War Thunder’s Ammo Problem

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How ammo interacts with vehicles is, obviously, a core function of War Thunder’s gameplay. For being so vital, it’s almost shocking how inconsistent certain ammunition types can be. Some are overpowered, some are useless. There are a lot of areas where Gaijin could improve, especially when it comes to volumetric shells.

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  1. As always, if you have any feedback regarding ammunition, leave it in a comment. I’ll pass it along to Gaijin.

    • I’d like to know how solid slugs have somehow less penetration than a slug that’s hollowed out to carry explosives.

    • I have seen in chat during battles complaints about how hits in the rear and bottom of the vehicle has been resulting in the breech being knocked out.

      Since this is mid-battle I don’t know what vehicle/ammo hit them.

      I did take a lower plate hit that knocked my tank out despite being hull-down behind a large boulder. So Gaijin needs to work on rocks either stopping shots OR visibly shattering so me know the shot legitimately had the power to punch through that rock/boulder.

    • @Clone 001 just had a double kill yesterday, same situation.

    • in regards to volumetric shells I’ve had too many no pens on light vehicles with a 17 pounder usually where the plates meet and it’s more common if I or the tank I’m shooting are moving and my gut tell me it’s something to do with lag compensation having an error and making every value 0 because of a self correction feature

    • I thought I was the only insane one but i guess ammo does still suck

  2. you might want to check out the drivershatches on the t34 tanks. There are some weird one shots on angled frontplates.

  3. Gaijin should add hull break back for aprill fools event

  4. I wish APCR would be (more) usable.
    Like USA designed few APCR/HVAP rounds for their 76mm and 90mm specifically against tough targets like Tigers and Panthers but as is those rounds practically pointless to use against said targets since slightest angle negates them. Like that cant be in any way realistic.
    Since APCR rounds irl were somewhat inaccurate and would loose velocity quickly I wonder if it would be possible to make APCR “two-stage” as in say sub-500m distances it works like the current APDS rounds and past 500m it works like the bouncy piece of crap that it is today.

    • US APCR rounds solved the ballistics problem by putting the tungsten penetrator inside of a non-discarding sabot with ballistic windscreen. Said windscreen was also attached to a thick AP cap. Therefore, in War Thunder US APCR should use the APCBC ballistics and slope modifiers as a result of their design and construction, since well… they had ballistic and AP caps.

  5. just make a video called “War Thunder’s Problem” and have it be a song listing all of the game’s problems

  6. Some ammo of the same type from different vehicles has glaring anomalies where the supposed “weaker” ammo by specification does far far more damage. Not just with a lucky or well placed shot, but consistently and repeatedly.

    When ammo with the same cap and say 20 mm less penetration manages front on penetrations again and again for one shot kills, but the supposed better ammo cannot even penetrate you have to wonder why.

    Why does Gaijin go out of their way to freak with specs so the numbers on the spec sheet are irrelevant to the gameplay?

  7. What graphics settings do you have for War Thunder?
    I have a 3060 TI, and an i9 Core, yet my game still goes under 60 fps at the maximum setting.

  8. volumetric ammo fixed? the other day i hit the BACK of a m4a3e2 sherman with my tiger h1 and it literally didnt pen, like wtf

  9. i cant even pen the KV 1 on the very side ahhahahaha i got Gaijined everytime

  10. I have no problems one shorting most tanks with 105 or 120mm guns. Seriously dude is there anything you can’t complain about?

  11. hey, very decent information! I am looking forward to self-sealing fuel tanks, in comparison to IRL russian ww2 aircraft majority of fuel tanks did not have anything related to self-sealing, while in game they have these special fuel tanks and their planes do not burn down.

  12. Not sure if it’s just me, but I feel like HE has been nerfed massively since the overpressure update.

  13. If you still complain about war thunder, and still playing it…..sorry but you are a loser. Especially now that we have IL-2 Tank Crew and it’s various multiplayer servers that are today what War Thunder wishes it could be: large realistic maps, historical balance, ballistic models that actually work, better immersion and simulation overall.

  14. HESH. Don’t need to say anymore.

    Oh, and Leopard 1 eating 10 20-pounder APDS shells to the turret. Because it historically did that.

  15. You should do a T44 video. Maybe a “If the Russian T44 was realistic. ” I don’t think you’ve done one before

  16. And me as a Japan main is Hell to grind out the Type 10 since the JM33 will never be as competitive compared to the other rounds and I’ll always get uptiered anyway. Not to mention they’ve increased the repair cost because (??????)

  17. Legit,russian bias sucks,and the grind is killing me

  18. Spookston next week: “War Thunder’s Water problem”.

    In all seriousness, yeah…shit’s dumb.

  19. Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

    Want to hear a good joke? PzIV H, PzIV J and command Pz IV are at 3.7 to go with the PzIVG and PzIV F2 already at a ridiculous 3.3. Time for another Germany Suffers. Anyone still playing British 2.7 is on suicide watch; AC1 went up to 3.0, LMFAO balans. B1 Ter can see late war PzIV’s in a spam lineup, as if the 4F2 and 4G were not ridiculously bullshite enough

  20. Can you do a video about ESS and when to use it? I’m always confused about when to use it, because it seems to me all ESS does is draw attention to yourself, especially on large open maps. Thanks.

