War Thunder’s Biggest Problem – T-20 Premium Tank Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Gameplay 1.63 – Premium , Best Premium?

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  1. Ricardo van casand

    As i playing war thunder on my ps4 : the loading of the multiplayer in the
    begining is so slow ! i can see the enemy planes or tanks directly ( how
    spel that name)( sorry ).

  2. The Flak 88 is op as well

  3. “PPL, plez dont spawnkill!” *in the very next game baron drives right in to
    the enemy spawn and starts killing younglings*

  4. spawn camp the russian bias

  5. talks shit about spawn camping then proceeds to sit on the enemy spawn

  6. The killing in spawns are just skill less gamers that struggle to get kills
    playing fair.

  7. Gaijin should just add the “Return to battle” restriction to the opposite
    team players near a spawn. That’s how it works in games like Battlefield

  8. Vengeance Personalifier

    german bias… lol

  9. Also, this was funny as poop*

  10. Sarodore The Dragon

    Tell ya what they need to do, if you get within a certain range that is
    considered spawn artillery needs to open up on u in continuous barrage and
    score direct hits until you get out of it and have a timer before it starts
    firing to give u a chance to leave, that’s how is do it’

  11. Plz play the M56 Scorpion


  13. yea this kida put me of tanks. those guys who only have one aim when they
    press the battle button. to get easy spawn camping kills. they cant get
    kills any other way. and yes some of this I believe could be down to some
    maps. but the rest is pure noobs. sometimes ill even wait in ambush at the
    spawn and no doubt you will get a few kills. and even said in chat to the
    team..”may as well wait here!” I use the maus this way to great affect.
    such a shame :/

  14. what computer can run this game great on high?

  15. The Gaming Firefly

    Baron: that tiger is blue
    Tiger: IM BLUE I were green I would die

  16. Where’s men of war mondays

  17. Have it like battlefield 3/4 where ground cant hit spawn but planes get
    wreck your shit

  18. like i more then anyone will say that spawn camping is annoying, but its
    kind of a thing about this game that is cool. while its a dick move a very
    valid strategy in any type of fight is to punch through and cut off

  19. I stopped playing because the fucking pe8 is at same br as fucing b25

  20. Slick is annoying

  21. US tanks fucken suck

  22. La biblioteca jajajajajajajajajajajajajaj muy bien jajajaja

  23. just do the same thing as when you leave the battle field, have a zone
    close to the spawn where if the enemy stays too long they will explode…

  24. baron you need to be in a kv2 to shoot at ships :P

  25. T29 spam is the biggest problem in 6.7 now

  26. Spawnwrecking is the best strategic move your team can make, by I feel it
    should be netted somehow

  27. oddly enough, ZSU got 8 seconds of spawnprotection in one of my games, but
    after 2 seconds, I was killed by a KT in my M18.

    brussian Rias!

  28. Baron. Was drunk during this recording.

  29. please dont sing again, and dont cry about spawn camping is part of the
    game, i hate campers like you, but is problem of team, when the team camp
    back is the call to be flanked and spawn camped.

  30. Oplexx - Minecraft

    Everyone… Just Deal With it! ???

  31. I say do it like battlefield, have an area around the spawn where the enemy
    can’t enter. this enables people to get into decent places before ever
    being engaged.

  32. Your Team is dead, so the enemy is going to the spawn. THATS THE LOGICAL
    What should they do? Sit in the cap and wait for respawned enemies to kill
    them? Come on…

    Sometimes flanks get rekt so the enemies can go to the spawn, there is
    nothing that can be done against it and thats ok.

  33. The 1st Player on a team Killed, is switched to the other side, they get to
    gun a 120mm in a turret planted in the middle of the spawn. safety comes
    off the gun when an enemy enters within 250m of the spawn in any direction.

  34. What about the BR problem too? :/ you always get uptiered nowdays on
    warthunder .-.

  35. You know you’ve played war thunder too much when a kill replay starts and
    you try and press space to skip it xD

  36. AussieNuclear Gaming

    Ik baron it happens to me all the time

  37. I was really weired out when I started watching this, I thought I clicked
    on a DDG video and was like “Hey, this guy doesn’t sound like DDG” And then
    you started singing, then I knew I wasn’t were I thought I was…

  38. Julian sinoradzki (Texasax)

    The Bigest problem of WT is that 6,7 BR is broken as Fuck, they have to
    fight IS3,T54,IS4 and the US m103, and they need to uprank them back to
    8,0. i know that the named tanks have a problem with Leo1 and ATGM`s but
    they are post war tanks “DEAL WITH IT” #WelcomeToColdWarTanks

  39. But in russian teams the spawn is biased…

  40. Can you pls play insurgency? I would love to see the game mechanics catch
    you off guard.

  41. Spawnthunder.

    i was ranting about this today and people were like: it is not a problem.
    they need to fix it because all the game is is who can rush what spawn
    first. :/

  42. they should give a 30min cooldown for every 2nd TK ! one could happen, two,

  43. ErsteWahl Videos Inc.

    well “no spawncamping/klilling” is an old unwritten rule in online
    gaming since its pretty lame! But in War Thunder the majority breaks
    this rules because why should they play fair ?

  44. Its a problem now?? Fuck off Baron ! I’m getting tired of your low IQ !
    FUCK OFF !”

  45. I’m not spawn camper, but your annoying “bitch” comments are a little too
    much for me. Grow up. You knew they are there. What would be the difference
    if they were behind another corner? One street further? None. You spawn in
    and have 30 sec to kill those right in the spawn. Again – stop whining.

  46. @BaronVonGamez it’s Gaijin’s fault because spawn camping rewards the
    players for doing so (with kills and XP) they haven’t done anything to
    prevent this from happening.

  47. This never happens to me. I’m one of those people that spawn reck.

  48. I never go over the enemy’s spawn unless they are losing so bad then I go
    in with the rest of my team and trap them because they are doing nothing to
    stop us.

  49. 12.15 Baron spawncamping..

  50. is barons voice changing? or is it just me?

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