Wargaming Hasn’t Nerfed it So It’s Not Cheating ;)

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Source: LemmingRush

Gameplay in the T67 🙂

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  1. I’ve been looking for medium tank strategies by map and I can’t find any, you should make some with Teir 10 tanks

  2. American e25

  3. Yes, wargaming knows about balance…….sell out!!!

  4. Btw lemming what keyboard ar u ysing ? The thing has a voice of its own.

  5. Full of shit from the start. e-25? Defender? they haven’t been nerfed so they can’t be overpowered

  6. You are confusing WG not balancing an OP tank with WG’s laziness….

  7. Your vids kinda end abruptly just a comment don’t mind me

  8. t67, Cromwell B, and e25 our all the same tank.  a joy to drive, and way op…

  9. The Crazy Old Coot

    Try playing the T67 on a city or micro map and you will know why it hasn’t been nurfed.

  10. Damn.. Always when I watch your videos I feel like playing some WoT cos you make it look like a fun game. But in the end, for me WoT is a cool game to watch but not to play.

  11. “We’ll bounce off the rear of the t-28”. I cri evry tim ?

  12. Lol just 3 marked it and my win rate went up .2%

  13. I won an e25 in a creative contest. I refused to play it for the longest time and then I pulled it out whenever I had an unbearable string of losses.

    I need a shower every time I play the thing.

  14. The Tokyo Craftsman

    The T67 is overpowered if you play it correctly, most don’t.
    Love your videos.
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  15. The Tokyo Craftsman

    Funny, in the second game the guy in the Tiger I did better than you expected, but he is on your blacklist so at some point he did something to piss you off LOL

  16. logical fallacy “if wargaming hasn’t nerfed it, defer to them as an authority on the tank”. Never mind they regularly change tank stats for game playability. That said you can’t attribute that’s how they were to the argument. If its written in stone, there would be no adjustments to tanks, other then to correct where they were wrong. Good video though. “yes it wasn’t an exact quote”

  17. never buy premium for this shit hacking and manipulating game

  18. Word of Hackers

  19. Most people who play the t67 suck at it, so that balances out the few good players who have mastered it. WoT is founded on the idea that match-ups are unequal and unfair, hence +/- 2 MM. You are a good player, so you could ROFLStomp playing a M3 Lee (which most people suck at, but has a good gun for its tier).

  20. It is not OP. It is just very good in the hands of a skilled player. That is why it is the sealclubber’s tank of choice. Great camo, which most tier 5 & 6 players have no idea how it works or how to exploit it and it’s got a good gun at tier 5.

  21. I love that he’s running food but won’t spring for real modules and has camonet/binocs

  22. The tank is not OP, simply put, you played those two games well. The tank is what it is, the player is responsible for using it properly.

  23. It might not be that the vehicle is OP. It might be that you’re very skilled.

  24. Now imagine this tank on a sheriff account, with 13 skilled commander and 9 skilled crew members… saw it not too long ago on TRU’s stream and its pretty disgusting ( TRU felt very dirty after playing it LOL )

  25. Play the VK 16.02 Leopard next. It is a good video by the way.

  26. The T67 was the second tank I ever fell in love in, and ultimately is my most played tank. It wasn’t until I had played her about three thousand times I discovered her reputation as a sealclubber, but she taught me a lot about vision control and flexing. These days I go to my Charioteer for similar gameplay. But when the RNG or MM is being bad…well, she gets her tarp taken off and yet more seals added to her monstrous kill tally.

  27. This guy sounds like the snowflakes I make rage In general chat.

  28. I have 7.5k games and 930 WN8. Is there even still hope for me to get those numbers up?

  29. About 12 Tier 5 TDs. AT2, 60G FT, M10 and Ikv all have higher win rates. S35CA has highest dmg per game but T67 is second. Both the S35CA and SU-85i have better Frag numbers. T67 is head and shoulders above all other TDs for spotting. The T67 also has almost 600 million games played in it. The next closest is the StuG 40 Ausf G at 195 million games. The problem with the T67, and it is a HUGE problem is that it has no armor. NONE. It is vulnerable to even Tier 1 guns and HE shells absolutely wreck it. Just about any Tier 4 or higher with a howitzer will 1 shot it if they hit it. The gun accuracy is also a problem and the turret is slow. Give the tank to a new WoT player with a 75% crew and it will get destroyed. Still, it does very will when unicums take it out and club the baby seals. 😉

