War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 76

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Attack the D point



How to Submit your Replays Send WT replays with time stamp where stuff happens if you are having problems with recordings like low FPS problems just send me Replay from war thunder replay folder at: Dita2233@yahoo.com

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  1. Dita’s laugh is contagious as FUCK

  2. my dude out here just BEING the entire Luftwaffe

  3. 8:22. i thought planes didn’t get bomb sights anymore.

  4. McTwistyflop dont steel phlydailys clips


  6. That last clip by Centanas was nuts. Jaw to the floor. Well done, m8.

  7. Hi guys. Just down loaded War Thunder. Bought a DLC as well. Don’t see how to play online. What am I missing here? Help

    • Just hit the big “To Battle” button at the top. Tutorial should have covered this when you first booted up the game.

  8. Ju D5 is life, Ju D5 is love

  9. That last clip was insane; and in a JU-87 no less!

  10. 10:00 Ace Combat favorite music in the game

  11. Is Farquad the only male in your group?

  12. Hello from Russia……. Comrad!)I really like your videos go on dude. or go to the Kolyma forest fell )))))

  13. Aurélien Guillembet
  14. 0:40 And THAT’S why french have some may backward gears !

  15. @9:55 You’ll have to attack them head-on. Go! take down enemy team

  16. is dita a fat ?

  17. :: Ace Combat Soundtrack`s intensifies ::

  18. 7:40 he has phlydaily decal its just meant to be that way

  19. 2:28 all-a-board the Berlin Express

  20. 2:49 should this be filed as tank abuse?

  21. 7:40 Phlydaily sticker on turret of the tank that goes into water

  22. I don’t think I ever used my D-5 Stuka in its intended role in RB. In the second Stuka (R-something, I think R-2) I won a dogfight and realized they were good for that. So when I first got my D-5, I headed into an RB, dropped my bombs in the general area of the closest enemy target, then went fighter-hunting. It felt really satisfying to kill an F7F, a P-38, a P-47, and a Spitfire V in one match without dying. Mind you this was before it was nerfed a bit and before the gunpods were added.

  23. I got killed by a teammates arty in my IS-4 a few days ago….

  24. Ace combat zero soundtrack ??

  25. Finally

  26. thefreakgamer1080p

    I really love the ace combat 6 song at the end.

  27. Two ads during the video pls

  28. 6:09
    Leopard 2M: Oh, fishing.
    LVT(A)(1) X3 : Ah crap.

  29. nice, hungarians.

  30. >shoots .50 at Ontos
    >it dies


  31. 8:07 gonna show em a little trick I learned

  32. Xx_pro_minecraft_gamer_420_Xx

    nice dead memes

  33. You can tell its dita and his compatriots if friendly fire occured

  34. Someone should fine that leopard for killing endangered wildlife

  35. why my clip isn’t on the video?

  36. nice chuckling

  37. Pe 8 nuke was nefed [*]

  38. Attention to the designated grid square.

  39. XxRebelxHellXx Samurai

    4:51 I am salty that Sherman didn’t die. I suffer all the time using any Sherman. Legit their so small and compressed together, its like the crew are wearing the ammuniton, and are like cuddling.

  40. get merked

  41. MustyRook72 the medic main

    76… 76! fallout 76 country roads take me home!

  42. That Stuka is my hero….god bless that pilot.

  43. 1:33 why there is not when wee kill u ? 😀

  44. is that yandere-chan in your profile pic?

  45. These videos make me so nostalgic from when I used to play this game and enjoy it. I wish vehicles came fully upgraded but costed double the RP or something similar

  46. 7:33, that had a Phly symbol on it ?


    I’m so glad SOMEONE got this because I lost my replay file of that battle
    i killed the IS though that’s all that matters

  48. Just saying but the huey loosing it s tail and still bein able to fire at other is pure American fucking bias, helicopters CAN T keep straight without the tail if they only have one rotor

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