War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 98

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Source: Dita

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  1. There Is Czech helicopter what why i Don t know Is in war TUNDER Czech!?

  2. That carrier clip was by far the best one, I laughed a lot


  4. only 2 episodes left guys!

    will you do a Special 100 WnF video?

  5. 6:28 not even fixed

  6. Yes more tts memes more!!!

  7. tbh i click more for the anime girl than the video
    Maybe you should do it in the video they you have a bruh moment or you did something awesome

  8. Hello dita how i can send you clip?

  9. Wow, even more broken of a game than before….

  10. 11:33 I had the Benny hill theme playing on a separate tab while that was going, and I had a huge smile all the way to the end.

  11. ActionScripter9109

    What happened at 3:30?

  12. 9:13 con eso no se jode.jpg

  13. 0:23 sneak ponit? lol

  14. 4:55 not really amazing is just some bot dita ur vidoe goes more and more boring choose only funny vidoe same if is 10min

  15. I didnt notice that 4:45 clip is with bots before untill you guys pointed it out sorry about that and thanks for pointing it out i will pay attention to stuff like that bit more in a future

  16. No sé inglés, y aún así me suscribí

  17. On the 100th wins and fails i’m going to do the most evil thing possible. Look up ditas profile picture on rule 34. Bless my soul

  18. Christopher H. Meuse

    Holy ricochet batman

  19. Красиво ролики делаешь ???

  20. The Hellbenders scream gets me every time! ?

  21. I get it.so that’s why they call him Mr.krab

  22. I like you video

  23. I truly underestimated my reaction to seeing a new W&F posted…lol

  24. I’m at the sneak ponit.

  25. Mr krab : D

  26. Ohhhhh yeeeeeeeaa Mr Krraaaaabbsss

  27. So are we just gunna not talk about how a round RICOCHETED OFF OF A SHERMAN INTO A PE-8. The odds of that had to be 1:1,000,000

  28. 1:07 Nice shot

  29. In 2 episodes greatness will be achieved

  30. Also: *MOM EVEREST*

  31. Players: hey gaijin can you fix stuff like the one at 6:22?

    Gaijin: yeah no problem we’ll just remove the maus.

  32. Titus Flavius Vespasianus

    #PhreeDita !

  33. This is the worst video on youtube

  34. Whats the game mode where you go against player manned ground vehicles as aircraft?

  35. The muas is being removed and theres just u bombing them

  36. How do i get your character decal on my vehicles cause i was in a match and saw someone with it in by team

  37. KV-1B: I’m about to end this jumbos carear
    Jumbo: *is stronker than KV-1 shell*
    Pe-8: Hey Ivan what’s that whistling sound *gets hit by kv-1 shell* TRAITOR

  38. 0:22 “Im at sneak ponit”

  39. That KV-1S had a brain.. it was mush from continued acts of stupidity but it was there.

  40. 7:45 lol nice seagull nemo reference!

  41. MrKarbs clips are always the most boring ones i mean that happen to me at least one time if i play warthunder…

  42. 5:04 is truly a miracle

  43. Oh yeah Mr Krabs!

  44. 5:20 owo

  45. Zinoviy Monastyrskyy


  46. Just started to play this game give me some tips if you can

  47. Can U upload the Win n Fails 99 with this :

  48. what was that tank called at 1:24

  49. 7:57 and this children is why you dont camp corners

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