  21. Honestly they need to give app tanks some form or researchable AP round cause I’m tired of all my French tanks only having heat /heatfs and not being able to hit a thing because trees

    • Some steel core training rounds would be welcomed. Like the 90mm TPFSDS for the AML’s gun. Afaik shouldn’t pen over 200mm and would loose velocity a bit faster than normal apds (~10km max range for TP rounds, apds looses a third slower so ~15km) and would give a solid shot to AMLs (though I would prefer to have it on a AML Lynx or ERC Lynx at 7.3, while the ERC Sagaie I TS90 can be at 7.7)

  22. Hey spookston I’ve been playing war thunder for 4 years and haven’t got any tech tree completed. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong

  23. Mans built different. The shot at the end taking out a plane, chefs kiss

  24. The other issue with solid AP is it gets double nerfed by the formula. The k factor Gaijin uses is too high, so penetration is reduced. Then, the formula adds a .9x modifier to uncapped rounds, reducing the penetration even further.

    To make matters worse, Gaijin uses slope formulas that are meant to work with the maximum theoretical penetration of the round. Uncapped AP is then underperforming across the board.

    Also, the arbitrary ricochet chances need to go away.

  25. great video thanks. Additionally: APHE rounds are like the name suggests filled with an explosive. This filler has a much lower density than the metal which would make up the space of the filler in the grenade, leading to less kinetic energy. Therfore, APHE having a higher penetration than comparable APCBC rounds ist straight-up nonsense.

  26. Hey I would love if you could make a video for new players and some tips for the game, heck even maybe for veteran players. stuff like range finding Spotting and learning about weak spots

  27. Most annoying for me is having my APFSDS rounds just disappear because they clipped a twig of a chain link fence

  28. su-152s evapo shells are the most annoying thing to have in a 50mm armor 1 shot tank, like this vehicle didnt completely destroy a panther with a 1200m richochet

  29. Its logic that the game is unbalanced because Gaijin games are incredibly pay to win .

    Unbalance almost force you to buy premium vehicles and things like that , but when you do that you give them money .
    The worst thing is that they give youtubers bonuses to make them feel the fun of their games , BUT in REALITY , you need to grind for 9999999 hours to get a decent vehicle / squad .

  30. holy shit what the fuck was that 180 degree no-scope on the A-4E at 4:06?

  31. i mean i like your videos… but they are all complaining…

  32. HAY! what do you think about the m41’s or just the m41D because I hear it’s really bad. I really like the American m41.

  33. i agree with everything u stated here

  34. Yup, this sounds abput right.
    Tje Obj120 has the single biggest and heaviest apfsds in the game. But it does not deal more damage than 105mm apfsds.

  35. Reject ammo, return to ramming

  36. Why are all of your enemies blind?

  37. 4:15 nice

  38. Gaijin: The Maus is indestructible.
    Real life: The Maus can be destroyed by a single person kamikaze with a greanade.

  39. Dont forget when my 293mm pen APHEBC got eaten by an optic on 70mm armor tank -_-

  40. Corsairs of Nar Shaddaa

    Russian APHE (and a host of other aspects of their vehicles) OP + solid shot nerfed + facing Russia 90% of matches = me sitting at a sub 10% win rate vs Russia playing British 2.3 – 4.3. It _sucks_

  41. Man you have 3080 and have 100FPS? So I wasn’t crazy that this game is terribly optimized. I have GTX1650Ti and each patch my game felt slower and slower, at some point it even decided to not launch on dGPU but on AMD iGPU… At first I thought my GPU is dying but other games ran fine. It would be nice to see a video from you on War Thunder regarding the technical side of the game (optimization, servers issues, sounds etc…)

  42. Sergeant Johnson, Union Aerospace

    So as a Panzer 4 H main (recently got into the game) I should be likely using PzGr 39 ammo, and give up the extra penetration just to do feasible damage to another tank?

  43. Moons Out Goons Out

    Seeing a Maus get shot at through a Thermal camera by APFSDS reminds me why I don’t play this game

  44. nothings better than quitting war thunder for a few months after over a year of trying to and still seeing the same issues if not more than when you quit

  45. Generic Scottish Channel

    We not going to talk about the fact that most top tier tanks start off with HEAT, when most contemporaries can be functionally immune to HEAT, not to mention that even if the breech is 99% locked and the loader ends up getting taken out, that the breech unlocks and the round magically goes flying back into the ammo rack?

  46. Unrelated: I believe warthunder needs a ranking system based upon K/D/A+ Critical hits per match+ assists and scouting+ number of bounces you take per match ( you already get a reward for bouncing a number of shots so the groundwork is already laid out). The ranking system would need to based upon game mode for each country

  47. I have noticed how some mid/late russian aphe just overpreasure even medium and heavy tanks, wich fells very inaccurate

  48. What Gaijin has failed entirely in doing regarding volumetric, is introducing the shell taking the path of least resistance, which occurs IRL. Right now if he hit the corner with the impact being pretty much perpendicular to 1 plate, and along the other, the shell is basically guaranteed to either shatter and deliver miniscule damage or magically continue along the plate in a straight line, never deviating even 1cm from the course. This is basically ridiculous.

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