War Thunder’s CAPTAIN AMERICA, My Favorite American TANK – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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’s Captain America the Tier 1 & Best Premium Tank for the USA

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  1. what an awesome tank

  2. I really like the Pz Jg IV (A) (hunter pack). =)

  3. Zis 30and Sherman firefly

  4. Best american premium tank???

  5. finaly my prayers have been heard

  6. they should add the m8a1 varriant with the 75mm short barrel howitzer to
    the main tech tree

  7. I enjoy taking out the German Sherman…..never succeeds in blending in
    though :(

  8. The Fockle-Wulf 189 Uhu will always be my favorite aircraft in game lol

  9. baron play the Op truck (Su-57)

  10. the rbt5 seems pretty cool

  11. The german sherman. ohhh so rare

  12. Play ze Germun Shurmun to fool ze amerikan dogs!

  13. is it weird that i killed a machine gunner on a hellcat and it explode?

    also it’s a t-34-85

  14. Those jap tanks spontaneously combust when you look at them


    this vehicle is a must have for any premium collecter yet I will never lay
    my hands on it it. plez I am peasant and really really need M8 premium to
    grind siver lion to feed malnourished family members. I would sell my body
    but no one like. .plez email me!!!!!

  16. hmm RBT-5 is rare

  17. Baron please use the M3 Lee sometime.

  18. Have:

    TB-3 (more than any other vehicle in WT)
    Boston (to complete my international A-20 line)

  19. Kv222

  20. also I did notice the os2u-1 was removed and I’m not able to research it
    anymore! :d

  21. the E-100

  22. Omfg yes baron ive been waiting for another murica derp video, specifically
    the M8 since I have it as well

  23. The Bitzen is cancer it has too much firepower

  24. I’d really like to have the M8A1, it seems like a super awesome tank, and I
    love playing low tier American. If it ever came back as a premium, I’d buy
    it instantly and probably the M5A1, so I can have the best (low br)
    American combo.

  25. Hey Baron when i drive fast tanks i cant stop the the tank from spinning
    out how do i stop this and drive straight?

  26. Murca fuk yeh cummin agen to save teh madafaking day her murica fak yeh

  27. Black prince

  28. I only used this tank to upgrade to the t49 so I could get the hellcat


    Baron u should try out arma 3 zues

  30. I got a computer, i downloaded war thunder and world of tanks, 2 weeks
    later war thunder is the only game, sry world of tanks i have a new

  31. What about the Gladiators F and S?

  32. Ho-ros, brummbars, and Kv-2s. bring back the big guns.

  33. Baron, you broke my heart when you mentioed the Polikarpov Po-2 which was
    used by the most badass bomber regiment, the 588th Night Bomber regiment
    a.k.a the Night Witches

  34. I still prefer the T49 American tank destroyer from WoT. If warthunder has
    it can you do gameplay of it?

  35. Baron, Baron! Let’s see a showcase of all rare/collectable tanks/planes you
    got:German Sherman: vk4501, tb3. etc

  36. My fav is the KV2 754r mainly because you never face against the germans
    (because you are on their side) and to get the satisfaction of killing
    russian kv2s

  37. po2

  38. warthunder is pay to win

  39. also stop repeating yourself

  40. AllTheMemes AlltheMemesm8

    i so F ing want it

  41. how id you get that?

  42. Please try the Pz II with PzGr 40 ammo

  43. The russian M3 Lee 😛 lol

  44. Japanese Tiger, and your choice

  45. Can we see some world of warships gameplay Baron?

  46. I wanted that M8A1 so bad but I couldn’t grind it… I tried.

  47. hey baron how do you get the PHG title

  48. 12:48 Tank has open hatches
    12:50 Tank has closed hatches
    are those manually open and closed or automatically?

  49. is that M8A1 tank??

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