Wargaming Doesn’t Ban Cheaters in World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. So much i want to say but i guess this video says it all. I shocked everyday that this game is still online from all the bs this company does to its customers………I just add. They cant ban some1 who is paying them for the cheats. Warpack is from wargaming off shoot. They wont ban these cheats cause that would cost them money on 2 fronts. 1 they loose a player. 2 they loose a player who is buying premiums and monthly cheat mods……… That is their reasoning anyways. I say now its to late for them to stop it. If they ban all cheaters now i bet 50% of the player base would be out. And to many people like me are sick of wargamings lies to ever comeback even if they did finaly step up and do it we still say to little to late.

  2. Been too busy to play for the last few months, not sure it’s worth going back to it ever

  3. Hey LemmingRush

    I am Truced, an EU WOT player. After watching your video you didn’t seem to happy with WOT and their AntiCheat and hopefully I can explain it to you better.

    There exists 2 anticheats: a client-side anticheat and a server-side anticheat.

    1. Server-side anticheat: If WOT would have a server-side anticheat (idk if they have one) it would only be able to detect aimbot. If you would only use render hacks such as the laser in this video you will not get banned since it is IMPOSSIBLE to detect render hacks through a server-side anticheat.

    How can it detect aimbot? To detect aimbot it would take quite a while depending on how good the aimbot actually is.The thing is I have NEVER seen a randomized aimbot for world of tanks. This means that it should be really easy to patch.

    2. Client-side anticheat: This is the ultimate solution. What this would do is there would be an anticheat inside of world of tanks and whenever you start up the client and it detects that the client has been modified you would get banned.

    This will obviously false flag since WOT allows you to modify the client.

    In short: They can only patch aimbot.
    If they want to patch literally every hack you’d have to play with vanilla client.

    I hope you could understand what I said and you have the absolute right to be mad at them but it’s not the easiest thing to do.

  4. KONY 2012
    never forget

  5. If you talk about cheating maybe one legal is the worst in the game – GOLD AMMO. Don’t get me wrong, I do not approve this cheater, but I would rather leave other players with ‘laser’ mod then they spamming gold on me.

  6. lol a [MAHOU] player bitching about people cheating. oh the irony. anyone that knows what to look for can tell MOST of MAHOU hacks constantly. the barrel scanning is SUPER obvious to show an aimbot at close range. god damn this video made me laugh.

    • lol you know how many times we hear that for being good? Talk to alot of the Gold/Silver league players in Mahou and other tops clans yeah “Cheating in gold league” is totally a thing. If you havent seen ANY of lemmings vids for CW its obvious your either trying to bait really hard, or are just bad and have “Cod Complex”

    • Zebediah Wickman You’re an idiot. Good players group together into clans, and most of the best players on NA as a result are in a few select top clans, one of which is MAHOU. My recent is nearly 4k and my recent winrate is over 63%. Does that mean I cheat?

      Most of the people who come up with theories of who is and isn’t hacking are bad simply because of either a lack of the understanding of game mechanics, or just being plain salty at being outplayed by purple players.

  7. I do not think Wargaming will do anything, until they are faced with the very real possibility of Litigation. Allowing this, is tantamount to defrauding players of any money they spend in what is allowed by them to be a rigged system.

  8. Block all mods = problem fixed. Allso explains why a 3 marked 13 90 made a suicide run the other day…

  9. alright lemmingrush put them out on front street gettem band. I see that kid in my games all the time and he gets crazy damage. Send the video into the support team to Wargamming. I was in a clan with a person that got band for 7 days for using illegal mods (aimbots) and other illegal mods. The only way to get them really caught is that everyone in one battle has to complain and then WG looks into the problem. But a buddy of mine got a chat ban and WG told him that if everyone in a battle puts in a complaint then they look into it. That was sent back to him as a message. So they will look into if everyone in a whole battle complains……lol so that means that if only 1 or 2 complain they dont do anything.

    • gridlok WG will give a chat ban if most of the team reports him. Other than a chat ban, it’s an entirely different matter.

