War Thunder’s Rarest Tank (War Thunder Gameplay)

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: RARE Tank! Today in tanks we look at gameplay of the M4

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  1. Gaijin just released a teaser trailer on their YouTube channel and it shows some vehicles in the new patch we haven’t seen yet I’m so excited about the ones they haven’t announced yet

  2. They should give everyone on RB at least 2 spawns…so it wouldnt be so freaking frustrating

  3. baron you a amercan type of tank at the german in rb you your team can see your name but the other team doesnt just get into the frontline turn around and play as a dead tank then when they pass you flank them thats why it doesnt get played that much because people are using it wrong

  4. mie want, plzz gajin plz?

  5. 6:35 ‘the air power they have, is scary…’


  6. I got this tank, its great! always use it, but im sad gaijin removed my american stars off it 🙁
    nonetheless i can play the iconic sherman on my fav team

  7. lol ive never seen this tank. And I thought that i know all War Thunder vehicles…

  8. German Sherman- the urban German bourbon

  9. best thing about war thunder is no marker

  10. Isn’t there a Soviet Panther?

  11. German 75mm with Panzr ammo on a Sherman would be cool

  12. I have the German Sherman. Got it with the T34 prototype.

  13. Thanks for showing us Tanks that we can’t get ourselves now…

  14. The stug is your guardian angel

  15. Lol you killed me at 7:09

  16. damn baron give me some Golden eagles

  17. “wee juse aur eggsellent ganns to SCHNEIPP fromm ze fahr reechiss off ze wörld” – Well said, indeed! Greetings from Germany xD

  18. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Plays the German sherman, thumbnail shows a German (looking) Captured Sherman Firefly.
    U wot

  19. This thing was op

  20. Baron, did you pronounce Achilles the way I thought you did? Seriously? Its pronounced Ah-Kill-Ees. You know, after the ancient Greek hero of legend.

  21. Sherman’s need love #playallUSShermans

  22. MoonMoon TheWerewolf

    you got it from the closed beta in tanks

  23. I have this tank its kinda eh

  24. baron you see the new m8 scoott

  25. What about the t34 proto?

  26. Americans and Germans play together a lot now in “realistic” strangely enough

  27. didn’t he play the German Sherman before

  28. Herman the German Sherman

  29. I had a German Sherman once, then my bank messed up my card and my account with a plethora of rare vehicles got frozen and I had to restart because Gaijin refused to work with me. I rather liked that tank too

  30. Had the pleasure of killing this thing once
    lucky me

  31. It’s been nearly three years since closed beta ground forces ended

  32. The Sherman is certainly no “point and win” tank but love it none the less.


    I killed a German Sherman earlier.

  34. Herman the German Sherman is rare? I guess I never checked. You can’t buy it any more?

  35. After the E100 the German Sherman is the tank I desire the most. Maybe one day the pack will return.

  36. Those katusha trucks or however you spell it are American made so be respectful! lol

  37. Not as you moms !

  38. ThePurpleBobCat 1

    Is the Sherman the only tank/plane in the game that every country has (prem or reg)? I cant think of anything else.

  39. I Have one too but i barely play….

  40. baron love the videos. can u use the P51D and the Sherman firefly

  41. when will you finally stop trying to repair ppl who are not in your platoon??? ppl say it under EVERY (war thunder)video of yours.
    you might think a human being would have acknowledged it by now…

  42. Cyka Макнугджетс Blyat


  43. Herman’s german sherman for those old times baron

  44. if that is Nazi Sherman why there’s a 50. cal it needs to be a mg42

  45. Zalectra The Fearless

    The rarest tank in game is the E-100 as only a finite number has been give out (under 1000)

  46. please play T-V and Fw-190 russian.
    Slavic Spy combo

  47. I had a chance to buy this tank and didn’t, all the things I regret…

  48. It’s not every day you see gameplay for Herman the German Sherman. I think the last place I saw some was on Jingles’ channel.

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