War Thunder Zombies! War Thunder Custom Battles

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks for watching,


  1. I literally have school in 1 hour and I’m watching this instead of getting

  2. I love your videos Baron :)

  3. hey baron, did you know that steam is down?

  4. do u play on ps4 bro

  5. Yo so what’s the deal with the winter holiday. I’m kinda mad because I
    missed operation summer because I didn’t know what was that about and I
    don’t know what’s with this either. Anyone can explain this to me?

  6. i wish you wouldve uploaded the derp battle with the Ho-Ros and the KV-2s
    because i was there and i wanna feel cewl :(

  7. Click bait

  8. well….. i watched it live….

    Does that count?!!!

  9. what’s that song in the intro

  10. Epic video baron, i hope i can catch you next time ;)

  11. I said it and I will say it again. 1080p on his videos are like 480p
    compared to other youtubers 1080p war thunder pixel rates

  12. This was a very cool live stream, i hope i could make it to the next one.
    p.s. #BaronForemporer p.p.s i was in this livestream to :P

  13. Roses are red
    my ass is in heaven,
    because I got kicked
    by thelegend27

  14. baron it would be my pleasure to be in youre next stream pls i always
    wanted to be in one it was my dream(cryes) nickname:lan2004 email

  15. how do we join these battles?

  16. I was in that battel my name was: hanspipo111

  17. how do i join these!

  18. For next custom, take a bunch of type-60 SPRGs, put em in a cap zone, then
    shoot down airplanes

  19. i have Japanese SPAA i hate that closed beta. i want another Japanese tank

  20. Baron if you fly low across the water and drop bombs they will bounce and
    destroy the ship but the key is to go low and fast

  21. First time being in a stream with you especially the custom when you
    murdered me with the shilka

  22. Hey, Baron i got a chalange for you, try in some damn slow bomber like
    Stuka to take down an Maus, it doesn’t soud so hard right? That’s because i
    didn’t mention about those dozens of planes which are guarding it, o you
    maybe could hear jets. (Custom battles idea)

  23. Bi-planes vs 4M-GAZ trucks

  24. Alphacharlie217 PlaysYT

    it should be people not tanks

  25. what happened to your men of war Mondays man.

  26. I was in all of the custom battles :)

  27. Just a piece of soap

    Man you should kick the ones who are not using reserves!!!

  28. Next custom battle idea- tu14t vs object 906- like if you agree :)

  29. Will baron reply

    If so hello I’m a big fan if your and I love your war thunder videos keep
    it up dude!!!!

  30. Yo Baron #BaronForEmperor

  31. coloasal chimicanga


  32. Try to use Vulcan

  33. Whole GAS-AAA/GAS-DSHK team VS 1 or 2 jets. This is gonna be epic.

  34. The derp gun line battle was fun. It was also good to play with ya.


  36. so wait, what about this is zombies?

  37. I would be into playing

  38. I was there Barron it was really fun

  39. so… I just NOW get notifications from this? fuck YouTube. seriously.
    baron, this is bullshit. I’ve missed you!!

  40. intro song

  41. You should have used The Flakpanzer 1 its OP af

  42. you need facecam in both of your gaming channels

  43. @BaronVonGamez
    Baron, think there can be a custom mission called “Alien Invasion” Mod? The
    mission would take place on Earth.
    Step 1. Destroy the Shield Generators (10 to destroy)
    Step 2. Destroy the Laser Batteries (20 to destroy)
    Step 3. Take out the swarm of Alien Starfighters (30 to destroy)
    Step 4. Mother Alien Battle commences! The Mother Alien will come out to
    fight you but you need to keep a look out for her tentacles, that way she
    can’t take you out of the skies! (Use any aircraft that can use rockets and
    bombs! You decide what planesjets can be used for the battle)
    Step 5. Destroy Alien Battleships (10 to destroy)
    Step 6. Destroy the Mothership’s Core!!!

  44. i was in this and i want more

  45. I was at the start but my computer crashed at minute 10 !!

  46. Pedja Milosavljevic


  47. I wasn’t part of it but keep doin custom battles plz!?

  48. Baron Baron ! What the name of the music at 0:07 i try with shazam but he
    show me a Christmas song :c

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