War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 66

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Source: Dita

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  1. 10:16 Waowww :D.

  2. Doshirak Premium

    5:36 аххаах угар!

  3. 1:31 what?

  4. What was the music playing at 4:55 with the BMP? Sounds so familiar. From a TV show but I can’t remember which one.

  5. Ugggggghhhhhh senpai i’m cuming!

  6. Malowanie z GuP-a i jeszcze Polacy. (^^) 7:05

  7. JDaniel Martinez

    Who else watches Dita’s vid and just skips to the end to look at that art ????????????

  8. Do you use a sound mod of some sort?

  9. Dimitri Rugonov.

    I died at REDDRAGONEMPEROR 5:02, fuck that amazing sound editting. This is my new all-time favorite.

  10. ive always asked how people pass tanks theyre chasing, i mean they leave the indents of the tracks on the terrain so its easy to find them and even more fun to hunt enemies in cities

  11. That smigoltime kill just……wow

  12. Nekorektní Uživatel

    6:08 Czech brother !!!

  13. 5:12 what school shooting looks like

  14. Shadow Lunatale

    That killstreak on the end though…and I struggle to get more than one kill per round.
    Great montage Dita, thank you.

  15. Moments with AVRE
    Your avre do: wrrrrr

  16. 10:17 LOL How ?!?!

  17. 5:10 Commence Pumped up Kicks

  18. i can barely do five days

  19. Benjamin Chapple

    That last one though. Jesus. That’s one skilled pilot.

  20. 5:12 That’s fuckking scary, Dita.

  21. Solitary Panda just needs to quit the game…he’s attained the highest level of War Thunderisms…

  22. 1:31 FUS RO DAH!

  23. Nice killstreak at the end.

  24. >Get Battle Trophy after bad game
    >1 million SL Next To 5K and a schematic
    >Lands a little bit on 1 Mill
    >Lands On 5K SL Fully
    > FML

  25. Whoa! over 800 days in a row

  26. the belkan pride was restored we shall kill all those dam oseans
    -Burn osea to the ground

    ps:nice video loved it 🙂

  27. whats that song called again at 4:46 ?

  28. 1:35 is the best

  29. clinton francois

    How did i send videos in?

  30. My T-34-87 (Expectations) was crushed by a fuckin Panther G. (Lag/Reality/Shitty Computer)

  31. What song is after stars and strips forever at 8:51?

  32. joan camilo lemus ramirez

    11:34 ace combat

  33. A *MILE* away and gets the missile *RIGHT DOWN THE BARREL*

  34. 10:26 HOLY F*CK

  35. At 5:31 what are those itty bitty tanks called

  36. *Excecute order 66*

  37. How do i submit

  38. с 110- самый сок..

  39. Crimean Khanate

    A guy with a female anime girl as a profile pic

  40. And what have we learned?

    That the stronkpanzer II is the best derp in the entire game…. END OF ARGUMENT

  41. I’m waiting for the gif in the en x’D

  42. What game mode is at 1:49?

  43. Super bravo 😉

  44. D0TAirsoftandReviews

    1:31 ive been trying to find out this sound effect. What is it called?

  45. 5:22 sonido?

  46. Lol I Believe Someday I Can Kill Tier Tank V With HE Shell :v

  47. Олег Брейн

    omg those planes landed..well!

  48. “This thing weighs same as a fucking Vespa ” ….. Lmao

  49. Cpt_black jack deserves an award, we all can agree

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