War Thunder’s Soviet Hammer & Russian Sickle – War Thunder 1.67 IS-6 Gameplay

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Tanks Gameplay – Premium Tank Gameplay The “” ( Tanks)

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  1. When your tank is so Flinipple wadnyad wuddup

  2. Michinomiya Hirohito

    baron, stop making me cringe by singing the russian anthem wrong, same to you slickbee.

  3. play the t14 with the b10

  4. I have been a fan for 5 years out of my life

  5. play as the t11

  6. how do you feel about the soviet 122 that almost ALL high tier soviet heavy tanks have?

  7. make this 8.0 and give it the 400m pen ammo every tank seems to get

  8. str8 from GULAG

  9. Same BR as the Jagdtiger^^

  10. The Dynamic Kitten

    We make secret tank, turns out it op as fuck. We wish we had made it more public.

  11. make another pt76 or object906 epic flank. the stabilizer makes them awesome for firing from the water.

  12. Hey Baron, ze Maus still in ze Haus ???

  13. Play the Centurion mk1 5.7 and troll the tiger 1s and panthers

  14. riptide1211 daily

    hello guy in the chat 2:30

  15. In this episode of “Watching Barron Reload”

  16. More vids with Slick!!

  17. Forget this old ass tank where the Is-7 we know its coming just when??? i will spend all money on it

  18. Artistocrat Emperor

    More Mount and Blade Napoleon please.

  19. Why doesn’t he do videos with Phly anymore?

  20. why share something like this the br with the panther 2

  21. higher Baron! Higher!

  22. yay im at 25:06 🙂

  23. its time that ganjin developed a new tank named the baron von g tier 10 with tittie ammo hehe

  24. What game mode is this? Sherman 105 is my highest tank so..

  25. T-34 on steroids
    Russian bias

  26. Challenge: get a kill with the mg on the back of the go-ro

  27. When the IS4 and 3 have higher br and rank THAN THE FUCKING IS6.
    Guess they should add the MBT-70 (German/American), T-110 (American), TV-8 (American) them the M1A1 then but them all in t4. Because you pay for it

  28. havent touthed this filthy russian biasd game for half a year, but my guess this russian tank sits at low ass br, has op armor and usual bounce lol rng stalin blessing.

  29. Baron, did you exp. all in WT or did you just buy them with g.e., i would like to know how can i have more exp. cuz its taking forever to get III/IV/V tier.

  30. Play the new kids on the block: the US T34 and A26B. Show the enemy how to defeat the bias!

  31. C u in Lumbridge Kid

    Great vid Baron.
    I’m happy that your channel is really starting to grow, you have great content and a great personality, you deserve it mate.

  32. I love this game and the tanks I see you play but I don’t play it enough and I don’t have the skill to get it in about a week any tips besides payment

  33. The Glorious Crusader to take back Europe

    this thing is just a cash grab for gaijin, it’s br will most likely go to 7.3 in like a month, and will likely get the 122mm post war ammo.

  34. plz bring back men of war Monday plz it’s was the reason I sup I love your other stuff but I need men of war Monday

  35. when are u going to do men of war assault squad 2

  36. One man army sortof

    tired of tanks plus use planes more often

  37. Plz do the T14 or the RU 251

  38. I love it when baron does videos with slick. Great duo. Keep it up guys!

  39. we cant get the IS-6 on PS4 it isnt in the store but they show it as a bundle

  40. My first encounter with IS-6… OHK it with FV4005.
    My second encounter with it… bounced 9 20pdr APDS off it (3 penned turret and did some damage).

  41. All gaijin is doing is copying wot

  42. pay to win tanks….thx gajin! No more playing those brs:(

  43. Aidan darby-miller

    So. Fucking. Tac-ti-cal.

  44. First encounter with IS6 with my Tiger 2 H:
    I snapshot it, round bounces off the front plate, hits the bottom front of the turret, killed the commander and the loader while disabling the gun. But i still die because I cant penetrate him anywhere else and when he finished repairing he 1 shot my angled front turret armor

  45. so basically 200mm AP shell couldn’t penetrate Panther II turret (60 mm armor)from the rear @7:54

  46. When are you going to stream again?

  47. play is6, gang banged by 2 t34 and 1 t29, bounce all their shot, one click all of them, win the game

  48. They definitely need to implement a historical game mode mixed with decent AI and players, getting up BR’d into battles with tanks 10 years younger then my tank isn’t too fair at all.

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