  10. I’m pretty sure having a UI this cluttered would make me a worse player, not a better one.

  11. Good video Lemming…….. Lets hope you does get banned……..and what a dope to live stream it….

  12. Let me clear this up @LemmingRush. ANti-cheat (that’s what it is called) is available to all WG employees. The way it works is that they can hop into battle and basically see everything going on visually and command/communication server-wise. It works fantastic on all other servers because they have dedicated departments to fighting/combating cheaters and hacks in WOT. However not in the NA. This because the NA office was being paid millions of dollars under the table by Ex-Wargaming devs and testers to look the other way (and greedy staff as well). That is why the NASA alliance, back when the game first released, was effective because most of the top clans had a threshold of a bare minimum of 40% – 65% of each clans active player base using illegal mods to basically farm gold and rewards. In recent times that number has jumped by 560%!!!! (no joke!) The fact is WG Cyprus HQ had no clue about it until several devs blew the whistle (in 2013) and the result was 22 employees/management were fired on the spot! Now with that being said the reason for it still being a big problem on the NA server vs other servers is because they are still trying to get people trained to deal with this issue and basically redo the entire NA server. But seriously in all reality the NA server is the worst server to play because the problem of cheating has been going on for so long that in order to fix it, every mode and battle will have to be monitored thoroughly to catch cheaters! As it stands right now over 82% of the player base on the NA use at least 3 cheating mods on main accounts or reroll accounts. (WG isn’t dumb. They know when someone rerolls.) I’m sorry guys but most of the cheaters have IP addresses from the USA! (try 95%) Yes, you heard me correctly. That’s why I have zero respect for most of the clans in the top 50. The only ones that even do a relatively decent job managing this are MAHOU, CLAWS, TYPE5, SIMP and HARM. But even then I guarantee at least 20% – 38% of their active player base cheats. That is basically the history behind why the NA server is screwed up. BTW over half of the players in Gold and Unofficial Silver league use cheat mods during regular reason on the NA server. (That’s why they suck at off-line matches.) At the rate we are going I expect the NA server to either be dead or make a huge comeback in the next 3 years or so. Most of the current staff I can tell you will be gone by Christmas of next year.

    • Oh BTW most of the BS happening in WG is WG NA office trying to still be separate form the rest of the company. Hence the two major PR screw-ups we had.

  13. The bigest assholes or cheaters are WG and they need to be BANED for good ?

  14. lol lemming best way to summarize this “Working as Intended”

  15. I disagree when you say these mods aren’t helping him. I think they are helping, he’s just really bad to start with.

  16. Also i bet he pays them people at tankgator or some kind of site that they will 3 mark any tank you want for like 60 or 80 bucks so if he has a 50 percent mark rite now at this time on his obj140 then i will put money on he paid someone to do that for that account. But there is sites out there and a bunch of em. Ya try the same thing for NovaTanker

  17. Just another example of how lame this game is now. No wonder people left the game in droves these past 2 years, me included.

  18. Σταύρος Θεοφιλόπουλος

    i play online games over a decade and i had plaied the most shit korean mmo rpg and the most of those games have an anticheat app that should run BEFORE the game in order to play. So WG doesnt give a fuck simply!!!! i believe that allow cheats because bad players will play and good players will try to improve their WN8 who WG doesnt recognize it ….. even if he takes a lot of money from reroll accounts.sry for my bad english.

  19. Wot ,Have no way of knowing if you are cheating they rely on over players to tell them.It will cost them money to have anti cheat software set up ,And that doesn’t make them money so we suffer

  20. and when you report someone with all the evidence you get a generic warm and fuzzy feeling 😉

    Dear Commander,
    Thank you for providing us this information.
    We appreciate your concerns and interest in the improvement of the game. We are handing your info to relevant department and we will do the investigation ASAP.
    We do not tolerate this kind of inappropriate behavior,please don’t worry; the violator of the game rules will bear responsibility in accordance with the rules of the game World of Tanks
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Best Regards

    See absolutely no need to worry..cause wg said so. 🙂

  21. Yes, they care, but it takes them too long to react. I was banned for seven days after almost two years of using every cheat out there every day.

  22. Indeed, it was important to say that cheats do not make you better at the game. It might be one reason why wg are not doing anything again this

  23. Wargaming could end cheating in one patch, if they chose to do so. Instead they rely on a very Russian tendency to crowd out criticism with propaganda:) Fact is, banning cheating would hurt their bottom line, which is why they don’t do it.

  24. lets just say 99% of all cheat mods are russian based , so if wargaming start to turn these mods off, how many russian gold spamming cheaters will leave, also there is a mod that lets you play any server, keep a look out in game for the russians etc

  25. So few are playing these days on the European because of the lack care war gaming has for its game

  26. Totally agree with you LR.
    The only mods I use are for the garage, basically so I don’t have to remember where the heck I left my binos and camo net when I play a TD LOL and that’s it, I even turned off XVM for in game stats of players, because it was often so depressing…. yeah SEA….
    I too think that WG don’t care, as long as we continue to spend money on the game, hey, they don’t give a rats ass.
    Love your videos I learn a lot and sometime, on a very rare occasion, I can actually put into practice what you teach (yeah I suck).
    Stay warm!
    Cheers from Tokyo Japan

  27. Well, while people run multiple accounts under different names, it will be impossible to ban these slime.

  28. Cheating is masisive in WoT. What is really funny WG iż not fighting cheaters but they fight youtubers fighting with cheats. Community contributors who were trying to make overwatches (like in CS:GO where players eveluate other players games) to not show movies with ppl cheating in WoT. There is a lot of ways to fight cheating in WoT but WG refuses to use any. For example disabling mods, introducing reporting system (alter do many years there is no option in reporting like cheating!). I think that WG has resources to do something but there must be some busness rationality behind their tollerance to that pathology.

  29. do you do platoons with subs?

