War Thunder’s FREE New Katyusha Rocket Launcher (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Free BM-13 Katyusha Rocket Launcher! War Thunder is giving away a Katyusha! ( Gameplay)

More info on War Thunder’s Katyusha Giveaway: http://warthunder.com/en/news/4687-vday-bm-13n-say-hello-from-katyusha-en

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  1. Can’t wait for more War Thunder Vids! Always entertaining!

  2. BVG, i need 500 kills in World Of Tanks in order to get the Patriot (a U.S tank) and i must play in an american tank in order to get it. but what i really want is the freedom tank (basically the super sherman but decked out in a patriotic way with 2 waving american flags, american everything.) but you can only get it on the day of 4th of July (sadly).

  3. anyone know if the support artillery kill thing also can help you get 5 kills or is it only with the rockets

  4. Evan Mclaughlin

    I can’t do this I’m on ps4 ;-;

  5. Brah my pc is broken ? WHY GOD, WHY !?!?!? WHYYYYY !?!?!?

  6. Too bad I can’t get it…my account is broken…for a while I couldn’t log in at all, but then my steam login started working again, still can’t login normally, on the website or in-game. I’m certain I was trying the right login though. When I click “Forgot Password” they never respond. I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THIS AND I CAN’T GET IT!!!

  7. i was hoping the katyusha truck model in the game will become a real tank

  8. i want a Katyusha, but sadly, my brother keeps playing my laptop, i don’t have a second PC, so, i maybe couldn’t have a Katyusha

  9. They don’t specify what kind of battle you need to do in it; do you have to play realistic?

  10. Christian Alvarez

    I use my school laptop to play War Thunder lol

  11. Does it matter if its arcade or realistic? Or does it have 2x/3x for RB/SB?
    Because Arcade is gonna be WAY easier to get this with the BM

  12. Why I cannot do it

  13. Rockets Rain!

  14. You need to own a rank 3 vehicle from any nation to be able to participate. I don’t have one… Well sucks to be me i guess.

  15. Elemental Sheep

    I got the BM-8-24 on a test drive, it is quite difficult to use.

  16. Germans. We have the panzerwaffe one of the only rocket vehicles on the game!
    A soviet soldier comes
    (Starts soviet anthem)
    Shows the katsusha

  17. this looks kinda boring compared to your World of Warship vids 😛

  18. How did he miss the StuG 3A viewport? It’s a super easy target.

  19. 5 kills in one game with the BM-8? with everyone else on your team using them trying to get the iconic truck, i do not see many getting it without cheating. 🙁

  20. yo who ever gets the kaytusha is going to be so annoying

  21. Okay but this doesn’t explain how I TAME A HORSE IN MINECRAFT

  22. WOAH! They’re gonna add a katyusha (The most comment Russian rocket launcher in ww2) but you gotta earn it cause these rare vehicles will only be here once

  23. Bobby Bobenation

    rip match making, everyone is gonna be playing this

  24. Sentinel_Airsoft


  25. It won’t let me enter it

  26. “Realtive ease”

    Yes becuase getting murdered by flakpanzers with 26mm pen is easy as fuck

    Edit tier 1 is fucking unplayable against americans thanks to phuckdailys m5a1 meta

  27. when is men of war Monday coming back

  28. can us ps4 peasants do this?

  29. Do you have to do this in realistic battles or can you do arcade to?

  30. Now I know people will go to C in Poland for sure

  31. Inshrektor Gadget

    rastvetali ioblani grushy
    poplyly tumany nad rekoj
    vikholila nabereg katyusha
    nalvisokij bereg nakrutoj


  33. return to hangar.. becuz ur own rocket did splash dmg to ur ammo rack :u

  34. How does this work for ps4? Have tried to redeem the code but it doesn’t work

  35. Wow that seems to bounce more shots than the Tiger H1.

  36. If its not rank V it will be premium or limited edition. I like War Thunder and it is my favourite game, but the that what the almost every new tank or airplane is premium it sucks.

  37. Alittlegecko Gamer

    It’s the 6th and it’s not working, the code must be bugged or something

  38. Tomi Martanovic

    With this ,,,,tank,,,,, how i Can do 5 kills?i Can do max 3 🙁

  39. Bryce Mccormick

    That vehicle is in such a bad BR

  40. 5 kills in one match with the bm8 = relative ease lmfao

  41. good luck hope you get rocket truck

  42. Now. we shall make custom battles.
    Panzerwerfer 42 Vs. Katyusha

  43. Balázs Máté Tóth

    i tried to get the BMA but it says “You already have this item on your account, or you can not activate this key according to the terms of the offer.” please help!

  44. 360xxX_SwagLuvUNoHomoSapiensDoritozNDewBowlOfFnafWankageWithExtraWinkyLargeSalamiOgrelord_Xxx420

    “Either you already have this item on your account or you cannot activate this key according to the terms of the offer.”
    well time to get the rope and hang myself


    I did but it didin’t worked

  46. Does it have to be in Realistic?

  47. Glaskonoscovich

    i put in the code it says it’s activated but nothing happened

  48. Can you get the five kills in arcade?

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