shoulda died from the recoil. Im 100% sure the crew would have died from whiplash. Especially in that tank.

  19. How the heck did that M24 shoot without his barrel and cannon breach?!?!

  20. 1:55 im dead lol

  21. Awesome. Awesome to the max my replay was featured

  22. omg that wager is such bullshit

    you want a hug?

  23. Something tells me that 1 of those 5 clips has something to do with me 😉

  24. Daily Rewards are rigged, lol. Chances to get vehicle (not just test drive, but full vehicle) are many times lower than they appear to be

  25. Is the Wyvern clip form the end of that battle where you destroyed the enemy team?
    Because if it is it totally makes sense why you crashed in to the mountain.

  26. Seba Urrestarazu

    thanks for feature my clip 0:48 c:

  27. G ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  28. I love how so many people rage at Gaijin like “duUUuR sHooTInG a pLaNE sHouLd aLwAYs bE A oNe shOt!!11”

    A solid shot could easily go straight through a plane without seriously damaging it, if it hit in the right place. Like, chill )))

  29. Goddamit Dita, stop with the nekos already you’re making me want to play the R18 version of Nekopara all over again

  30. 3:08 This is what vodka can do to you

  31. I’m over day 700 and still haven’t got a vehicle

  32. Hi Dita ^^ ich mag deine Videos sehr, sie sind sehr unterhaltsam, aber das ich mich im Video sehe wie du mich vom himmel abgeschossen hast ( ich war in der He 219 ab 0:32 ) fand ich das sehr unterhaltsam aber ich wollte dich auch raus schießen was ich nachdem ich mit dem Panther A gespawnt bin auch geschafft habe 😉 Mfg Stroow328 ( Germany ) good Hunt and Good Luck Gent.

  33. crasher57-2015 0157

    1:18 Best team of wt

  34. Hey dita, what do you use to edit your videos?

  35. 10/10 ‘Ooh’ placement

  36. SimpleSounds - No Copyright Music


  37. You didn’t show that time where you were killed by a Puma in the Fv4202

    *I rememebers*

  38. Comrade stole my damn decal

  39. Duke a.k.a Slick Bee's dog
  40. i got a 10% rp booster which was between a 500% lion and a 300% rp booster


  41. my 24 seconds of fame ! lol

  42. My submission isn’t there

  43. 0.49 D E J A V U

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