War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 97

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Source: Dita

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  2. That kv-1 hat was amazing

  3. Those japanese planes with katana wings.

  4. Making Dita cry in War Thunder is my singular purpose in life.

  5. Button Smasher_22

    At 0:48 we got g-gnome

  6. 5:49 I LOVE HaiX

  7. W8 Asuna T-2?

  8. 6:30 “Surprise mothefucker ! There’s two of us.” Didn’t really work for them though (why would you fly under someone else).

  9. 5:48 HAIX ?

  10. 1:03 that “ups” sounds really german

  11. Pls more dark souls intro

  12. Just as a clarification for the saber being killdd by the missile that was propably a nord rocket

  13. I just subscribe

  14. Did i hear KONO DIO DA

  15. Seriously, im a new player to war-thunder and even I can tell that the games air battle needs more balancing.
    Twice now my planes been “destroyed”, where it gives a 13 second countdown until my guy jumps out, but the entire time im still perfectly able to fly the plane.
    Not only that, but starting last week, if an enemy plane so much as touches your wing during a battle then you get NOTHING for killing them, and if it was HIM/ an ally who rammed you? Lol sorry, you must now wait 6 minutes before playing again as punishment.

  16. Jacob Thibault Soucy

    Dita i am a big fan can you make a animation pls

  17. 11:10 m3 lee

  18. im sorry was that jojo?

  19. #83279 random guy

    I LOVE the first bit! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 80 % video = team DMSQ …

  21. Your anime cat girl avatar is sick cancer.

  22. Thatguy Carbonara

    No anime!


  24. 5:37 was such!

  25. What country is the tank? Ersatz M10

  26. why when i buying something on the russian and soviet shop always got same thing?

  27. World of Tanks -> War Thunder

  28. Hey guys I got a new hat
    Oh what kind of hat?
    A Flakpanzer I

  29. 5:33 2nd life chance at life confirmed?

  30. 1:22 DIOs Road roller is anti-aircraft weapon.

  31. Siniša Čolakovac

    11:00 tf2 just keeps adding weirder hats

  32. A Depressing Kitten With A Mayo Bottle ?

    Allied CAS-er

  33. BigDeepTraitor is going to definitely be on the next WarThunder weekly!

  34. Phantom Fox Gaming

    3:05 that skin looks cool


  36. That is new bottom.

  37. 7:07 what tha **** was that

  38. It’s a epic!

  39. 5:48 can I have the russian swearing link pls :p

  40. It was the funniest for a time! I was laughing all the time!

  41. 0:42 British Fairey swordfish attack on the Bismarck, 1941, colorized

  42. 0:26 en ese momento, Cell sintio el verdadero terror :v

  43. Ekkar The berserker

    11:10 the moment the kv1 assimilates an AA half track.

  44. 3:07 “Engage afterburner!”

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