War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 79

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  1. FrozenHydra pls contact me on discord so i can gib you GE

  2. I like the idea of this game so much but cannot play worth beans. So glad for these videos, I can watch and get enjoyment out of it without raging during a match!

  3. The music is finally louder!

  4. 4ichpich

    4:55 getting unguided award with a guided missile ?

  5. 2:48 Beautiful, it brings a tear to my eye.
    Also 3:05 Stalin shell guidance system.

  6. Every time I hear zero, I get excited for they new ace combat coming out next month.

  7. Oh look… It’s PatchTheOtter again. He got featured in one of Jingle’s latest WT vidoes too.

  8. Those 50cal hit box tho they’re like shooting 100mm apparently

  9. Airborne Artillery

    10:51 BF109 : hit or miss i guess you never miss huh

  10. ณัฏฐ์นันธ์ ขวัญเจริญ
  11. 4/10 not enough anime

  12. What tank is in the first seconds?

  13. *I T J U S T W O R K S*

  14. Tu fenix shidori :v

    That last guy carried his team massively while I fuckin hate 50. Cals that guy was an exelent pilot too

  15. Is it me or did I heard Ace combat music at the last part ?

  16. 5:06 OOF thoose torps <3

  17. 1:05 that AAA make a nice beat tho

  18. 0:43 feels a bit — familiar )))

  19. At 6:48 how do i get sights like that?

  20. Ilove Dita uwu

  21. guess i’ll change my waifu

  22. Quick correction for the music list. The ace combat music is “el diablo (balkans war)”. Not dogfight.


    that’s why

  24. 50cals are balanced…

  25. Der Soldat Fritz Berger

    Yo, whats the name of the March staring at 3:23? its on the tip of my tongue but I cant identify it for the love of god

  26. “07:18” song?

  27. Why do you use such foul language? I cry 🙁

  28. Enjoyed the video until the video became just a killcam highlight for a single person. Removing my like of the video.

  29. My higest kill in air rb was 6

  30. 10:54 – 13:05
    <> <>

  31. 10:50

  32. Ахахахаха,ты русский. Не спрашивай как я это узнал)

  33. wtf is with the anime girl and the ears?

  34. That last vid just you know the enemy team was salty

  35. If the ace combat music comes on, you know it has to be epic.

  36. U kill me dita 1 Time again ??

  37. Oh hey, that’s me in a Leo at 9:41 !

  38. подпишись на мой канал , я стримлю war thunder , minecraft , call of duty infinity warfare , и скоро будет симс

  39. PatchtheOtter

    Nice, already saw it on The Mighty Jingles though so


  41. Литун не честный последний фраг подсосал, он горел уже!

  42. 11:00 realy more ace combat music

  43. The Winged Porpoise

    “unguided” also, who says that anti air missiles aren’t in the game

  44. 4:38 In soviet russia, ATGM shoot YOU

  45. 6:00 That happened to me once in air arcade when I downed an enemy P-38 in a Helldiver when my torpedo detonated and killed him.

  46. every german vehicle has been nerfed fuk gaijin

  47. 10:50
    Demon lord of the round table, I pray for your success.

  48. What’s the “Hmm” from 7:34 from?

  49. Ace combat Zero ? you have Good Taste Dita!

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