War Thunder’s RUSSIAN FLAK 88? NEW 29k Flak Truck (War Thunder 1.67 Gameplay)

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1.67 Tanks Gameplay – Truck, The Answer to Germany’s Flakk 88 Truck?

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  1. Baron’s Brigade….where you at!? What’s your favorite unit in War Thunder 1.67? What do you think is the coolest or which vehicle would you like to see next?

  2. 男は名前が必要です!

    Baron, will you play world of warships when italian and frenchies tech tree are out?

  3. the cabin can’t deflect .30 cals indeed, but it might bounce 88mm shells from tiger Is, like it happend once to me 😀

  4. the ru-251 is the best tank ever

  5. play su 5-1 and yak-1

  6. Is it money fame or neither, Mac Miller quote yoooo

  7. Not even close

  8. Why are you soo fucking dumb Baron.

  9. 6:00 yeah wwell, that’s what you get for being retarded baron…i’d let you know the battelfield isn’t a tunnel…geetting stuck on that guy was sttupid as fuck
    8:21 that was even more retarded, the guy clearly had not seen you, you should have just focused on the buiseness at end…
    since when are you so retarded baron?
    all is saw was you playin” like one hell of a wet behind the ears guy baron, that was utter shit
    10:20 same stuff
    god baron, in this vid you’re playing like a fucking newbs… not only you missed a shot oportunity by turning, but more than else, you whern’t backward, truck are used backward

  10. Those two freeloaders need to get off their asses and find some Airburst shells.

  11. Anyone have the issue of updating the game but somehow ur antivirus system pops out n say the game have virus n got uninstalled. Yet can’t re install?

  12. Hi Baron. Any idea if War Thunder will have a sort of Recon vehicle?

  13. do it vs planes

  14. all aboard the struggle bus

  15. I love how the Russian 76 has more pen than the American 76. Gotta love these “Anti Air” Vehicles anti air with no airburst only AT Shells.

  16. Glad to see I wasnt the only one with that weird “text” box on the right hand side of the hub. Then later today it just went away lol guess they fixed it.

  17. I love when I drive the Panzer III J,break through a fence and get stuck on air…

    mad physics Gaijin

  18. Baron, you’re overshooting your first shots like 90% of the time. It’s painful. Really painful to watch. But fun at the same time.

  19. t34 is the best tank when it is at its tier

  20. Pls do the su 5

  21. I would’ve been honored to be ur first kill baron

  22. “choke on a bag of D***” XD Baron why LOL

  23. There is no way this is as good as the Flak 88.. German bias

  24. Is there a tank arcade assault mode?

  25. Baron show off the new stabilization feature

  26. you talk too much garbage!

  27. drive out the damn t34 heavy

  28. after dying those guys took it like champs….. sitting there like true men

  29. The men operating that turret are a bunch of incompetent malingering shitheads.

  30. I ducked you at the end 🙂 (toilet2000)

  31. Vote for the American B-10B cartoon bomber. Silliest bomber in War Thunder to date.

  32. So whats the purpose of the 2 polly annas hanging out behind the driver and passenger…?? Witnesses perhaps?

  33. Pimpmaster Jenkins

    Got the Mac Miller reference.

  34. U only mess yourself this time, haha!
    keep it up Baron!!!

  35. Marcelo Bernardo Braganza

    have you played godus

  36. so its a flakbox lol

  37. StruggleTruck

  38. Wait isnt that suppose to shoot down planes

  39. still waiting to see French and Italian tanks!

  40. Baron air burst rounds gotta be added cause of the flak 88 and this car

  41. take out the T14 plz

  42. Jerrett Hagelstein

    T34, i love the thought of an american heavy other than the post war tanks.

  43. THE GREATEST CHALLENGE: flip a tank with………..soon……….do.u.feel.it.coming…….Po-2 10kg bombs

  44. now I have to wonder…are you playing it with a crew that has maxed out targeting and while having the vert and hori equipment unlocked and equipped? I ask because when I did a test drive of it the thing was basically as slow as in this video.

  45. 6:00 Baron, you really need to learn to look at the minimap more often…. Sigh…

  46. 8:20 shit my ears

  47. Baron, bring out the is-6 for comrade Stalin or gulag

  48. Benjamin Randall Campbell

    dose it have airberst round?

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