War Thunder’s Stabilizer Problem

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Source: Spookston

War Thunder’s gameplay can be quite complex and unbalanced, as it has a lot more variables that need to be taken into account than your average FPS. One of the biggest mechanics contributing to that imbalance would be stabilizers. So today we’ll be talking about how Gaijin models them and how they can be balanced in a way that is both more realistic and more balanced.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Subnautica – Into the Unknown
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

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Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
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  1. I goddamn love this idea.

  2. The real REAL problem is br compression

  3. Me at german 4.0 BR tanks: UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN

  4. Unstabilized mbts are pain. Talking about you france

  5. Fine as is, more varibles = more chances for mistakes as per your own logic

  6. officerwilliam1k

    hi spookston can u pls do a vid on the challenger 2 incident?

  7. I’ve seen propa- I mean documentary videos of Centurions firing pretty accurately on the move to like 500 metes away, and it seemed to be moving at least 25km/h, probably faster.

    • Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

      That ‘bang on, always’ reel, lel. They seemed to be in lower range when taking the in-frame aimed shots on target at what the cut makes me assume are house shaped targets that smoked up the area to obfuscate dispersion. They straight up knew their limits and they set up the shots accordingly to show it off. Who knows how many takes it took if you note the barely seen rise hidden muddy return path when it cuts right at the end.

    • @Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii Still definitely more than “slightly better” than the sherman’s stabilizer, as seen in the rough terrain test where the gun stays mostly level. Never seen a sherman do that so I’d still say it’s quite a leap from the sherman’s stabilizer

    • Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

      @HawkStable The one plane of balance Sherman stab, crews turned off because they weren’t trained to understand it and then the tank is phased out after Korea. So of course the footage is limited where as foreign overhauls often didn’t have the stab let alone A STAB anymore due to gun changes. The original 75mm and the American 76mm are basically it for examples. It keeps the gun balanced on axis vertically at school zone speed to make clutch shots land more often where the Centurion system basically just adds another plane aka the Y axis.

      My point stands the tea-ejaculators are making it out to be the laser pointer top speed Canadian sniper 73 Easting tack driver Abrams stabilizer it is not. To confirm my bias credibility card, I play -classified documents not included- obsessively when not testing the suicide hotline grinding.

  8. See, I dont think stabilizers are a problem in the slightest. Sure they’re good offensive tools but its not like a tank with a stabilizer is automatically going to slaughter all non-stabilized tanks before it.

    I think the real underlying problem is how tanks are given a BR in a system as compressed as in Warthunder.

  9. My thoughts are the inaccuracies of the stabilizers are the least of my worries in War Thunder. I’d much rather Gaijin concentrate on fixing ghost shells and SPTS rounds.

  10. I wouldn’t mind but for the fear my 76 shermans would be damn near unplayable at that rate. It could take them a year to lower their BR rating (like they should currently anyway) low enough to rebalance them at a proper BR.

  11. if gaijin got rid of repair that would be great. not having to worry about negative SL games would be a dream come true, you could actually play for stress-reducing fun.

  12. When I thought can’t be anymore problems

  13. I remember playing in one of those games
    I got killed by him 3 times

  14. War Thunder is not complex: you either die to a sniper after 5 minutes of traveling from spawn or you immediately die due to spawn camping and spawn protection not working.

  15. Hey Spookston, Gaijin is adding another EBR. What do you Think about that?

  16. what software do you use to record?

  17. I’d rather have them work exactly as they did IRL and not using a single ‘balancing’ system for them all.

  18. I’d support the kind of stabilizer you proposed, it would make more sense and would be more fun, especially in a game that is aiming to be realistic while also being fun.

  19. Why are oscillating turrets difficult to stabilize? i dont know if this is a dumb question if it isnt it could be a video idea for you.

  20. I just got a pair of Logitech G432s, and that intro is amazing with them.

  21. “Lack of stabilizer” is too boring and negative, I prefer “RNG rangefinder”

  22. sounds good but a simple math function that takes the speed as an input and the acceleration the stabilizer can induce as an output would be way smoother and probably more efficient to implement

  23. This sounds like a fantastic idea and something to make the game more realistic, more enjoyable, and, most importantly, more skill/experience based.

