War Thunder’s Smurfing Problem

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Source: Spookston

Gaijin is often responsible for many of War Thunder’s issues, though the community certainly bears the brunt of the blame for smurfing. Smurfing, or more accurately seal clubbing in War Thunder’s case, is when experienced players intentionally pick on new ones. This is pretty harmful to the game overall.

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  1. 3:38 Nice of him to turn so you could kill him.

  2. I can say as someone who plays CS:GO and valorant that the smurfing problem causes similar issues to this although I would never have my friends try war thunder now especially it’s not worth their time I’ve been playing it since 14 and that’s the only reason I still play it

  3. I wouldn’t be surfing in ground RB 1.7-3.0 if I had a way to finally progress around all the fkn German premium KVs and Churchills

  4. Человек -Вархаммер

    I am kinda veteran of WT, but I love to play low BR, below 5.0, because HOW they are played… And sometimes players MUST smurf. I was playing on 6.7 a long time with Tiger II(H), and one day I started British tanks from 1.0. I ignored them for yaers and I am smurf in fact when I am playing them.

  5. Stop playing the game if you dislike everything about the game

  6. Smurfing, another name of Seal Clubbing or babbybatting.

  7. hot take:
    without smurfing war thunder would die out in a matter of months as veteran players would just get bored of the utter sweaty camp-fest that a rank/skill/kd based MM of a “anti-smurfing” measures. Most vets just play to have fun with friends and that is easily obtained by clubbing noobs for most people who prefer a quick thrill rather than an intense equally matched game, once you’re done with grinding this game offers very little to keep veterans around since it seems to actually not want to reward skill and time that was put in by the individual player and rather seems more inclined to reward players that just get many hits and generally just p[lay randomly

  8. The Knight of Mandalore

    In any game I hate skilled based matchmaking

  9. Guys, clubbing seals is bad, spookston background footage-looks away suspiciously-

  10. As a new player, the only issue with smurfing that i’m bothered by is crew skills, and maybe modifications to a lesser degree. The difference in skill is just an immersive element – it was common for hastily trained troops to face battle-hardened veterans and aces.

  11. Do vehicle based matchmaking, if someone has reached the modern era, then stick them in matches with low tier smurf players, with our without malicious intent that have reached the same rank.

  12. Héctor Contreras

    dont make them play against bots, let them play level 1-10 together, without higher levels, then lvl 10-20 together and then 20-100 together

  13. This kind of stuff is why I don’t play military vehicle games period. Also why I tend to avoid multiplayer in fps games too.

  14. I’m only level 25ish and just started grinding France only to be met with a squad of 4 rank 100s with Swedish tanks. They literally each got 7 kills. Hardly anyone in my team could really do anything about them….

  15. So this is the reason a dumbass was calling me out for “smurfing” in WT

  16. can you make a video about the age old problems of “why are there planes in ground battle?”?
    Like to hear your view on this.

  17. Mister onsépatro

    Oh that sounds like me who plays the EBR to make sl and frustrate players who sit in their spawn because I hate them so much that I get pleasure from making them suffering

  18. Winston Smith - Ministry of Truth

    People are shocked there are assholes in online PVP???

  19. Me and my friends sometimes jump into stuff like the m2a2 or 50cal tenk or the t-60 if we are to go at lower tiers

  20. When I fly my CW-21 and get at least 5 kills per match I do a valuable service for new players by discouraging them from picking up War Thunder and giving Gaijin money.

  21. Grinding high tiers is a pain and that makes players keep playing low tiers


  23. what if I want to stop playing U.S and USSR 11.0 and go for Germany and start grinding it? I must use 1.0 as start tank to start nation and that means I must smurf

  24. Anakin Skyobiliviator

    My problem with this being restricted to levels is that players that play every once in a while (like myself) would gradually level up despite the skill level not entirely up to par as you’d expect from someone on the same level who plays constantly.

  25. wondering albatross

    Need better pve
    Player exploit each other

  26. I wis the event thing was for at least rank 2, cause almost all of my tanks are rank 2. And rank 3 matches are based off of luck, you could get a good, somewhat even match, or you could face things that are way better than your tanks.

