War Thunder – ZSU-57 SKY ERADICATOR – War Thunder Tank Gameplay

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Source: PhlyDaily

War Thunder – ZSU-57 SKY ERADICATOR – War Thunder Gameplay


  1. RAF Benson (the person)!

    imagine that this comment is a joke.

  2. :v LOL, 3 minute and 177 view…

  3. crazycakemanflies


    do a collaboration with BlueDrake on warthunder simulator. just message
    that bitch and i’ll do all the hard work ;)

  4. t-34 1940 pls

  5. Try it with the kugelblitz >:)

  6. You mean ZSU-57 Tank Eradicator rather. :P

  7. t-34-100 if not going to the gulag. Stalin is not at all happy !!

  8. 57mm HE shell hitting wooden biplane, biplane keeps on flying. I wanna live
    in world where this is considered realism

  9. stronk AA guided by Josif Stalins mustache .)

  10. Calvin Butterworth


  11. i killed him 😀 14:39

  12. lambs to the slaughter lol

  13. In Soviet Russia, guns depress you!

  14. Me 262 a1 with rockets and tiger 2. -next combined Armes

  15. William Liam Khalid

    try the Cl-13 and m60

  16. I was very happy to look at the channel and see that this was just

  17. dunkey

  18. A big dogfight 262 rockets vs 262 rockets may be funny

  19. MVP to the PO2!

  20. Nice video phly !!!

  21. Plz do this with American and German anti aircraft too

  22. Kv-2 Superderp!Do it Phly for Gullag

  23. Spooky spooky spooky spooky spooky spooky

  24. upload the custom battle with kv2s from the stream

  25. upload video from the stream custom battle kv2s vs bombers

  26. do the m19 in rb

  27. Are there any shells with a timed fuse in this game?

  28. ZSU-57 SPAA/Tank Destroyer it´s simply too stronk!

  29. I’m in the video!

  30. fucking idiots, taking other planes, don’t listening to the rules and its
    less fun…

  31. 14:14 that was me… TORPEDO!!!!

  32. what if when phly almost fell into the water….
    A swordfish torpedoed him?

  33. I expect this is premium, as every good tank and plane is.

  34. Anybody know the name ofthe intro music?

  35. Loved the “spooky” part. XD

  36. Next time: Maus vs Po-2

  37. I Present to you the Auto-loading heavy tank one-shoting ZSU-57. The USSR’s
    new main battle tank.

  38. Fly the p-400

  39. You should have kicked the Hurricanes phly

  40. Live stream today ?

  41. Why does the ZSU have alternating fire while neither the kugelblitz or the
    Coelian got it

  42. Phly can you fly out the fw190 d9? Do it for kurt tank!

  43. that was insane nice vid

  44. How you play this?

  45. try to drive on a T95 with the Maus :D

  46. i like t 54!

  47. Yo phly, did you record this gameplay during a stream?

    Edit: Nvm, I heard someone subscribe lol

  48. Really sorry but what’s the intro music? Cheers!

  49. 4:20 its’ okay, F**k you.
    Best part :D

  50. you got a hole in your left TRACK

  51. this shit is fucking op fuckignh ate that shit. they need to take off the
    150 shit in RB for that thing count it as a tank

  52. Funny thing about zsu-57 is, that it had range but no radar. ZSU 23-4 had
    radar, but lot less range.

  53. 07:24 I swear that was a Tie Fighter from Star Wars flying on the top right
    of the screen?

  54. +PhlyDaily Phly!!! Hawker Hunter on the Devblog!!!!

  55. Maybe do this with jet bombers on realistic difficulty? That would be

  56. Play the Calliope

  57. MuffinToast1 -Gaming and more!

    What is the song he always uses in the intro?

  58. What game mode is this?

  59. What is ur intro song

  60. War thunder should add the piaggio p.108. It was an Italian four engined
    bomber and some variants even had 102 mm gun on it.

  61. The song in the beginning is called everybody

  62. Great to see Phly doing custom battles again, though he should’ve used the

  63. Goes to show how caliber isn’t everything against planes. Saturation of
    fire is more important. There’s a reason why ships use gatlings and Phalanx
    as AA. That being said I still have no idea why Gaijin introduced the ZSU
    57 in WT. Probably just to piss off the tanks players.

  64. FINALLY! you load up with HE self destroying on a russian flack…. DAM.

  65. Don’t you want to give me some of your golden eagle? It’s realy toooo much
    for one person

  66. Ya this would be amazing with one of the quad German aa’s

  67. Phly do you still Phly GA aircraft?

  68. Whatever happened to JackScott???

  69. Swordfish master race?

  70. “Fuck my ass.” Daily, Phly, 2015

  71. m 42 duster

  72. he already did

  73. Oh, this thing is good against tanks too/

  74. that wing at 6:20 doe

  75. Žerocookiecake [Karnipex]


  76. I’m still waiting for them to give the Germans the dual 88 AAA

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