War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 77

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Source: Dita

Leading for landing


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  1. DDvittooriovento please send me a email or contact me directly on Discord so i can send you you’r Golden Eagles

  2. 3:21 RNGeezus has blessed this shot.

  3. 9:44 did you notice that the spastic tank is displayed alongside a ping of 14 and PL of 0%? Not a connection issue….

  4. Again, a masterpiece cutting work. Thanks for these amazing minutes! <3

  5. to me I don’t care how “skillful” you are in war thunder or world of tanks you are still just a normal player to me nothing special

  6. 1:07 so Funny

  7. 1000 GE well deserved.

  8. oh 1 like for 1 jar of mayo definitely going to like if i make another youtube and like can i get 2 jars of mayo also interesting fact mayo in Spanish stands for may like the month so my birthday is on mayo but the y in Spanish is actually j so when someone says mayo they mean majo or may my birthday is may 13th just a little interesting fact since i am taking Spanish classes

  9. Im veteran too!

  10. Legend says that guy is still in the Moist to this very day ……………

  11. if u use full screen and get mouse close to desactivate full screen button there is german sign, like if u see it.

  12. 1:13

  13. O O O O O O F


    best neko waifu

  15. i was playing kerbal space rpogram and wwatching this,then when i press star game the video just OOFED

  16. 1:08 is my favorite ???

  17. so is Dita a trap?

  18. 2:56 Phlydaily JE EASUS DITA!!!!!

  19. 5:10 Fighting gooold!!

  20. are you a gamer girl ? HMHMHMmhmHmHmHmHmHm


  22. Last one is like…
    ”korean war in nutshell”

  23. The moist is mine!

  24. Joshua The Untalented Gamer

    How did I find this.

  25. 2:58 Phly freakout 🙂

  26. where do i send in my submission


  28. For some reason I can’t play with ships, anyone know what could be the reason?

  29. Can yuo be less of a weeb?

  30. 10:40 you know shit’s getting real when Ace Combat music starts playing…
    Great series of clips, Vittorio def deserves dose eagles

  31. because anime and war thunder is the best

  32. Nice video but the edit can improve 😉

  33. I guess we are one step closer to Dita Anime and Hentai

  34. Why are weebs and normie people attracted to wars and shit? You people ruin everything. That uwu shit just makes me want to fucking die.

  35. 1:13 the little plane is me trying to escape homework but the bv 238 are my teachers

  36. i hate my pilots 1:09

  37. 5:09 wait… that music.

  38. russian gratis game ….. worst game ever

  39. 3:50 thats a real spit-fire!

    *badum tssssss*

  40. 1:08 WTF xDDDDD

  41. I haven’t played War Thunder since BEFORE they released ships. It was being talked about, but not out yet. Angel Beats may have to return to duty……..

  42. whats the name of the song at 11:34 in the video

  43. Where can i find your outro background?

  44. Dita what is your character from? Did u make her or from an anime? I’ve always been curious to know.

  45. Hi i just searching someone who plays on playstation4 and want to go in the soviet tanks, because i play sometimes but its freaking hard to unlock a new tank you have to play a ton of hours and i just want to try the IS3 and another heavys but im in the kv1 cis and im on the nerves ???? soo if someone can help me pls i will apreciate that?

  46. So cute foxgirl soldies (sorry i no speack inglis +sub

  47. 1:10 holy fucking shit *Yes*

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