  27. Wow I am still waiting for the video abouthe Pz 4 yet haven’t came out.

  28. skill based matchmaking is borderline necessity to me at this point. im not bad by any means, but when someone with two thousand hours of map knowledge comes into my game (and it happen to always be on the enemy team -_-) theres barely anything to be done to save the game.

    the SBMM needs to be generalistic though, like each player gets a number between 1-1,000 and it matches teams up and checks the points, if a team has more than X% of the others points then some players are shuffled to bring the total average skill more in line. i think this approach is better than each player getting a specific number that is their hard skill since shit changes constantly so it being a spread is more lax and easier to work with. after all i dont want a [erfect game, it just has to be closer than a shit stomp and fun, equal fight is always more fun than being shit stomp or shit sotmping.

  29. Personally, I don’t think Smurfing is a problem because everyone has the right to play the levels they want. The problem is that people are just stupid and at 2nd or 3rd ere they cannot use the mouse and keyboard. For such monkeys only Domino, although they probably wouldn’t know what to do with it. As I see a fool who cannot do anything, I feel weak, the only thing they can do is stand behind the rock at respawn.

  30. i never heard this before this video, i always heard it called seal clubbing.

  31. Another addition to your bots idea could be to have different ranks for different game modes for example if I only played aircraft and grinded to lvl100 without even looking at tanks and then suddenly decided to play them my tanks lvl would be 1 as to prevent someone who has no experience in one part of the game from being clapped when coming from another part.

  32. Here’s a thing, high tier sucks. Too high costs, everything is mobile and it’s all about who gets first stabilized shot. Best fun is to be had in 3.0-6.0 BR bracket.

  33. I really like your videos man I just wish they were longer lol keep making good content dude!!

    Edited for spelling.

  34. “Seal Clubbing”

  35. More people smurfing means if you do it you fight skilled players anyway.

  36. There IS skill based matchmaking based on your performance in your previous 20 matches, read the devblogs.

  37. Interesting, although I’ll add to the conversation.

    There are quite a few veteran players that could be playing at br 9.0-Top, but they, like me, don’t enjoy the game once everything is run by auto cannons and missiles. I personally enjoy the vehicles from the interwar period (reserve) through Korea. Once things start hitting Vietnam and latter(with a few exceptions) I get kind of board. Yes, I could learn to be an IT-1 master, but I really don’t like missile gameplay. Getting the IT-1 (because it only has missiles and a .30cal) was the only way for me to force myself to learn how to play missile vehicles. I really don’t like fighting with or against missile vehicles, it’s just not fun for me.

    Same for aircraft, I played top tier sim when the best planes were F-100Ds and T-2s. But once more ATAGMs were added I just got board and frustrated that my fun and engaging energy combat was constantly being interrupted by having to dodge a missile. Don’t get me wrong, it takes skill to be good at that tier, it’s just not fun. There is a reason I picked up IL-2 BoX instead of DCS for a full time flight sim once Warthunder destroyed Sim Mode.

    Speaking of sim mode, that used to be my favorite place to play low tier tanks. It was mostly short sided games with highly skilled players forcing you to use your T-50 or your Pz.IV F2 to it’s advantages instead of just running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. However, now that Combined Arms Sim (Ground Sim/Tank Sim) is just glorified marker-less mixed battles, it’s not fun either. So I have turned to playing Tank RB.

    I generally play Tank RB in the BR range of 2.7 to 6.7. I do however go down to 1.0 or 1.3 every once and a while, say if I want to play my T-35 and just storm the point as a bullet sponge, or the Ho-Ro and pretend to be artillery. And we can’t forget the M2A2. I do tend to bring full line ups. I get very frustrated with the growing trend of people spawning once and the leaving. The team that has more people leave with only one death tends to loose. So while I usually end the game in the tank that I started in, I bring a full line up so that I won’t let my team down.

    On the topic of Events having a Rank 3 floor. This is why I don’t invite friends to play Warthunder… No seriously, when I’m grinding an event and playing every day I really want to go to a friend and say, Hey, You should get this game and we can grind this event together and both get a cool tank! Then I think about it and realize that I’ll just be wasting the time that I need to spend grinding to get them up to rank 3. I have friends who I know could pick up the game and do well if they tired, but won’t play unless they know they will have friends to play with. If I’m at Rank 3 and above, I’m not that friend for them to play with, there for they won’t play Warthunder, so I don’t invite them.

    Also seriously, the T-35 can be a lot of fun if you go in trying to play it effectively, but when you know that your just seal clubbing it takes the fun out of it. :/

    Maybe a rank system for match making would be good, but Gaijin won’t do anything that will increase cue times. I just want non-random match making back. And get the captured/lend-lease tanks and aircraft out of sim please.

