War Thunder’s First Auto Loader – War Thunder Chi Ri II

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  1. I got shot at by this yesterday in my Panther A and I was wondering how it
    was shooting so fast… now I know. I killed it too.

  2. barón next tank m5a1

  3. Dude that jp flag is really bad.
    pls….. change it…

  4. honestly, best french tank is the AMX ELC, i mean imagine that thing.
    uhhhhhhh so fun

  5. Baron in a big mama san, talking like a big mama san…
    Girl, who you playing with…
    Hilarious. Baron & Slick, The Comical Bro’s
    Dudes, you shit my pants!

  6. GTA news and more

    I like fly more for some reason ?

  7. “Combined nations tree” doesn’t the German plane tree have some Italian

  8. What French tank? Why not all of them? :D

  9. +BaronVonGamez, hey Baron what would you think about the adition of the
    M-50A1 “Ontos”???, good or bad for WarThunder???

  10. how about a yes to everything

  11. The early Char B1/B1 bis was a beast and feared by the Germans, but the
    French had trouble with supplying the crews with fuel and ammunition for
    the tanks. They were also poorly deployed and out maneuvered by the German

  12. Lol Stalinium tenk Jjj

    Seeing the mirage 3 would be sooooooooooo nice in war thunder

  13. We need the French for war thunder. I want the B2 mostly xD because that
    thing was actually pretty good

  14. Jack “WinterPoet” O'Neill

    I think a stand off between American M3 Stuarts and the Japanese Type 95s
    would make for an interesting match.

  15. Instead can there be a combined axis tech tree and combined allied tech

  16. Please Baron!, Play The “Chi-Nu Naval Hunter”, The “Chi-To Long Ranger” and
    The Sneaky “Na-To U to Tomorrow”!
    (2nd Attempt) ( !Please Vote with a Thumbs Up! )

  17. I was just fucking around, love you both. Baron tbh you do get on my nerves
    some times, but Slick, you sexy beast you’re my homie G mane. Glad y’all
    laughed at what I said. Me and my friend laughed aswell.

  18. Itally can have its own tree. No need to undermine it by pairing it with
    another nation. I’m, not completely against a multinational tech tree but
    for smaller counties like Sweden, Hungary, etc.

  19. Chi-ri is a piece off crap I got one shot by a t-34 1942 it was freaking
    embarrassing, I still prefer the chi-to over the chi-ri

  20. I want to see the ELC AMX the most. That tank would be so much fun in war

  21. thats so cool

  22. do the french crusier iv

  23. If they got auto-loaders… And have useless tanks… Why not implement
    french tanks!? I know some people do not enjoy french tanks but i love
    their light tanks! Please?

  24. Also, baron… I would LOVE to see the AMX 13 90 tank or maybe even the Bat
    Chatillion ( i think thats how you spell it ) it would be my dream come

  25. Hey baron. Don’t you think it would be cool if all auto-loaders had a shot
    counter, which tells you how many shells are loaded until you must reload
    them all? If so bring this to the gaijin gods!

  26. I want to see b1 tank baron

  27. “I f****** hate Japanese machine guns tut-tut-tut-tut reload…
    tut-tut-tut-tut reload…” -Baronvongames January 2016

  28. i like the french amx elc bis

  29. world of warships please

  30. Rising sun flag is same as Hakenkreuz. Can you change that image plz?

  31. That little machine that sticks out of the side really annoys me. It’s like
    the tank has a gross thick single hair that needs to be plucked.

  32. I feel like jap tanks suck, in realistic in low tier they are nothing
    against any tech tree

  33. Baron and slick went full racist this video

  34. When are the French tanks coming out?!

  35. AMX 13 SS11 and 90, AMX 30, AMX 10 RC.

  36. I think the only redundant thing here are your shitbox “reviews”. Are you
    the biggest Gaijin cuck going?

  37. The Camouflage from the thumbnail (and my unedited image which baron is
    using): http://live.warthunder.com/post/548832/en/

    With the Chi-Ri, gimmick tank imo. Chi-To is better although the reload
    could be nicer for that, however it’s overall more useful.

  38. baron this thing is cancer

  39. I want some more of the korea-branch tanks as premium in the american line.
    Reason is because I’m korean and number two, Is that some of the tanks
    deployed in korea got a new engine for the mountain and hilly terrain of
    the korea. So some Pershings and pattons with better mobility added and
    korea version would be good

  40. italian tech tree bring my home country on this game

  41. Jeppe'sVlogKanaal

    A B1

  42. ps4 is so left out with controls

  43. ohohlikeyeahnstuff

    Are you bored with planes these days Baron? Don’t really see many plane
    vids anymore :'(

  44. amx 50 155 foch

  45. the combined nations tech tree would be awesome, but maby a big tree with
    mini branches of nations would be better, because a sweetish teir5 wouldn’t
    fit in as a evolution of a teir4 us tank, if you get where i’m coming form.

  46. Seeing auto loading cannons in War Thunder is opening new hope for French
    tanksFirst of all who does not want French tanks!??

  47. Id most like to see the Char B1 bis and the AMX 13 75 or 90

  48. French tank FCM F1 super heavy french tank (
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FCM_F1 )

  49. could you imagine the batchat with a 4-5 shot auto loader…

  50. Am I the only person who doesn’t want French tanks in War Thunder?
    Everybody is hung up on the Char B1 and then the Cold War era tanks like
    the AMX-50 etc. but pretty much everything in between only ever made it as
    far as a technical drawing, some not even that far.

    I’m all for having crazy prototype tanks in the game, and rare tanks, but
    that’s the thing; prototypes and rare vehicles aren’t supposed to formulate
    an entire tech tree. The Japanese tanks, although rare, did exist and were
    manufactured, most never saw combat but that’s due to their role in the war
    which was almost entirely defensive, not because they never existed.

    And the tanks and planes that exist only ob paper or concept drawing that
    ARE in War Thunder, are almost entirely premium vehicles, where they should

    If you want to play as made up tanks that never existed outside of sketches
    on napkins, go play WoT.
    But the only way I’d be happy with the French in a game like War Thunder is
    as part of a mixed nations tech tree, say an allies one and an axis one,
    that would also give Gaijin a reason to add lots of other unique and
    interesting vehicles like the Italian P 40 heavy tank, or the Spanish
    HA-1112 which is like a Spitfire and a Bf-109 had a baby and then slapped
    hispano cannons on it.

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