  24. Please just take the AMX 30s down a few BRs pretty please 🥺 my poor destabilized heat launcher totally cannot in any way compete with any other tank at its BR /s

  25. I do like stabilization in my Centurion when fighting Leopard I which is using 400mm penetrating HEATFS round from >972m

  26. My issue isn’t so much the stabilizer (although there is a difference in having and not for sure), the issue is the tank BR and ammunition from god knows when. The Shermans for example are basically sheet metal till you hit the E2, yet the battle record for the Sherman wasn’t so clean cut in Germany’s favor or anyone’s favor (they wernt perfect but they did boast impressive armor for a medium tank of the time adding its slopes and design features, it was compared to the Pz 4 yet the Pz 4 can often 1 tap a Sherman regardless of angle of front plate, but American ammunition can sometimes fail to pen due to the failure of the volumetric update and the fact the devs balanced the Americans based on APCB shells instead of AP to fix there imbalance prior to the volumetric update, which means the best pen round destructs on most weak-points anyways). The constant addition of ammunition from future years not limited by year of the battle is turning into an issue. For example WW2 tanks in Warthunder often have ammo well exceeding its main service life in the actual army it came from, some of the decisions should be limited to the actual time-frame the battle takes place, as well have limited specialty ammo such-as HVAP in 1942 as this ammo was EXTREEMELY hard to spread out (your lucky if you seen 2 issued for every 3 tanks). This combined with stabilizers is directly impacting all teirs. Everyone’s de-facto response is to target something that seems out of place, I find the ammo to be completely imbalanced aiming tward the old armor system where they made everything balanced before Armor was reworked deleting all the prior years work to balance the vehicals adding such shells, while some tanks ran out of service or didnt exist so they made up ammo to make things work. A Grand example is the EBR and the R3 they got the highest mobility in there BR, they have ammo and guns capable of decimating MBTs, but they are in a WW2 setting cause logic by gaijin doesn’t want them to be 1 shotted, which means they get to 1 shot every tank they see with little effort.
    Also some of the tanks are completely paper or prototype that didnt get much in the way of service and thus they went and made stuff on those tanks have increased firepower, so specific premiums are starting to become a common theme, such as the KV-1C in the German line up, it gets KV1 armor, ammo from 1945-1946, but its matched against tanks from 1942 or less: Meaning NOTHING will stop it in a ranged duel unless the driver is an idiot, it looks at you and you die unless you have the select few weapons each nation has to effectively deal with it before getting obliterated, combine tanks like this with realistic battles, buy bushes, and stack them up, even if you drive slowly into a position most people WONT know till after they have seen a muzzle flash and have died , or worse don’t understand the game and will not bother to play with such effects as the game doesn’t cross the fun line other then someone with a wallet abused the system enough to make tank line ups a meta per BR. I’d still argue ammunition needs to be aimed at a per battle and year on the map (since the maps are set to a year and date, I don’t think this would be hard to fix)
    As the current meta stands, the grind is horrible if you wern’t already in a high teir before Volumetric as volumetric is basically non-existant with ammo and tanks after the Vietnam Era primarily. This makes the low teir grind, which is often the cash grind, into a 1 sided slug fest where new players get obliterated and are forced into a pit where they grind and die, or also buy premiums to match up. Its a great business cycle, but if a new game comes out offering a better system like Gaijin had prior to volumetric, this game will drop player-base just because of the balance is better and people can play without getting grind-ed in the machine cycle

  27. I would like to know why even though the Americans have some of the first ever stabilizers, between about 6.3 and 8.3 none of their tanks have stabilizers, even though other nations like UK and Germany do.

    • Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

      Because the mystical spreadsheet, comrade.

      Now enjoy the new Leopard 90mm prototype at 6.3 to go with your extra Leopard using the M60’s Cadillac-Gage stabilizer package you really needed, tovarisch.

    • @Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii wait. They’re putting a Leo 1 variant at 6.3!?!?

    • Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

      @Daniel Pierce I don’t fucking know, but it seems like that is how it would go with the Leopard 1 at 7.3 right now.

      There was wehrb chatter about Germany “needing” it, and a gaijin pls about it and the special 105mm prototype for 6.7 I came across not that long ago. FUCK ME, lol…

  28. Me in my BT7 going 47kph and hitting stuff stuff 200 meters away offroad
    Lmao you guys need that stuff

    Disclaimer i play way to much bt7 and still only manage to pull it of with a succes rate of 6/10 times little rocks are your worst enemy
    Bt7 can also function as a plane lmao

  29. I feel like stabilizers should just have a limit in how many deg/s the gun can move before it becomes unstabilized, so that stabilizers are affected by both speed and terrain.

  30. I agree, but can you imagine the freeaboos crying on the forum and the reddit?

  31. Dwayne Routhier Jr

    I usually play… When I play… 5.7 US. In my opinion stabs are useless. I notice no real difference going from the M4A3 to the M36. I don’t see how having a stabilizer matters much when tanks that are 2 to 2.4 BRS lower than you can 1 shot you anywhere at nearly any range. That isn’t even counting the fact that at 5.7 US I’m always uptiered. What’s more effective a stab on 76 with no zoom that you have to aim at small weak spots or an 88 that literally just has to point and shoot anywhere???

  32. The stabilizers being less effective at higher speed would make it some much better.
    This way you wouldn’t get sniped across the map by everyone and his brother on the move in a Cent, because early stabilizers weren’t accurate enough.
    I do like the idea of the stabilizer not correcting 100% but only like 60%-80% max. on earlier tanks.

  33. They need to reword how stabiliser is implemented ingame. Right now it is basically a 100°/second vertical elevation speed (and horizontal for 2 plane stab) when you do small movements
    So even when not moving, you have a huge advantage over non-stabilised gun

  34. Ah yes my favorite furry YouTube UwU

  35. Nicolas Letourneur

    For the records : Leclerc are meant to be stabilized up to 50 kph and it was the only tank capable to reliably fire at this speed when it came out but in it every tank are capable to shoot with ultra high accuracy at any speed

  36. I love the centurion stabilisers theyre amazing, especially with that sabot shot omg i love it

  37. Support class has joined the server

  38. “If the feedback is mostly positive I will send it over to gaijin”…for them to not listen to their community. Gajin doenst care unless you have $$

  39. do you play on a 2k resolution monitor ?

  40. Lt_Darkseeker /Antique

    Like as if having a stabiliser will help change things that much, everyone’s gonna camp at long ranges(looking at you Germans tech tree) and plink at targets. There’s no need to increase the repair costs and the Br to “fix” the problem

  41. MamaRussell ThePie

    lol watch this not be how all of either kind work irl. . . oh wait lol war thunder
    also watch this not be an actual problem with gameplay like at fucking all and then once gaijoobles changes something than this becomes some fpe parts bs xd thanks community.

  42. I like the idea

  43. George, you know, THE George, yeah that's me.

    Is that…. Is that subnautica music?

  44. Yes, Gradient stability. Awesome idea. Too bad Gaijin won’t do it

  45. Honestly considering playing nations with stabilizers due to how frequently I get killed right after stopping to tank to fire at them

    • Better idea. Fuck anythong vietnam war and later. Low tier best tier. (Also the shermans stabalizer is almost unoticble)

  46. Brown Fox Warrior

    “With testing”
    Imagine Gaijin testing.

  47. I honestly wouldn’t trust Gaijin not to try and “balance” the speed bands of two plane systems toward placating their largest player group. Mid production T-72s strangely having a higher full effectiveness band than Leopard 2A6 and so on. That and trying to maintain a given speed is hard enough as is, even going to manual transmission.

  48. I mainy find ot stupid how they think the stabazliers are worth such a high BR on the shermans. 76 Shermams are disgustingly over tiered.

  49. I’d say send it on, but Gaijin is not gonna rework all the br’s for this.

    But yeah, gradual stabs look like a good idea.

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