War Thunder’s PT-76 Problem

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The PT-76-57 is, without a doubt, of the most broken vehicles ever added to War Thunder. In typical Gaijin fashion, was made overpowered so that more people would be attracted to the battlepass. Pretty much everyone that it needs to be nerfed, but there’s been some disagreement on how. Some thing that, if the PT-76-57 is put at a higher battle rating, it will actually perform better.

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  1. To my bad luck, i bought the strv-103-0 and started grinding sweden right before the pt was added. Needless to say, it absolutely destroyed the matches. I did manage to kill it a decent number of times, but mostly from long ranges or caught them off-guard.

  2. 0:21 and market sellers!

  3. I literally just saw a PT-76-57 solo my entire team last match..

  4. Remember when German mains complained about French autoloaders ?

    I member

  5. The whole BR approach is utter rubbish… machines should be paired against each other based on time when they were used & create limits on types of vehicles that each nation can use… stopped playing WT after nearly 7y due to this kind of BR rubbish

  6. “Pt 76 has laser rangefiner in 7.0”

    Me: *laughs in ikv 91*

  7. “The result was interesting” proceed to anilhate the ennemy team and then all the map…. :’)

  8. It’s like the R3 again but with a VENGENCE.

  9. Funny thing is that i only play a maus so it cant pen anything on me 🙂

  10. Slap it to 7.7 with 906

  11. I use the vehicle at 10.0 with no problems

  12. I rolled around a corner in my E-100 only for one of these guys to shoot out both my guns then shoot me in the turret until he shot trapped me enough times to kill me. These things are busted

  13. sell your account level 100 there are Pak Puma, Super Hellcat, VK45.01P, PZ4 (70) A and many more prem techniques from the second to 4th rank, RB 18000 battles 76% victories, simulation battles 1000 battles 79% victories 1200$

  14. There are a couple of problems
    Too faster reload rate
    It’s a pt so he can go in the water
    AP shells
    It will be too powerful at every BR like 6.7 or 8.0
    Is Russian so it’s made of stalinium
    Yeah he doesn’t have Armour but you have shoot first (almost impossible because of the autoloader)
    But hey the t26e5 can easily survive to this monster

  15. Can confirm,

    This thing is rough at 6.3 against WW2 heavies…

    But in a 7.3/8.3
    its a murder macahine indeed

  16. Glad I stopped playing this game after 2k hours.
    It’s just not fun anymore with shit like this and these “incidents” get more blatent every time…

  17. “at 8.3 it could face thermals” yea *_IF_* it can get anything other than downtiers like you said, so what thermals? the already russian BMP-3 BMP-2M BMD-4? maybe Bagelpanzer? (bagel57’s thermal really hurts to use, it drains life out of the player)
    The tank generally makes any light tank irrelevant

  18. Bro what happened to my game like I cnat play like wheres my Gamemodes it says restart the game but it’s just not loading

  19. Killed a couple with a So-Ki (Japan 3.0 SPAA). Humorous beats Annoying….

  20. The Maus is the only real Counter against this.

  21. this game is such a waste of time and money

  22. Γρηγόρης Πανούσης

    for some reason i havent had much trouble facing this thing, ive heard about how its extremely op but cant say ive found that to be the case

    • You’ve never seen half a dozen of them wiping out the other team? You must live under a rock I see it every other game these days

  23. It’s not even that bad lol such a cry baby

  24. From my experience in most situations it´s just an above average tank in most situations, it can be absolutely devastating in a good flanking position but actually isn´t fast and small enough to get there reliable and it´s survivability is sub par even for a light tank.

    I haven’t yet seen somebody absolutely dominating an enemy team with it (not that it´s impossible just not something super common) also I almost never see it in 8.7 matches (despite it working quite OK there)

    I think it´s most efficient playstyle i(ambush) s just a bit more annoying for the enemy.

