War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 91 The return

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Source: Dita

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  1. I aint dead yet work is tought

  2. German secret high tech Invisible maus XD??

  3. Fake dita : heh look, a T-32 is going to help
    Fake Dita 2 seconds later : **insert picture of the guy that eats very spicy wings**

  4. Who is the neko girl in the cover?

  5. getting jumped by a tank must suck…

  6. 1:30 german t3chn0l0gy *Cloaking*


  8. SuperGamerMMO's

    holy shit! 10 kills with the pe8!!!! 5:05

  9. 11:21 Completely balanced tank doing completely balanced things.

  10. 0:42. Don’t thank me


  12. Витёк Муравьёв

    Странные у вас приколы… не смешные!

    • Витёк Муравьёв

      Например посмотрите подборки Freeman Project или -ECE- Keeper13 BVB

  13. Thought firstly the plan on 4:08 is flying backwards xD

  14. Hey Dita, can you do Mr.Krabs vids compilation?

  15. Tomás Lautaro Sandoval

    Someone knows the music of the minute 5:55 ????? Plz

  16. Ricardo Kowalsky

    Loool dat intro!!!!

  17. Sandvich Spencer

    3:30 And here we see the wild salty asshole, carrying on from the scene of it’s last hunt like nothing happened.

  18. Stars and Stripes forever playing the background.


  19. Sora V. lolipop

    Is LOVE~

  20. your local communist

    they say you only get a one once a lifetime but I’ve seen one 91 times now

  21. Bogdan Ungureanu

    I have never been in the red team, guys! 😀

  22. strategicperson95

    6:37 I guess that explains why the Empire didn’t have air support on their assault on Hoth, Veers had a record on accidentally killing his aerial allies because they kept flying in front of his targets.

  23. Roxy Wolf Dragon

    Hay. I sent in a warthunder replay a couple weeks ago. What’s the rough eating time till it gets into a completion?

  24. Dita I recommend you try the AA-20 Nord missiles with the G.91 R/4.

  25. Alexander Popov


  26. Haw do you make the camera move like in 6:13

  27. 1:41 modder detected

  28. That Mi 24D shooting the Leo 2A5 is a clear example of Pay To Play. He clearly bought the T-55AM and the Mi 24D just so he could say he has top tier. Just look at his aim and flying skills

  29. The M.A.P. Offline

    Friendship is magic (привет из России)i your Russia fun 🙂 Are you brone?

  30. I love your videos, but you take too long to make another

  31. Hmm… arent you technically trap?


    why does ditas character make my weewee hard

  34. I guess pushing a T-34 into a river with my Tiger since my gun was knocked out wasn’t awesome enough for the video.

    • do you realize i get over 300 clips every 5 days and it takes 8 hours to go tru every single email ?
      plus i need to pick up specific clips

    • +Dita Sorry. I didn’t mean to sounds mad or cocky. Thank you for the video.

  35. Just stopped by here to let this run in the background again and let Dito make a few РСД
    we luv u bb

  36. Did you get remonetized or were you even demonitized there were a few people who got demonitized I dont remember if you were one of them.

  37. “I think I set a friendly on fire.”

  38. Dita reproduce asexually

  39. 3:18 timing was on and off

  40. Looking back this game is so glitchy I can’t believe I spent 3000 hrs in it.

  41. Darth Vader5404

    What’s with the beginning


    Anyone else noticed that Dita animation in the end credits?

  43. So, how can we submit videos for your compilation?

  44. DITA HELP! How that soundpack of maus at 10:00 is called? I hardly need some brutal like that in WT.

  45. Wait are ya a fellow brony there Dita? But in either case glad to see these come back

  46. Людоящер

    1:35 Here must be ZA WARUDO meme

  47. zeh flying saucer

    MLP intro <3

  48. Intro
    Me: Immediately unsubs.

  49. I liked the jumbo sleeps tonight better

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