War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 92

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Source: Dita

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  1. Teague van Koppen

    8:03 warthunder in a nutshell

  2. 08:17 HOW?!

  3. No Mr. Krabs ?

  4. Gwyn's Last Knight

    Dita not deada yeay

  5. That one poor M24…. :((

  6. The mighty Tirpitz

    Oh poop

  7. no mr.krabo ;~;

  8. Why… do you have a D3A1 in a BR lineup so high you face AMX-30’s!?

  9. #support dita

  10. Надоел на пе-8 летать, твои забугорные … зрители тоже начинают брать но играть на нем не умеют

  11. ooooooooooo a new wins and fails

  12. 8:06 That pizza truck got him killed?

  13. 5:55 War Pigs. Very nice dita i’m proud of you

  14. darkfunewolf Coop

    No one see the ultimate kill that this PE-8 made

  15. 8:25 is that a dolphin

  16. Royal254Ryan123


  17. sergiusz adamczyk

    Press F for that poor japanese 41 . He tried good

  18. Gaijin ist ein Mieser Spiel Betrüger

  19. 7:11 what tf is that bs lol

  20. Cédric Coulombe

    famous last words

  21. 4:45 another portion of spitfire flight model bullshiet XD

  22. Вячеслав Поляков

    FINLY!!! I take Dita decal!

  23. yay success ^^

  24. #ditaneedsmoney #nodemonitize #ditadeservespayment #welovedita

  25. Daniel Wilkerson

    anyone else think Dita sounds Suspiciously like TheYamiks.

  26. Can’t beat the intro

  27. My War Thunder experiences are all fails.

  28. M56: Omae wa mou shindeiru
    Tiger II: Nani???

  29. The #savedita seemed to work


    FINAL MUSİC ?????

  31. Никола Tesla

    End song so fkin amazing

  32. RUSSIA!!!!

  33. 5:24 can we talk about how that KV-2 fired with still about 10 seconds left on the reload?

  34. That M24 was a hero

  35. Does anyone have an experience about T-34 (1940) get killed after 13 shots?

  36. Great video, but the white noise between the clips are really loud!

  37. “What de FOCK ?!?” lelz.

  38. 0:00 the proof that Japan is the best

  39. war thunder is cool

  40. You can’t land on the Me 262’s engines anymore………….
    Happened to me too…

  41. Никита Гуделов

    Я русский(пж не убивайте меня за это)


    thank yu dita

  43. 5:00 THAT is what i call pro

  44. No Mr Krabs? AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  45. OptimalOptimus50

    0:28 reasons to why I don’t like driving fast.

  46. OptimalOptimus50

    7:11 what’s funny is that I have a book on only the Abrams and there’s a picture in which it took an IED to the bottom that pushed in the metal but the tank never blew up or anything. It just couldn’t move. The bomb it took is at least 20x more powerful than Sturmpanzer HE and yet in this game it can’t handle it. Meaning gaijin deliberately nerfed the armor plating in all top tier tanks so low tier tanks can still have an effect. This is why if I could flip every gaijin employee off I would.

  47. The name seemed so familiar but I couldn’t remember where from… right up until I heard that distinctive little girl scream at being suddenly bombed.

  48. 7:08 I have several questions

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