Wargaming are Nerfing the Progetto 65 As It’s TOO POPULAR?!?

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Source: QuickyBaby

Wargaming finally justified why they're nerfing the in World of and I almost wish they hadn't… Here's why!



  1. It’s bad enough that the reasons Wargaming gave for nerfing the Progetto 65 are so illogical, but on top of that the reasons are also flat-out *lies.* Their rationale is just going to make the outrage even worse, and even players who don’t care about the Progetto should be outraged by this nonsense.

  2. Drones and GoPros

    and don’t forget that with the LION event (me included) everyone played their progetto to get up to speed for the lion. Not just gamestyle but crew training as well. I think the Progetto 65 is/was one of the most fun tank to play. Not because its OP but because its consistent, like the leopard1 or the STB1. Really sad WG nerfs this tank.

  3. Stop mentioning the Lion!!!! they may nerf it next

  4. Conclusion: WG doens’t want player have fun and enjoy the game. Things I may enjoy got punished. Or is this action a small step into direction “pay to win” by replacing free tanks by expensive premium counterparts?

  5. Progetto 65 fires pretty much no gold shells and that combined with being popular = bad business for WG

  6. عبادة رداد

    I agree with you QB, we should raise the voice of us not wanting it to be nerfed

  7. Falcon14 Blessed is the mind to small for doubt

    Nerf the M3 Light.

  8. Where was Gondor when the SPGs fell?

  9. Not the biggest QB Fan but this is litterly the dumbest reason to nerf somethig in a Game in this case a Tank i ever heard. You enjoy this Tank to much? no we cant have that

  10. Will they respond to your logic? Nope

  11. The Progetto 65 was already nerfed a long time ago, because it was indeed a bit too strong. But after the nerf, I always saw it as an OK-good medium tank.

  12. WG: “We are nerfing the tank because people play with it”
    Players: wtf?
    WG: yes.

  13. and the 279e “The Most Toxic POS” in the game goes on and on…

  14. Thank you QB, you revealed the misunderstanding of WG because of wrong interpreted statistics.

  15. Wargaming smoking some good stuff

  16. Hi Quicky, first of all thanks for your engagement and please excuse my lousy english as a natively german speaker.
    I think, you’re a little bit too close on the unicum perspective, who has those reward tier-x tanks in the garage when it comes to onslought or even clan-wars. Please let me explain my perspective as a “emerging” player with actually 21k rounds and a more or less median gameplay with 50%wr and trying to get a view in this high tier world.
    First i grinded the buffed Kranvagn to get at least a smell of a chance against the OBJ 279f or those Chieftains.
    Oh, reaching this point having the tank, wow some months later it gets castrated and i think “thanks a lot, how should i withstand in the future?”. Okay, that AMX M4 54 could be a new “swiss knife” just thinking about it, hey there is rumour about the next iteration of that tank being nerfed .
    Long story short, when i see the twitch streams about the last cw, OBJ279f and chiefs are called : I will not get into that rat race any more, simply i’ll play tier 7 and won’t spend any money in the future, repelled from the tier level higher than 7

  17. Gj QB ! I did not think of the recent play history of the progetto! No wonder it is played more than other tanks. I totally agree with you in your conclusions. There must be someone making a terrible misstake in WG!

  18. they just don care what players think/want , and that is the whole story here + they have few morons with influence in their team

  19. I sort of agree with the T95 nerfs… but giving the reason of “line consistency” is kind of worrying to me… shouldn’t they balance tanks based on their individual performance?

  20. QB for reference the progetto nerf is something in mobas is comon, nerf the most played champion even if balance to have more variation, that said i think that kind of rebalacing dont work on WOT we have 15 tanks per battle its ok to have in each game 1 – 2 prog

  21. WG: Makes tank popular with better grinding options
    Also WG “We need to nerf it, its too popular”

  22. Do you know life ?

    You are complainig too much, I m sooo happy to destroy some progettos 65 very soon 😀

  23. Gabriel Moldovan

    Wargaming are monke

  24. Dont nerf the Leopard 1! it is balanced as it is and its also a glass canon tank. If you take away the sneaky sniper part of the tank its ruined. It is fun being sneaky with, sniping from long distance. But dies as soon as its in a 1v1 with most of the tanks. Balanced in my opinion and fun to play. Dont nerf it WG pls.

  25. Premium tanks are way too popular. World of premium tanks.

  26. Qb on the spot. 100% true. I think they just dont listen, not even themselves.

  27. Hey QB…thanks for this kind of video and WG critics. As soon as I saw the reason why Progetto is nerfed I was laughing so loud and in a second I was crying. This is sooooooo SAD. WG must be really completely stupid to give us such a reasons OR…we..players must be just monkeys without brain. What is more sad…no one care what do we think.

  28. Hey QB, are you able to do a review on all the tanks available to purchase with tokens from the new “Battle Pass” season? I play on the NA server. Where would you spend your tokens on? Cobra or AE phase I?

  29. Guess why,..breaking fun on every non paid tank pushes people to buy tanks, as only ones that are playable..

  30. Well said and a great video QB! You made a great point and pointed out Wargaming’s flaws, I don’t see how anyone would be against this video

  31. I fully expect all of the good tier 10 tech tree tanks to have been nerfed by the time I finish grinding to get to them.

  32. I complain about Progetto 65 all the time. Kudos to WOT for nerfing it !

  33. Leifur Hákonarson

    Well, they did the same with the M44 SPG – it was just average in terms of performance but VERY popular. The real issue is that in order to retain a progression between tiers they needed to nerf the M41 as well – a vehicle that was already struggling. Even at that time they pointed to popularity – and I guess arty-haters approved because they had come to associate “M44” with fire from above – even through the French same-tier SPG had much better stats.

  34. “it is very popular”. So EBR is going to be nurfed? What?! No?!! Lol

  35. Guess the UDES 15 16 will be getting nerfed in the next patch then…..In Battle Pass X and Top of the Tree for March…it will be too ‘popular’

  36. Ahh never mind lol.

  37. will, how long do you need to understand that wargaming doesn’t give a fuck what their customers want

  38. the goddamn fuck stop nerfing tech tree tanks, 2 minute games, +2 mm, and absolute unfair matchmaking are the only REAL Problems that game have, implement skill based mm and balance the mm with equal tanks

  39. Yet another reason i quit World of Power creep.

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