Wargaming didn’t listen about Experimental Equipment

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Source: QuickyBaby

Experimental Equipment is here in World whether you like it or not! Here's all you need to know!



  1. This just re-confirms my decision to quit last month after playing since closed Beta. Its not the same game it was.

  2. they are just ruining the game with bullshit ….. why they cannot take something from war thunder idk many game exists many ideas they just think for themselves wg doesnt listens to community i guess

  3. Same thing happened in eve online when they added tech3 ships, I just stopped playing!

  4. nah, wont play Steel Hunter

  5. I’m an sh**t player I will just get blown up quicker lol

  6. i cant see any of that in my garage, no mision, no equipment nothing…

  7. The new world order: No fun just having!

  8. I’m sorry, but at 39, I’m getting rapidly left behind with how many new changes, new missions and new events that seem to be added on a weekly basis. I started playing this game in 2012 and even upto 2018 I remember it being quite a relaxing experience. Now, it seems so overwhelming.

  9. Great !!!! Even this thing is unwanted they suspended the offer (does it mean that some receive it and some not??!!!!?). If they postpone this to mid Februar, I will be doomed because in vacation without computer… hate more and more WG. I guess it’s time to cut the lost….

  10. Game is already incredibly unbalanced. Another wave in this tsunami is irrelevant.

  11. Meanwhile I’m just hoping for HE buff because I’m a filthy clicker

  12. As of 20 january, experimental equipment isn’t mountable, looks like only chosen ones get it. Other can prob buy a bundle in the future 😉

  13. any idea why i dont have mission for components ?

  14. Out of the 20 players i recruited to play this game none stayed. More so now that they are widening the gap.

  15. thank god i left to go play better games

  16. Update on the WOT portal…
    Dear players,
    Due to technical issues we have paused the Experimental Equipment giveaway. We will inform you separately about the resumption of the giveaway.

  17. People have been wanting a proper Clown Car nerf, still waiting…………..

  18. The M.K. Young Show

    Well, that’s that. Time for me to walk away from WoT.

  19. So these equipment looks good. But that said it will do nothing for most players. The low skilled loose to t10 players won’t benefit. The good players matchmaked into teams of noobs who loose badly every game. But the top 2% will enjoy having that extra buff to clobber all

  20. sadly they are copying the model on wowp with the components and the gun change peace is real epic sad on another level

  21. Just great WG. The community does not want this!!! Who wants to have to play hours of a lame arcade mode, just to remain competitive? What about the 80% of the player base who are already weary with grinding just to get bond equipment to remain in the game with the long term players and whales? How to kill your own game!!!

  22. great i hate steel hunter

  23. so so very tired of them add new bs every mouth i get to where i just do not care about the game it not as fun as it once was an there just keep make op tanks more op the 57 never ever should have gun that is laze like it has a dam 10 round clip it over done as it is

  24. WG is just making it easier for me
    just another reason to not care and stay free to play

  25. But yeah, tech trees really were too complicated for us plebs dealing with four kinds of partly upgradable equipments…

  26. What s dissemble? Dissasemble you mean?

  27. I mean Wargaming has a history of not listening to their player-base. They have done the same thing to players in World of Warships.

  28. I stopped playing WoT some time ago because I was sick of power creep, premium tanks spam, milking money at every opportunity WG had. It was difficult, because I tried to convince myself I still love this game since I put a lot of money into in. In thousands of euros for all those 10 years I was playing, so It was hard to say goodbay. But I did. Recently I decided to go back to see what’s chaged. And I’m dissapointed. Even more after watching this and knowing what’s coming to the game. It’s a shame WG don’t give a f about all those passionate players who put them on the map, kept WoT alive all those years. Oh, well…

  29. I’ve been contemplating coming back to WoT as I haven’t played since 2017 because of your videos but this new equipment type is even worse then the previous one and I don’t think any casual players will be able to be remotely competitive against the sweaties anymore. It used to be only a matter of skill and to some extend gold rounds but now it’s also a ”gear” difference…..not cool

  30. Damn this might be the update that makes me quit playing this tane

  31. Scathing from QB and well deserved IMO.

  32. There needs to be an entirely different upgrade path for equipment because the current system is skewed *dramatically* toward good players and nolifers.