    I could imagine it going up to 7.7 since it´s easy to be not terrible with it and even bad / unexperienced players might be able to have a positiv KD with it (it does not really matter if your first 2-3 shots are bad as long as you surprised your enemy.

    Maybe it´s just a good counter to the usually strong German 7.3 lineup and disturbs the meta there for the moment.

  25. considering they bumped up the STB and the Type 74, which lack some of the features this tank has, it should be 8.0 minimum

  26. This is in the 5_1 lineup. This is completely ridiculous. Fighting a 4.7-5.7 vehicles while it’s 7.3.

  27. 40k Repair cost, Fixed.

  28. Gonna be honest I don’t own it but I never had a problem with it killing again most players that say it is broken are players who have played the game have high amounts of experice while most I run in to I kill easily even with Japan 6.7 they have never been a problem for me they normally die or leave in 1 death like a lot of players do already

  29. PT-76 is a 1950’s design, they just gave it new turret with stabilized 57mm gun in 2006.

    • doesnt matter, even if Russia make a BT-5 with laser rangefinder and termal vision they will say its OP and need nerf/BR 10.0+

  30. I haven’t really had a problem with the battle pass PT if anything they are easy to kill.

  31. When you’re play light tank, you should open up their position before you fire for safety.

  32. The pt76 57 is absolute aids.

  33. Не вкидывайте деньги в эту обманку!!! Продажная физика, кто больше у того и оберег – меняющиеся алгоритмы в процессе боя, боты, и не пробитие в упор в бок, организованные сливы – обман – разводка на деньги честных игроков. Все, как и везде ложь и обман – лжепатриоты продались за деньги.

  34. Trying to make the argument of 2006 tank vs 1940’s tank is poor choice when there are plenty of 2000’s+ vehicles in the game now that are able to fight 1940’s tanks even a 2010’s vehicle (which doesn’t have its proper ammo).
    You have so many other things to state on why it’s so powerful the age of the vehicle is one of the lesser concerns especially when you have so many 1960’s+ vehicles already roaming around and some firing atgms at 1940’s vehicles anyways.

  35. I think there is also the fact that the battle pass takes a good while to complete, and so until the battle pass period is over, we are gonna see constant influx of pt-76 players throughout its whole lifespan because people are constantly unlocking it and giving it a spin.

  36. i can agree with 11.0 to PT-76-57, BMP-2M as soon as Leo 1, both Marder will be at 9.0-9.3, and every Wiesel will be at 10.0 – 11.0 becouse they are playing against soviet vehicles that were developed and produced 10-20 years before

  37. I’ve been being this thing up to 10.7-11.0 and getting 3-4 kills in it, should probably be 8.7 or even higher

  38. Tanks who have 50 cal ‘ really i can kill you with 50 cal because it has pen of 25 to 35mm and pt76-57 has 15mm

  39. I think they should implement a system where certain vehicles cannot go down in tier. Tiger II’s, this PT, and some jets like the MiG-21’s being able to be down tiered and face F-86’s.

  40. Here’s an idea I’m sure will go over well, stop playing the game! If Gaijin keeps making dirty money off you guys they have no incentive to change their behavior and this will happen over, and over, and over again. At the very least don’t spend a dime on anything.

  41. So do you have to pay anything for it?

  42. Also ehy this thing in rank4 not rank5?

  43. I legit returned to wt today again after some months

    Why did I return

  44. Maybe 9.0? So it sees propper armor and can’t face old tech? Cause at 8.0 it still sealclubs stuff

  45. *laughs in bringing wirbelwind just to kill this fucker*

  46. mate i was in a war thunder match and the whole enemy team was talking bout how the pt 76 57 deserves a buff

  47. Noobpanzer

  48. As a main tech tree russian player yes the pt76 57 is broken

  49. if it was a French variant or anything from low nations, BR would be 8.7 in a few weeks.

  50. its a begleit 57 with stab and w/o atgms

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