War Thunder’s NEW American Muscle! (War Thunder 1.67 T-14)

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1.67 Preview – T-14 Tanks Gameplay. Not as Good as the 😉

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  1. The t-14 is a British Sherman with armour thicker than ur mom

  2. American Tanks were a joke to the germans in WW2 Baron.

  3. T14 is not that in –well– up close fights to me…

  4. Wasn’t this in world of tabks

  5. I’ve seen a T14 at the Bovington tank museum it was being restored

  6. I love how everyone is like WoT copy!!!!!!!!!! Then they don’t see that its just a tank and that its not just a WoT tank

  7. Tracytron | Minecraft, let's play's and toy reviews

    Did they change the BR of the first mustang from 3.7 to 4? I noticed it just after that update but I’m not sure can someone confirm this please?

  8. Hey just wanna state a small wish, can u put some side note in the title to let us kno that the vid isn’t gameplay and more discussion.

  9. A Sherman and a T-1 heavy had a baby!

  10. “infantry support tank” the British definitely had input into this

  11. why does everyone say the B.R. changes are great? there are a FEW individual tanks that were nice (jumbo Sherman, t-34-85 to name 2). but overall I think it was a giant miss. the problem is compression (tiger H1 vs T29). the B.R. spread needs to be changed to 1.0-10.0. cheers m8

  12. 75mm vs 6 pounder earlier versions of the Cromwell had 6 pounders which were better at taking out German armour but on later cromwells the gun was downgraded to the 75mm because it could support HE shells for infantry or gun emplacements and the gun was compatible with bot British and American shells this is why in game the Cromwell V is before the Cromwell 1 and I know T14s never had them but I would want the British 6 pounder over the US 75mm any day on the T14

  13. The Americans should get the MBT-70

  14. it looks like a sherman and a bradley

  15. ARE YOU KIDDING?!?! The Sherman was the dad, simple and rugged. The Panther is the female, complicated and difficult to maintain.

  16. when are they gonna put the russian t14 armata tho?

  17. when is this update being released?

  18. SirBeatleJuice Neither am i a boy

    thing i love about thubder is they always update game always new stuff

  19. The 75 isn’t favored by players. it was favored by tank commanders because it could be used against soft targets and had a good, reliable HE shell.

  20. No. The T14 heavy tank is one of the most American tanks ever to grace us with its freedomness. 110 millimeters of combined frontal turret, with 50mm hull at good slope, plus quite fast in a straight line, and armed with the good all-round gun of the Sherman? Would make a perfect addition to a Sherman lineup. If it has like 3.7 BR, it will be perfect.
    Next they should add the Excelsior, affectionately named “the steel potato”

  21. Still waiting for the skink……

  22. Who uses heat rounds at that tier? Panzer IV and Stug III with short 75 that got bad matchmaking. Or maybe the hetzer, XD. I use heat on the hetzer because it does more damage, and you really don’t need over 100 pen for a lot of vehicles.

  23. Yeah but America raped the German army so the Sherman would be da pappy boss..

  24. Woah, the bgm is jingles world of Warships intro music.

  25. More of the never fielded bullshit :/

  26. It’s not really a ShermanxPanther. I used to call this oddity the Shermanhill.

  27. Looks like a Matilda crossed with a Sherman.

  28. that front slope will bounce so many shots lol

  29. Someone plz ffs tell them to make the hellcat not see tiger 2s

  30. german 75mm is better

  31. No Baron, I’m not happy with BR changes…I’m taking out my Tiger E and H1, but then get in matches with Ferdinand, Tiger 2 H and P, and Panther A up games.

  32. If you take the pz IV F1 and lower stugs  as a backup to the magical pz IV F2 you have to use heat at 3.7 cuz if you get uptiered the 56mm of pen on the short 75 heat wont be able to handle the cheeki breeki of KV1/2 or T34s

  33. I want Abrams, IDC i just want it ;( IDC if the armour is confidential
    lets change that 75 to a 76.2 just for that extra reliability

  34. Fucking 3 premiums and no tech tree vehicles yet WTF

  35. Let’s be real. There will be no reason to get the t-14. It is exactly the same as the regular M4 Sherman. All they did was put some side armor on…like 20 mm at max. And don’t forget that garbage 75 mm gun.

  36. Szu 57… give a nerf plz.

    Give it every belt, only 1 ap shell. Or 2 whatever.

  37. Please make video on B-10

  38. Because we need more premium tanks

    Why gaijun

  39. So… it’s like a jumbo?

  40. Looks like a m2 bradley


  42. ill wait for the t14 armarta

  43. DestroyerNUTS Gaming

    And the next German “Weapon” the Gustav!

  44. nnnnnoooooooo baron it has to have the 75mm otherwise theres no point lol

  45. We need more vodka and more Japanese tanks

  46. T 14 and T 20 both premium.
    Fuck Gaijin

  47. Why does the american team get this ? it was a combined british and american design. basically the
    “Ally tank “

  48. Can anyone give me any tips on how to get lions? I don’t want to buy and was wondering if there was some sort of strategy to get the lions easily.

  49. Used to have the T-14 way back in World of Tanks. It wasn’t very good.

  50. Bombs doesn’t need to be nerf again there fine whatever the problem is explain why it needs to be fix… Because the USA, Russia,UK had been nerf many times before plus they remove the bombing spotting.. So Dive bombing and rockets is the only thing that has been used a lot. Big bombers are not used a lot at all.. They have been used less then the dive bombers since the big nerf to the spotting for bigger bombers also the trops to… People bitched so much on the TU4. Now the B57 has to drop 5000lb on one base leaving you with one 1000lb left over which is bullshit.. Every time someone says something is op every plane is fucked over because people don’t know how to play right.. I have seen some stupid fucks flying right behind a TU4 or going in a straight line which cost them to die.. Now because of all the bitching 23mm are fucked.. Every aircraft are good you just need to learn how to fly it. All planes are suppose to be OP since in real life there are suppose to counter each.

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