War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 48

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Source: Dita

The show must go on

please tell me at what minute stuff happens so i dont have watch entire replay

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► I use B0ris mod


► Stars and stripes forever

► washington post

►Happy little troll

► Kevin MacLeod ~ Divertissement


  1. AntlanticStrawberry

    Lol that intro.

  2. 0:15 i think i saw this


    11:25 I’m the crusader

  4. Hol’ up! Where were the nudes?

  5. AntlanticStrawberry

    9:17 Oh Foch i didnt kill him

  6. Iosif Vissarionovič Stalin

    When is the next naval test ??

  7. best wins ad fails

  8. I killed an is6 in 3 shots today

  9. 10:50. That should be Säkkijärven Polkka.

  10. 2:33 would have just lined up for a quad collateral

  11. You should play the cromwell v it’s a good tank for low tier colonization

  12. Ohhh yay fun time

  13. sometimes dita needs glasses, or maybe binoculars … 😉

  14. Dita do you know da wae?

  15. Monsterarenalove 01

    well damn

  16. Dita more like lit-a

    i hate myself

  17. Thanks dita

  18. I Love that squeaky toy sound XD

  19. Yay, I made it in! 😀 10:05

  20. Two approval seals from Ditta in like a week. that makes me hard. gotta catch ’em all

  21. Dita Challenge: your challenge is to use a Ally aircraft and rocket the maus

    • whats a challange there ?

    • Dita Is it bad I though of it earlier sorry :(.

    • Dita I thought of this earlier.
      A Catalina PBY spotted an enemy tank at the desert. The PBY was getting close to the tank but the PBY didn’t know that there was a convy so it got shot down. The PBY last location was at the desert. The mission is to destoy the Maus Only using a Ally aircraft(US, England,USSR I think) with rockets
      I think this is a bad challenge

  22. Wait Dita you speak french? xD

  23. For some reason I really like the outtro music thing on this video.

  24. What is going on at 0:47 lol

  25. To subscribe or not to subscribe… that is the question…. lol

  26. where
    He 51

  27. outro song name?

  28. Quod Deum Immortalem

    Wait you’re french? Oh…

  29. Holy shit didn’t know a tank can do a wheelie , keep up the video DITA ❤️❤️

  30. Reported for showing nudes.

  31. oo pa igro si sa Phly-om

  32. https://youtu.be/_VDxI3ePOQ8?t=133

    have you notice the gun from the mission wing is still firing.

  33. Philly says ur bad

  34. Dita, tell us who the girl is on the thumbnail.

    Attempt: who even knows anymore?

  35. Man, churchills sure are things from other world

  36. OMG 3:50 is my friend

  37. Is it ok if I send you the vid already edited?

  38. minuto 50 un objeto no identificado

  39. it was true that the t34 has the strength to hit a tanke but never made them fly so high

  40. I would say good job on the M18 guy, but it was actually just a really bad job on the Tiger guys

  41. Good stuff

  42. song 10:55 :v?

  43. ► Discord: https://discord.gg/DhxhRer the discord invitation in your description has expired 😉

  44. u r french?

  45. 2:11 ACEpl pozdrawia ;D

  46. Ur the best guys?

  47. Hey, hope you see my IS-2 video I sent you!

  48. HESH is designed to counter sloped armor what did u expect by shooting at flat armor?

  49. 3:00 m18 players in a nutshell

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