    It should be:
    Base module upgrades to improved. The improved can be upgraded by 2 tiers. Get rid of ‘bounty’ entirely or keep it as is, allowing for 1 tier of upgrade. And experimental should require taking two fully upgraded improved pieces and converting them to the single module for credits. Upgrades to this module should be available for credits.

    OFC, this would require making improved versions of every single module with two tiers of improvement. That alone could be game breaking but not out of the reach of the ‘casual’ player (you know, those people who have JOBS besides playing a game and therefor they have MONEY to spend on the game).
    Then allow the PLAYERS to decide how they want to combine their costly improved modules into a single experimental module… so, for instance, you take a rotation device and turbo you have a single configuration currently. But with the combination mechanic one of those is put into the maintenance lab first – that becomes the primary bonus (currently: turbo) and the second module becomes the additional bonus (currently: rotation mechanism). Allow the user to put the other module in first… so a rotation mechanism with a secondary turbo modifier. Or turbo with alternative configuration…. ect, ect, ect.

    THIS will draw players in and keep them playing to put together those ‘optimal’ units.

  33. well said QB.
    some tanks that are rebalanced on the said aspect will be back on its original OP states.

  34. ..They already paused the giveaway on NA due to “technical issues.”

  35. I think the time has come after 11 years to stop playing this game. I won’t be the fool for this company anymore. I do not got the time on workdays for this shit. But i still will be watching you QB. 😉

  36. I watched skill and his opinion and watched part of yours. at the end of the day both of you start out gloom and doom bad wargayming but in the end support it. skill and quicky puppet decals would be good

  37. Slightly nerfed vehicles will not be nerfed at all with these new improved equipment but even buffed in the end.

  38. Thk God console is still nearly vanilla

  39. Dear players,

    Due to technical issues we have paused the Experimental Equipment giveaway. We will inform you when the giveaway restarts.

  40. This and Crew 2.0 when it finally arrives will be the final nail in the coffin. Already as is not much new players are joining, which is obvious when you try to get a low tier match.

  41. For new players and casuals, if equipment (and bounty and bond equipment) wasn’t so expensive and some of the currencies so scarce, it wouldn’t matter quite so much that this is yet more complexity (if we completely ignore the potential imbalancing effects of experimental equipment). But the fact that if you mess up by putting the “wrong” equipment on a vehicle (because – surprise surprise, new players and casuals don’t always understand the best set meta ups or even know how their own play style fits into the game yet), it’s so expensive to change equipment that it becomes demotivating. A new player can grind for days or weeks to get the equipment they want (while grinding through tanks and modules) only to discover that they made a perfectly reasonable newbie error and THEN find that WG actively make it economic suicide to choose something else instead. A game should let you be flexible, enjoy some experimentation and let you make mistakes. All the other games that prevented flexibilty early on embraced it later. WG could find other ways to drain the player base of currency without making the game unpleasantly punishing to learn and progress within.

  42. wg has been doing a great job at making me feel inadequate for years. I’ve been playing for 12 years, and have slowed down/stopped my money burning in this game because of their decisions.

  43. Glad you are doing well QB. The first three and a half minutes of this video strongly confirms my decision to exit the game. WoT now is NOT the same game I signed up for. I have to do enough thinking and calculations at work, so when I get home, I don’t want to have to calculate, scheme, plan, design and concoct something I just want to relax and play and have fun with a game. WG has turned an entertaining game into a job of rocket science. No thank you, I’m out and done with it.

  44. I feel sorry for people who invested a lot of money into a game that is massively losing the fun factor.

  45. What about double turbo on T95, Tortoise or example Maus?

  46. This game is becoming like World of Warcraft, you just collected all your gear, maxed out your char and they launch new season with better gear so you start all over.I have my favorite tanks pimped to max with bond and bounty equipment and now this.I dont have the time and im not willing to pay anymore it’s gonna be game over for me.

  47. I actually just got an ad for a boosting service for WOT on this video. Unreal!

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