War Thunder’s FASTEST Tank (Spähpanzer Ru 251 War Thunder 1.67)

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Preview – Premium Tank – ’s NEW Fastest Tank, Move over

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  1. Most likely will play just like a super hellcat

  2. Baron what happens to the barons top 5 we haven’t seen it for awhile

  3. maybe they should add modern tank lines

  4. We need all of the tanks, lol.  Just keep battles era appropriate in RB & SB.  AB, anything goes, I guess.

  5. yes the E series should be added.

  6. E-series tanks, yes please including the elitist E-100

  7. The Entwicklung Series? That’s not even a question, they should have been thrown in ages ago, along with the Löwe.

  8. How they got this? Sekrit Dokuments, Comrade!

  9. this is even before i watch the video, Gaijin even claimed that the fastest tank is the M18

  10. Dear Mr Baron, how do you get decent scores even tho you do not play on the lowest possible graphics settings? I’m getting sniped through bushes and grass all the damn time, set my graphics to low yesterday and discovered that you even can see through walls when far enough away…

  11. Lol Stalinium tenk Jjj

    Komrades, we must steal the sekrit dokumints of the RU

  12. please play the M4A3E2 and the F-82

  13. I hope to Fucking God that War thunder starts up with the 1970s because the M1 Abrams will be in action!!

  14. the E-Series??? yesss plzz

  15. No ‘E’ series! They were never really made never mind used. War Thunder is supposed to be a simulator like game, NOT a grinding game like World of Tanks. Adding these would take out the feel of real combat because they never were in combat. Maybe 1 as a premium would be fine, but thats about it. Instead add light tabks to ither countries, or campaign for tanks.

  16. Russian Scout Vehicle. I believe that those vehicles started with IS and ended with a number ))))))))))))

  17. Alex - Stuff and Things

    Baron we already have a BMP, it’s called the LVT (A)-1

  18. This tank is the Hanomag chassis of the 4-5 with its 90mm gun but it has a turret like a Leo. So basically a Leo and 4-5 had blazing hot sex and this came out.

  19. rip walker bulldog I guess

  20. Der Bommelhosenmann

    rgh, i cannot resist telling you the correct pronounciation: spell it like “shpae”, the utter rest works fine.

  21. Mr. FuckingDigidies

    German E series is a no. the only one half constructed was the E-100.

  22. Mr. FuckingDigidies

    My idea for a german scout line:
    tier 1: pz. 1c, pz. 2c, pz. 2f
    tier 2: pz. 2G, pz. 2M, pz. 2 Luchs(versions with different guns/armor as premium)
    tier 3: vk 16.02 leopard
    tier 4: m41a1 with rebored gun (90mm), sp-1c
    tier 5: H.S 30 antitank with m40a1 LGS 106mm cannon

  23. fuck the premium tank .

  24. We need a low tier fast tank for germans

  25. the Vk1602 was nicknamed the ‘leopard’, so it’s a cat like the panther and tiger. Just smaller.

  26. Why did Gaijin leave out a lot of American tanks, especially the prototypes, they let Russia have a lot of their prototypes why not America

  27. When are we getting the SP 1 C? I need my SP 1 C!

  28. there already is one of the e series in the game.

  29. baaron play world of tanks

  30. I could be totally wrong and I probably am, but I think its pronounced SPA*Panzer instead of spAHpanzer.

  31. I think that war thunder should go up to BR 15 or something
    We could have divisions like WW2, Vietnam, Modern each with their own tanks, and you could have a very complete and immersive game. With tanks from the panzer 2 to the m1 Abrams to M48A3 Patton. We should have huge numbers of vehicles. that would make war thunder very cool.

  32. Fuck German players! Whiny easy mode bastards! E series was never even built!!!

  33. the E series of tanks was already considered by gaijoob. in one of their devblogs they said that they will never be adding any tanks of the E series “for obvious reasons”. “the e-100 is the only reluctant exception to this”.

  34. ‘Happy Monday” ………….yaaaay……

  35. the American/German joint prototype MBT-70 main battle tank with the 120 for the next update to take out the T-62 and the possible T-72s I heard they might add

  36. as Cool as it would be to have the E series I think it’s an Awful idea because Since there is so much Cheat fs spam at high tiers they would be useless pieces of garbage

  37. I think the M1A2 FREEDOM should be added to War Thunder!

  38. Stay Frostyツ #Csgo&More

    yea plz add armor trucks

  39. how abt bt-42

  40. German E series , Yes please.

  41. Finandi Amartyadeva

    Baron, if u have a friend who’s a makes a custom battle and vehicle.. Pls tell him to make The Mig 25/31. My fav,, supersonic

  42. None are faster than the Hellcat. American muscle, plain bad ass. sum bitch could go 80 mph!!

  43. i’m still waiting for missiles and Vietnam era stuff

  44. Really? Is Gaijin planning to put every tank from WOT into this game?

  45. Until the F16 fighter is added I’m am still playing Rust more then war thunder

  46. I made a topic suggesting that the Tiger II and Leopard II should be replaced by the E-75 and E-50 respectfully, as the prior are in fact fake Frankenstein tanks created by the devs. And yes the real E-100 with the 150mm gun should be on the main tree after the Maus and the current E-100 should stay exclusive to the winners, just renamed to the properly named Tiger-Maus

  47. I would prefer for them not to add the E series tanks such as the E-50 and E-75. They would not feel different enough to warrant spending more research and time on a line to pick them up.

  48. russian tanks is shit
    russian tank class number bias

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