  38. Just went up against a smurf, and it’s safe to say that I want people to be able to get banned for being a smurf.

  39. I do think there exists skill based matchmakers to a point. When me and my friend squad up (both level 100 with around 3k hours each) at say, 4.7, we are nearly guaranteed to be dragged into full uptier and also with underperforming teammates.

  40. Conscious Lasagne

    Bruh this is the reason i bought the turms. I cant pass through rank 4.

  41. No. Fuck bots.

  42. Dimitar Ivanovski

    I agree to a point – but the solution could be a combination of approaches rather than just one. E.g. new player being grouped together for the first X number of battles, while bots are added to fill in the space only when needed. Alternatively – there could be an opt-out option for those who simply don’t enjoy fighting bots, which comes with higher wait times (or veteran players). Conversely, more experienced players could opt to be put in games with newer players, but be restricted to the number of vehicles they could use, the rewards they get, etc. As a side note – I don’t believe that restricting event tasks to tier 3 vehicles and above was a good idea. Some of the most iconic (and fun) tanks are now tier 2, which means they are never, ever used if you want to grind the tasks.

  43. I have been playing War Thunder for… 4 years. I have been ONLY playing Tier 1 (BR 1.0) for the last 1.5 years, and I never-ever plan to leave Tier 1. If I don’t win a game, I am still rank #1, and I wrecked everyone. That said, I usually win every single game that I play, often at the top of the leaderboard, also. I LOVE TIER 1! woooooooo

  44. I play since closed beta, but Im still level 14, as I do not play that often anymore (and I also grinded another account to lvl 6), but I still dont have funds to play with anything stronger than Tiger E, IS-1 or short barrel Jumbo. So Im kinda forced to smurf permanently at those BRs. And to be honest, I dont really care. If warthunders grind and economy doesnt change, Im absolutely not interested in playing anything with stronger than a Jagdpanther.

  45. But that is the same problem in world of tanks,but its not so big becouse its good for u to teach how to play vs stronger

  46. It’s honestly really tainted the game for me at the moment, I have only been playing recently and I’m level 12 and I keep going against people that are double my rank and higher, for example the last game of war thunder I played there was 2 people on the enemy team that were around my level with the rest being level 20+. And 1 person was level 97 and another was level 100

  47. So, My username on War Thunder is DetailedGuyman I’m level 47 with the ranking Major.

    I used to play high tear around the 5.7 to 6.7 range under Germany, before I just got so sick of getting upteired to ridiculous levels where I would be in a tiger one going up against a fucking tiger 2 h or sometimes worse. It seemed that ever match I played I got obliterated by something I would never have a chance against from 3 million miles away. So I said screw it and now I play a 3.0 lineup with the StuH 42 G, the puma, the Pz. 3 M, Pz. 3 L and the Sd.Kfz. 6/2

    Playing this I often find is much more fun then getting nuked by some shit 3 miles across the map in a tiger or getting my turret crapped out in a panther instantly.

    I want to make this clear – It had never actually occurred to me that I am actively making it more difficult for lower level players to actually enjoy the game.

    After watching this I’m in-between a rock and a hard place as I really dont know what to do with this information as I find playing high tier unbearable, I’m sure a lot of people are in the same shoes as me who play the game. Im not in it for the events, not any of the special crap, just shoot shoot pew pew tank. If I was to just take my favorite tank I’ve realized that I still get an unfair amount of kills compared to the rest of my team and the enemy’s team, before getting obliderated by someone who is also smurfing. Im not sure if the issue is really on anyone who is doing this, but rather the system war thunder has in place of just dropping people into PVP battles. Never the less I suppose ill be going back to 5.7 and 6.7 just so I can do my part in not making the game more horrendous then it already is.

  48. Smurfing drove me away, not really fun getting massacred by people that have been playing since day one.

  49. Top tier is trash

  50. how is it in any way the players fault to use lower tier vehicles that are fully researched and at least functional when the alternative is to grind the high BR, lose SL with repair costs against also already aced crew and fully researched vehicles?
    i have no intention of playing against a nightvision/thermal player that can spot me with no effort and just guide missiles into me
    wtf? of course i go back to a lower BR where ghostshells still piss me off but don’t cause me to lose SL

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