War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 85

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  1. 6:20 Background march song name?

  2. The Spanish Inquisition

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
    What a unexpected entrance

  3. Like the thumbnail ,LOL, Morning, good day to you sir, Classic…5:14

  4. Who is in the new pic

  5. Who’s Gene Chow ?

  6. do you have to be patreon to send replays?

  7. Foxzgames87 801st army

    2:26 s*it you see in anime

  8. Is that c&c generals I hear ?

  9. 4:24 don’t do drugs kids……

  10. Love the new outro art 😛
    Dita u know at this point we want an Anime…Anime set in War Thunder and Your Nekogrill as the MC 😛

  11. The GLA have stolen a tank.
    The GLA have cloaked a tank.

  12. Radmus the Shitpost Machine

    Stalinium always win

  13. some ppl says wot is glitched/totally unrealistic

    6:34 1:46 4:16

  14. threeeyedfish got 5000 golden eagles from Thunder Show

  15. Suraditfcf Pengsaeng

    2:29 drift and go die IS-2

  16. Liked for the GLA battle theme.

    *The Higher Order shall reign!*

  17. 10:50 I have the highground bananakin

  18. 11:34 what picture is that ?? from anime ??

  19. The Ultimate Drunkard

    4:14 Don’t you hate it when your friend falls over so you try to help him up but he just falls through the world?

  20. 2:10 this one was from Thunder show

  21. 0:23 – ho, ‘llo me ol’ chum

  22. the one and only duck

    0:24 *gnomed*

  23. No ones cheating. yep. In that i trust.

  24. Even though the video was very entertaining and I loved it. The outro was the best

  25. イキスギくん意識イキスギ

    2:26 cool

  26. 10:36 huh? Where did that bush go? DMITRI, WAS THERE A BUSH THERE?

  27. Why dose the end card look like a new girls und panzer episode

  28. Great clickbait again from dita

  29. 我的興趣是 觀察

    5:31 when you have 999999999ping

  30. 2:27 who the heck is Reisin I Inaba

  31. Віталій Сидір

    What music is playing on 6:27?

  32. Such a loser

  33. Destruidor Do mundo

    11:37 is girls und panzer hehehe reference

  34. how the F**k do you not have more subs man! this is amazing content lol! I was laughing the whole way through haha!

  35. I guess you will have to like your own comment to start things off…..

  36. Why do people make 4th tire tank son and 6th tire tank father when 4th tire tank is older than 6th one? I mean, where is logic?

  37. 9:06 Kills a chopper with a GUIDED missile. Gets “unguided” achievement.

  38. qqimmall пидор

    6:53 what is that

  39. how can i join DMSQ?

  40. Alguien podria decirme como se llama el modo donde se puede manejar tanto aviones como tanques? soy nuevo en este juego

  41. High Overlord Snarffie Beagle

    9:21, that is one hell of a seatbelt those guys are wearing

  42. 10:42
    *GLA soundtrack plays*
    Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well

  43. 0:25 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    im a steel beam and you’ve been *Ground collisioned*

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