  30. Wow, you played your T67! It’s rare and I enjoy it. Being a bad free-to-play player I stick to tier 5. I enjoy T67, KV1, KV1S, T34, etc. videos as they are representative of the vehicles I play as well as the vehicles I face (including the tier 6 and 7 enemy vehicles). It would have been nice if you encountered an E25 or tanks you can’t penetrate. Seeing what you do about that might teach me something. In a T67 I’m sure it’s run away. A knife fight between you in a T67 and an E25 would be something. Can a T67 beat the traverse of an E25? I’ve only killed one E25 in my T67 and it was at least half luck. Someone else softened him up, was killed doing so, and I got the kill because I had all my hit points and was able to take a hit from him (being a potato I missed the first shot). QB is doing videos and streams where he started a free-to-play account. I suspect it will go on to be as much or even more popular than content based on his regular account because it appeals to a wider audience. I’ve heard estimates that 75% of the player base is free-to-play with many of them, like me, who mostly play and see enemy vehicles in the tier 4 to 7 range. Any content you produce that appeals to that segment of the player base will be well received and useful. For example, Circon recommends new and/or average (read: bad) players alternate between the KV1 and the KV1S until they get better. Content from you on how to play those would be fantastic. The T67 has mobility, stealth, reasonable view range and fast reload. What do you do when you don’t have those things? Add to that a 75% crew and no premium stuff. I don’t feel right playing a KV1 or KV1S like a TD, but I guess that’s how it has to be in the world of free-to-play. Maybe you can show us a play style for that situation that is better. Positioning, when to push, when to hold, etc. Maybe sometimes it’s a good idea to wait 30 seconds or even a minute before leaving the spawn and choosing a flank as you won’t be able to change flanks in a KV1 once you’ve committed. With tier 5 I find that I’m very often mid or bottom tier. How do you play a bottom tier heavy tank without a lot of premium rounds and without hanging around in the back like a pussy? In any case, thank you for the T67 video.

  31. I for one sure as hell don’t think the T67 is OP.

    The fact that the turret has [sarcastically] a slower rotation speed than most battleships is most evidential.
    Furthermore, if RNG isn’t on your side, the top tier gun is shite.
    Only whiners think the T67 is OP. Just sayin’.

    [2nd match]
    14:38 _”Fucks sake… why is the KV-1 pushing?”_

    Because that’s what selfish stat-whoring imbeciles in this game do… esp. when playing defence in an assault battle. They have no patience to wait for the enemy to come to them… they want to make sure they do their damage and get their expected quota of kills (even if they have to steel them).

    It’s the same thing during standard battles when friendlies push around corners or through gaps chasing/pushing an enemy which appears to be withdrawing only to be lured into engaging not only opposing forces in close proximity, but also those opposing TD’s sitting in depth just waiting for imbeciles to expose themselves – all the while those imbeciles removing the ability of their own TD’s to support their advance.

    You want to defeat the en at a corner or gap (i.e. Redshire Zepplin wreckage) when you have TD’s in depth supporting you? Don’t push the corners or gaps until all en forces in the immediate area have been neutralized.

    It’s not rocket science.

    It’s tactical survival and a winning strategy.

  32. Even low tiers are entitled to their OP machine. Don’t take it away from them.

  33. Sealclubbing the sealclubbers.

  34. The biggest balancing factor of this tank is that 99% of the drivers are absolutely retarded and only play it because they’re unable to get more than 50% anywhere above tier 5 – meaning all they’re able to do is camp and kill other noobs.

  35. At the time im watching this the number of views is exactly 1/10th of your sub count

    I just find that really cool

  36. Most likely because average bob who plays the 67 just gets oneshotted all the time after taking few shots and getting lit. I remember when I was bad and wanted to be like the stat padding motherfuckers. Nope, I sucked with it, had a shit crew etc etc.

  37. Man I fucking love my T67. Still need to 3 mark it though, that’ll be tough seeing as i’m shit with anything that isn’t a Cromwell LOL

  38. So the type wouldn’t yolo you because of your tank and stats…?

  39. Tangled and Happiness

    The Tiger I that he blacklisted actually carried the team.

  40. T67 needs turret traverse buff!

  41. Captain Topfengolatsche

    first of all, like your playstyle and your vids. second its a good tank and a good tank in the hands of an really really good player is a weapon of massdestruction….. and its not russian…anyway good games,greetings…

  42. They nerfed this on console, the concealment value.
    Still a beast tho.

  43. May not be cheating… but definitely scummy… lol

  44. Next -R tank WoT could offer: T67-R premium tier V, with BiA crew, special 8% camo, maaaaybe autoloder? Guys what do you think? 100$ bundle?

  45. I play on console, the T67 is a TD on console. Haven’t unlocked it but after seeing your vid now I want to. Always enjoy your videos, thanks

  46. nobody gives a shit about tier 5 except people who cant make credits at higher tiers.

  47. Try out VK 30.01 p
    Everyone considers T-34-85m to be OP, while i casually have 3 marks with 52% wins and 3k experience in wot.

  48. I just skipped this tank, I played the Wolverine and I grinded both the Hellcat and the Jackson with it.

  49. OP idiot proof tanks are vehicles capable of carrying even the most incompetent players. Defender/Object WTF-V4 say *Hello*.
    The T67, while being very strong in the hands of capable players, is hard to do well in for 85% of the WoT player base [#idiots].

  50. Omg t67 gut tonk!
    *gets two shotted 1 minute in every game*
    Wargaming HQ: Yeah, average winrate seems balanced

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