War Thunders LANDSHIP – T-35 DOUBLE ACE (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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  1. M60 and AD2 !!!!

  2. +PhlyDaily Cmon Phly! Do it for Frank!

  3. 2:05
    Um…there’s 10 Phly but I guess one was sent to the Gulag

  4. T34-76(1941) with f34 cannon.

  5. The Penetrator 9000

    Mig-9 and IS-4

  6. Alexander thegreek

    Do you even know counting to 10? there are 10 people inside the T-35, not

  7. IT-1 IL-29 EASY MODE combo

  8. That moment when Phly said there’s 9 crew but it says 10…

  9. next time remember the plane please

  10. Are you going to make a wings of prey vid?

  11. Two People GamingNL

    Rbt 5 and pe 8 stalin wants it

  12. Angry Crusader 39

    The T-35 has ten crew-members.

  13. Play the German sp… I mean inconspicuous Soviet tank that bears no
    resemblance to any German vehicles whatsoever, certainly not the Pz. III.In
    case you haven’ figure out, I’m alluding to the stolen Soviet T-III tank.

  14. play the Neubaufahrzeug

  15. m60

  16. Attempt… 7… Last 6 times didnt work, so 7th time lucky, put a sherman
    gun on a b-25… And about the tank with no gun? Put a 105 in, why not???

  17. Reza “Tej” Rahman

    PO-2 and SMK…
    or IL-2-37 and T-34-80


    M4-105 and the F8F

  19. +PhlyDaily holy shit how many kills did you get in that first game

  20. T28

  21. Elias Gouatarbès

    Play the maus

  22. ‫عبد الله‬‎

    yak 9 k plz phly

  23. Play big stronk tank, kv-2 out with the German destroyer, the pe-8. FOR

  24. loving the big crazy tanks

  25. Panzer 3 N. So much fun @ 3.0.

  26. T-26 & I-16 Russian first bias

  27. Why does he do those combos but never plays the plane?

  28. Play T10M :P

  29. There were 10 people.
    gr8 maths skilz m8.

  30. Play arcade match please. the rb battle is so boring

  31. Take out the IS-1: The soviet tiger!

  32. yo, phly! help your Swedish brother here an take out the strv 81 and talk
    about some other Swedish tanks that they can put into the game (and/or
    aircraft. you know the saab jas planes)

  33. i love the barral
    a aphe turd gun lol

  34. im not enjoy coz i see that tank im can kill that but you ligth tank is
    kill you OMG

  35. take panther

  36. easy eight please

  37. imagine this tank in heroes and generals XD
    literal party bus ready for some plucky infantry to grind kills from

  38. tortoise and the avro lancaster mk 3

  39. Getting tired of being destroyed from the air?
    Here is your chance to hit them where it hurts.
    A challenge: Operation “DOOM TURTLE STRIKES BACK”
    Shoot down a plane in a t 95 in sim battles

  40. play the Jagdpanzer 38(t), or the “Hetzer” (“Baiter”)

  41. The Hollywood combo : Sherman (if possible whit the 75mm for “Fury”) and
    the B-17 ( ” Menphis Belle ” ) or P-51 C ( ” Red Tails ” )

  42. I really want to buy this tank… the SMK is so much fun, and this is the
    bigger derper brother.


  44. chieftakn mk.4

  45. chieftakn mk.4

  46. hey ply can u fly out the bf109 g10 I’m having a bit of a hard time using
    that ting will love to see u use it and also luv ur Vids bro no homo

  47. Croak vggHillier78th

    i15 and t 50

  48. Croak vggHillier78th

    i15 and t 50

  49. T-35 have 10 crew xD

  50. what? no MBR2?!?!/!

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