War Thunder’s New British Tank, EXCELSIOR! (War Thunder Premium Tank Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder British Tanks Gameplay, Excelsior Tank (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay) Cromwell Heavy Tank

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  1. Happy Sunday Brigade! Who else has the Excelsior? I’m not sure about it. I don’t see too many situations in which I’d rather have it over a Cromwell or a Churchill in my lineup. It’s like it tries to be a hybrid of both, but it takes the negatives of both instead of the positives. Thoughts? What tank should we play next?

  2. you will NEVER attack panzer iv f2 infront if you know whats good for you .

  3. if you ask me the excelsore is just a Cromwell on staroids

  4. 21:10 you shot through his ass??

  5. Baron i have a surface pro 4 windows 10, i have war thunder and i have only ran it on low. What can i do to make my war thunder experience better

  6. new? ive been killing these things for more than 2 weeks now

  7. I remember having this tank on world of tonks

  8. the excelsior,the t30,t34,t29….ok I think I know why warthunder been going down hill the last few months. wargaming must be advising them I like my friend who work for wargaming told me. no wonder the game broke as fuck considering just how horribly bad world of tanks is. looks like I’ll be deleting warthunder now. because FUCK WARGAMING AND WORLD OF TANKS!!!! GG Baron sorry about the rant. now I have nothing to play. lol

  9. Yoooo wassup baron! How bout sum luvvv for da t29 yah? Sound gud??

  10. More flat armor and still no APHE………….
    “Yawns”, 20mm fodder

  11. baron you’re so f***ing cringy

  12. 360xxX_SwagLuvUNoHomoSapiensDoritozNDewBowlOfFnafWankageWithExtraWinkyLargeSalamiOgrelord_Xxx420

    anyone is playing russian kv1 and t34
    i hope you grow cancer tumors on the tip of your dick

  13. Awesomelegomaster 47

    I subscribed

  14. Awesomelegomaster 47

    Best YouTuber ever!! Keep going

  15. How much crack-cocaine was Slick on?

  16. DANG IT STEVE!!!

  17. got a cup o tea m8?

  18. Иван Илиев

    how to install dev server

  19. A richtig B flsch

    so… this tank sucks?

  20. Gabriel Nielsen

    I can not research that Excelsior it’s not in my research list.
    So where did you get it from ?

  21. Connor Logan A. Chavez

    Baron, I killed two KV-1’s with my American Heavy Tank M6A1. I shot right at the mantlet next to the kv-1’s gun barrel and one shot killed them.

  22. Shot that guy up his ass with a tank shell.. EXTREME PENETRATION

  23. baron alot of the british tanks have badly slow back up speed

  24. Tobias Björkman

    You redeemed yourself with the Crusader AA after that stupid death by Excelsior no 2.. 😉

  25. Can we all message Gaijin and tell them to add french tanks in soon! I want to drive an ARL 44.


    what was up with the no vids for a week thing?

  27. baron i had this dream where i was charging at the a German MG42 i think i was a Russian soldier an then i got hit by the machinegun and it FELT REAL im serious then i wake up an every k things okay no wound nothing but anyway the dream was so cool!

  28. ours communiste

    I’m french and when i heard “deja vu” i was choqued

  29. Excelsior: sounds like sword, actually is wood shaving used in packaging. Star Trek fans know 🙂

  30. 15:16 russian bias Come back

  31. british solid shots

  32. Im steve

  33. This thing looks like a fat Cromwell…

  34. Please say “puntzer fear” not “pantse four”… would be nice!

  35. GAIJIN LISTEN UP. im not playing war thunder again until ships is released

  36. Anderson Oliveira da Silva

    Damn, that Excelcior looks good and fast, a Tuned up Cromwell!

  37. Such a great name for an ugly tank, before the Brits learn tank fashion

  38. I’m surprised Baron was startled that the KV-1 was taken out pretty easily. Everyone at this point should know that Heavy Tanks aren’t invincible.

  39. Hey Baron ever since I got into War Thunder I can’t stop watching your videos ~ it’s like tank porn. Thanks man…

  40. So I’m new to realistic tank battles. What loadout should i use? I only have 2-3 br tanks. Like the first M4 or the Pz IV f. Any tips?

  41. “use your dipstick jimmy!”

  42. Baron do more men of war


  44. The crusader AA against germans is pretty fucking great.

  45. Play World of Warships again please I miss your content on it

  46. BaronVonGames 14/5/2017 “Ground poundin’ my helpless hole”

  47. It’s fun when you and Slick play together

  48. Top Notch Oh Cop

    This thing is like a Churchill having sex with a Tog 2 also sucking dicks of a Cormwell 5

  49. https://www.gofundme.com/3s8uiig?lang=en-GB

    Help my good friend Simon to stop playing his dam potato laptop and help him get a decent one so he and I can play war thunder in peace???. He’s a university student doing business management. Give him a chance pls donate anything a penny pound or dollar ????

  50. It's ya boi Yo bro !!

    hello person scrolling through the comments

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