War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 72

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Source: Dita



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  1. Might miss next one since im gonna be at gamescon next week wew

  2. Dita the flying tank glitch happens when your wifi cuts out, it isn’t that special

  3. oh sweet, youtube unsubbed me from you! nice meme.

  4. Crucible of Worlds

    8:39 minute best part !

  5. 4:22 lmfao he edited that on there before sending it in ffs

  6. 7:34 is ligit

  7. Last guy really risked it for the biscuit

  8. Centurion Sebastian

    6:14 russian bias confirmed

  9. 6:40 just wt things

  10. NokioLumia, your ping went crazy. Turn it on next time.

  11. 2:31 what a sexy voice

  12. What was that intro XD

  13. 8:50 yak-21 i see

  14. Ahaha i love your star wars revenge of the sith intro

  15. Tankn’t challenge

  16. Best Intro???

  17. 4:30 if nationalist Spain had a MLP

  18. 1:30 the stunt that plane does is called a snap roll it is achieved by giving hard left/rudder and giving opposite roll, it can rapidly decrease air speed but can easily make you stall

  19. The T114 one is simply protect when spawn

  20. Random guy in Gasmask

    08:17 well, that happens to me everyday.

  21. *reasons why I stopped playing this dog shit game.

  22. Today is V-J Day, Jap is Dead Day 😀

  23. How do you send in a replay? Do I just drag the file out of the folder into an email or something? i is nub halp.

  24. 8:17 Internet off)

  25. Is mrcraps doing anything else than wt?

  26. has that t114 ever heard of spawn protection?

  27. MultiPurposeReviewer

    What’s the tank being played by Grievous in the intro? I know the MagnaGuard tanks are T-28s.

  28. 2:43 air Tokyo drift

  29. 6:50 *anoter normal day*

  30. 5:30 nice, he was killing someone in their spawn

  31. Best and only reaction: wut da fuck?!

  32. 9:48 lul TYT in a nutshell

  33. The first bit is why i’m subbed to this channel

  34. 8:38 is this the new “space force” everyone is talking about?

  35. 7:46 It’s called Russian Programming mothertrucker

  36. Lmao, someone actually put the clip of my AD-2 bomb kill on YouTube! Haha, the price you pay for greed. Lmao

  37. 0:36 xD

    I feel ya….

  38. How to submit clips? ;3; am I being stupid and don’t see it in the description?

  39. Fought 3 enemies alone in an E100, took like 2-4 minutes to finally kill them after they kept bouncing, but after I actually killed them a shitty russian 85mm shell penetrated me over 1000 meters…does this count as a win AND fail?

  40. 1:35 you’ve heard of justin y now get ready for justin m

  41. That Tiger. Just… how fucking oblivious can you possibly BE?

  42. no ruin tanks with anime ;-;

  43. I think I came on that last clip ?

  44. 8:53 Someone did that do me in a game once… I got a yak to rip in my fw190 but he ripped both wing tips so he was still able to follow me.

  45. Well I mean to be fair the m18 did have a radial. Maybe it does deserve an air spawn

  46. 0:50 ไทย Thailand

  47. 2:55 He´s right though . A true man of culture xD and he has good taste too

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