War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 75

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Source: Dita

How to Submit your Replays Send WT replays with time stamp where stuff happens if you are having problems with recordings like low FPS Sound problems just send me Replay from war thunder replay folder at: Dita2233@yahoo.com



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  1. Дмитрий Александрович

    Last was rly nice ??

  2. I have an idea for a meme.

    Oil miner: “Sir we need to mine all dis oil”

    American Abrams battalion: “DID SOMEONE SAY OIL!?”
    Abrams battalion comes rolling over hill playing America F yeah.

  3. Kermit the Dealer


  4. 8:20 – 9:30
    That reminds me of that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSMCDAWPUrs

  5. 0:25 what is bgm?

  6. 0:25 What is that plane?

  7. 6:07 luckly

  8. That’s some real Aussie sht right there

  9. 9:33 Omg ??

  10. better then thunder show

  11. Dat ending, German Bias confirmed?

  12. The last one ???

  13. Клавдия Котова

    А что за песня в начале?

  14. Mah boi Dita listens to Flogging Molly aww yeah.

  15. spooky time ))))))

  16. 9:34 “Deflectors to maximum!”

  17. Maarten van den berge

    Extra armour makes it sink

  18. Keep this up and I may just play War Thunder once again. Subscribed.

  19. 4:11 tank tango

  20. 9:32 Stalin approves this message.

  21. 3:38
    I guess you could say… he TAILED him for awhile.

    I’ll show myself out.

  22. 1:32 AHHHHHHH!!! *mr crabs quits*

  23. Straya Cunts

  24. how can I send you my epic recodings?

  25. I tried capping a point in a plane in an own arcade battle and it didnt work, i didnt know that its possible now?

  26. 2:09 *That looked beautiful*

  27. Comrades who needs turret ring anyway?


  29. 5:40 as as bayrakları as

  30. Not to be mean to dita but send some clips to bo time people do t send him clips anymore

  31. Dita <3

  32. 9:35
    Sekrit Video Material of SHTORA APS tests conducted by gaijin 😛

  33. Что за трек в начале?

  34. ซอมบี้ กีต้า ตัวน้อย

    5.12 me to

  35. Randy Schochenmaier

    Hey how do I send a clip from Xbox

  36. Прикольно

  37. I cant find my replay folder please help

  38. People with anime pfp have no rights

  39. hello dita before yesterday I saw you play with pz III C I think it was and was in 10.0 you killed an abrams and then I kill you an xm1

  40. RIP me, I was the AH-1G that got shot down in the first part of the video 😛

  41. 非常に名誉ある武士

    Very honorable plane

  42. Your discord link is expired

  43. 10:01 now that is slav quality

  44. Aaron Baskerville

    Do you do livestreams

  45. 4:46 he is a hungarian player!!

  46. No tail no L

  47. Can we do a fundraiser for Snowdrop to get him a computer that isnt absolute garbage?

  48. Doug The Subway Fugitive

    9:33 bias

  49. That as always been the biggest question I’ve had. Can you cap with a plane? YES!!!

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