War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 88

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Source: Dita

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  1. Ye sorry for not uploading too much i was trying to get some footage wop

  2. I swear dita is the gnome guy in disguise

  3. Anybody remembers Seek & Destroy? (shin combat choro-Q)

  4. C&C General S2

  5. how do i upload clips? like in what format, i sent some to him through google drive links but dont if theres a better way

  6. Вадим Клименко

    Dita10:06 QkiPlay is a cheater. Why did you add him in the video? His sight is very fast and sharply shaking, people do not make such movements, in addition, he seems to be magnetized to a certain point.

  7. Ah mi smo ta generacija generalsa

  8. Thanks for another great episode Dita!

  9. 4:42 TBF playing in the background <3

  10. 10:00 Abrams needs a buff, clearly ^^

  11. tunguska more like tunGAYska amirite

  12. 1:23 mustang crashes PBJ early b25 lands perfect and British bias derp gun 5:52 Stuka NUKA

  13. 4:40 TBF 😀

  14. 6:15, I know what you did there…

  15. Wooo Dita made a thing, time to get gnomed!

  16. Евгений Тихомиров FaZe Morry

    Wins n fails number 8,8cm

  17. I’m assuming the first clip was bringing you back memories of when you first played such a simple game, turned into the monstrosity it is now.

  18. 9:07 *Outstanding move.*


  20. The first one hit me so hard.

  21. 1:13.. again undertale music…

  22. I <3 u Dita thanks for my video 😀

  23. Glorious Stalinium

    Will we have the Dita seal of disapproval?

  24. One of the better WT content creators

  25. Yay Dita pulled his finger out and posted 🙂

  26. Helicopters are clearly the most useless addition to that game.

  27. Даа, вот бы так каждый бой нагибать на Абрамовиче)

  28. These players have make the faggiest sound reactions.

  29. 88? *Honk honk*

  30. Dita has a bad history with the rivers on eastern europe

  31. Welp, guess mine didn’t make th cut. Or i sent it too late.

  32. Иван Тумашков

    Отличная подборка, с песочницей прям от души))

  33. The intro was sad why u haf to do that

    Alright boys back to low teir clubbing smh I

  34. I actually love that C&C Generals Soundtrack at the end of the video

  35. No my clip…

  36. Razor The One The Light

    can i get a comment from the Mr Krabs that apears in these, i want to say hi to a WT celeberty 🙂

  37. oof my clip wasn’t in 🙁

  38. off-brand Cheez-It

    Russian dash cams 2:18

  39. Дмитрий Якименко

    Dita this is Beautiful

  40. Where’s the Zero music?

  41. That Abrams went on a five man rampage. He pulled up some drifts, he was the monster of the battlefield

  42. Hah! Abrams can do it because it thinks it’s Call of Duty!

  43. 9:33 MRKRABS 😀

  44. 0:44 *_i’m gnot a gnelf_*

  45. alejo21_3 / zira_k

    That intro T-T

  46. 7:49 korean?

  47. armyshield_ Wibowo

    1:52 tank name?

  48. 10:40 ahhh thats the Best joke ever. I love it.
    Its not like russian tanks have ‘worst’ survivability, and then survive Perfect shot to ammo, post pen just AVOIDS ammo.
    But nahhh instead fixing game, lets break it with tunguska.

  49. Alireza Mohsenpour

    6:36 i really love this one pby 2 is awesome i name it AA plane

  50. 5:40 … did the “blastwave” rly turn him back into right place? xDDD

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