  30. WG only cares about the rubles, just like any other publisher these days.

  31. This may happen because the mods are made and sold by wargaming itself, just like valve does with csgo.

  32. He is the typical cheater… 720p resolution, lowest settings (still bad FPS, no v-sync), tundra, aimbot, lasers (IMO lasers are the worst cause they only obscure your vision)

      Xray is no longer used anymore. He has that chat pack… Typical kid (case none adult would use useless cheat).
      Why is XRAY useless? XRAY was mostly used because of the old spotting. You remember how choppy the refreshing of a player driving behind a cover was? Xray fixed it completly. But then they fixed it and xray is no longer needed

  33. Vladimir Milicevic

    warpack stronk

  34. The amount of conspiracy theories in comments would make Alex Jones jealous 😀

    Let me add mine! I wonder if they actually ban people in those ban wave via a ban lottery!

  35. I quit long time ago because of cheats. Won’t spend a dime on a game that doesn’t take cheating seriously. Don’t regret it whatsoever.

  36. WG is selling Warpack…are you surprised? Anti cheat policy is a marketing bs

  37. Justin Raug Veggerby

    I have a clanmate who got blasted by a player, my clanmate wasn’t spotted and the player shouldn’t have been able to shoot and kill him – so he uploaded a replay to WG customer service.
    WG customer Service replied that they were sorry he had a bad experience and offered my clanmate some premium time and said that they would take actions on the player.
    Days later my clanmate gets on the same team as that player – and he could shoot the enemies even before they were spotted and he very shortly had 4 kills all of which hadn’t even been on the minimap for my clanmate.
    My clanmate then uploaded that replay to the ticket – and all WG offered was some more premium time.

    • Actually, there is no cheat mod that could give an information about unspotted player, since the information is stored at the client. The furthest a mod can tell you is about falling trees/destroyed objects, but that alone can’t help you at most occassions.

      The only logical explanation for that is: That player actually used to shot at obvious hiding bushes. My friend have been called cheater before because he sometimes get kills from shooting bushes in map like Paris.

  38. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    Memewhile people got banned for using penetration calculator which WG recently blacklisted and posted no news about it 😀 Must be WG <3

  39. Yeah, the anti-cheating message is over a year old. But, remember it took WG 4 years to admit that there were cheats in game. Let’s face it, WG makes money off cheat mods.

  40. WG couldn’t care less, as long as enough new players keep coming in and as long as enough money is being earned.
    They don’t care about honest long-time players, they only care about the volume of players and the money being spent by them.
    As I see it, their anti-cheat program consists of someone looking at data and complaints and sometimes doing something with it.
    I see no structural measures, no reports on cheaters caught and banned, nothing at all.

  41. I watched this yesterday when it was posted on the NA forum and one of the guys replied pointing out the enemy reload timer was also on his screen, WG really do need to take action and find a better way of policing their game I would love to see him and all of his other accounts banned along with anyone else using cheats

  42. Good day Mr. Lemmingrush, I totally agree on the cheating part. But, We all know WG won’t do jack shit but clearly SPG was made just for these guys, so lets just pray he gets 3 spgs per match and laser focus him for his crimes. :p

  43. Lol Star Wars ,those are really stupids people’s ! They take the game 2 seriously 🙁

  44. reports are useless i’ve sent and insisted on son vids i found of dead brains cheaters and after insisting they told my thet they dont look at  the videos so practically  rep is useless…fact is the game is a cheat with the usless suport , mm , rng , no more wick spots , op prem tanks , only f prem tanks , no new content , ecc the game is a  milk the shit out of players… this is why i gave up and i play other games

  45. I had the extreme privilege of being on this livestream while it was live. MAHOU was well represented, bois??

  46. its wotspeak modpack sponsored by wg itself

  47. What’s the problem with buying and selling accounts? I sold my account. I will probably sell this one too since those WG cunts don’t want to fix FCM. Do you want me to make FCM BIAS video?? Where your aiming circle completely shrinks and you still miss 5 shots in a row. Or the fact that it is not fast as they are saying, or the fact that entire tank is one huge ammo rack, or the mother fucking fact that you are constantly playing against tier 9 (thank you preff MM, otherwise it would be tier 10) and NEVER in last 30 games have I been in top tier?? Or the fact, that it makes SO LITTLE MONEY, that if you shot more than 2 or 3 prem shells, you will end up with negative income, unless you have a premium account?
    Well… fight all you want, acc is for sale.

    • Matej Velican nothing wrong with it. My only gripe is when someone buys an account and tries to use it’s stats to bully others

  48. WOT has no anticheat the only real change to ban is live gameplay!
    And yes its clear that account is from ebay, because look at the stats there falling down like a noob play the account now.

  49. I know only one guy who got a 7 days ban (he had quite a number of mods, including red ball) and I played with many guys using stuff like “broken objects” and “tundra”.
    Before the itroduction of that “fair play policy” some clan officers expected their clan members to use some of these mods, right now it’s kind of a taboo in better clans but there are still guys using the mods.

    Personally, I haven’t used any mods as I don’t want to strain my dated hardware.

  50. WG doesn’t care about cheaters ass long cash is flowing. I use tundra myself and most users use it too.

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