War Thunder – Ystervark “The Chaos Brigade!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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I have been looking forward to playing this as soon as I saw it was coming to the game. It did not disappoint and I hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. I hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for watching.

    • @TOMMY MONSTER British tech tree, South African vehicle.

    • dont know if anyone has added this but Ystervark is porcupine is afrikaans, but the literal translation is iron pig

    • @Bo Time Gaming oh yeah if you still kinda want to call it by its real name but in english the translation is “Porcupine”, or you can use the Direct translation which is “Iron Pig”, have a good one bo

    • TheMightyWookie351c

      Would you please make a compilation of dropping bomb(s) that kill an enemy plane behind you. 😀

    • Yeah everything is going great, hope everything is going great for you and well, and always, find your videos really funny 😂

  2. Hey Bo, will you guys play Deep Space Galactic? I saw an ad talking about the new season.

    I do miss that series on your channel. Gave me many laughs

  3. dude that pe8 bomb snipe

  4. The next tank should be the bob simple tank

  5. Awesome video Bo had me dieing with laughter 5 minutes in

  6. A Pumba, a pumba is an easy target

  7. War Thunder developers: Dang we need to come up with an update but havent been working on one wtf do we do
    random 4 year old: hehehe play with dird hehehehe tractor with gun hehehe

  8. cargo shipping containers are getting a little sus today

  9. On the bright side, you won’t need to modify much for the zombie apocalypse, this things perfect!

  10. Jullian J. Weskier

    When Tonka makes military vehicles

  11. Love the effort you put in these videos love yoru channel

  12. Stick needs a battlebuddy otherwise he’ll get stabbed 27 times and get yelled at by a drill sergeant

  13. Bo don’t use old thumbnail no more?

  14. I can’t stop laughing

  15. I wanna see a friendly competitive fun match between Bo and his friends against Nordern and his derpy crew.

    It would be friggin hilarious.

  16. 25:17 New way of planting land mines.

  17. Ystervark: The new R3 T20 (totally not suggesting a new racing series)

  18. 12:59 -“Hej Jim, they got very quiet over here.”
    -“It did, I dont like this.”

  19. What happened to the Bo Time! Banner on the thumbnail?!

  20. So … the gunner is always this guy the entire company doesn’t like.

  21. I nominate the opening for Best of 2021

  22. Watches opening, “Well looks like those Duke Boys are at it again”

  23. That looks silly…. Like a wheeled excavator with a 40mm bofors

  24. Thanks Bo and Crew for the Hilarious video!

  25. Lol that Poor KV1 got out played.

  26. A good Puma killer which makes it good in my eyes

  27. I didn’t realize South Africa had a space program!

  28. Who else was waiting for Stick to be nominated as Scrappy Doo?

  29. your sure thats not a prototype mars rover?

  30. What game mode is this? Not only do I never get and blocked or bounced shells, but I also never have allies who cooperate with me. Like ever.

  31. U should do the M8 HMC u can kill some of the 5.3 levels of tanks

  32. Wait, do you mean WT has corrected the “every 20mm a tank killer” glitch?

  33. Gaijin has lazy animations.

  34. Do the German ozelot

  35. Bro I can’t with the KV 1 😂

  36. The heresy truck has no brakes

  37. Jim kills me every time he participates. He’s too funny

  38. Aaasmr needs to be a thing 😂

  39. A modern potato truck. I love it

  40. In translation its called iron pig🤣🤣🤣

  41. How to ping like when you do at 1:00 ???

  42. you and your crew are really cool keep up the good wrk

  43. Piece of shit gaijin can’t do programming right they know how to make game p2w and NERF other stuff but this is to much LOL nice video btw 🙂

  44. 1:20 best war thunder clip ever recorded, i think Gaijin didn’t realise players would notice

  45. Good job guys

  46. I enjoy Jim’s commentary

  47. Would a queen puma be a Class 3 P? XD

  48. 1:43 eye contact

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