Wargaming is Leaving Russia and Belarus

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Source: QuickyBaby

Wargaming just announced that they’re leaving Russia and Belarus and today I breakdown the implications for World of Tanks.



  1. for me… this is a world disgrace! not because russia invaded ukranis (they have their reasons there)… and because all kinds of industry are destroying themselves, they think they sanction russia but in the end they are sanctioning all of us who have nothing to do with it with this war and how I personally don’t even want to know! after 9 years, for me? goodbye world of tanks! I won’t condone more with a gaming company that has nothing to do with this situation 🙂

  2. I completely disagree with what wargaming is doing, i follow geopolitics a lot and even if Russia is making a mistake, wg s policy sinxe the start makes me want to stop playing their game that obviously became way worse. Citizens of Russia and Belarus are not responsible of what is happening, and it is clearly easier to criticize your government in the west than it is in these countries. So instead of thanking the people who helped them to create a game that used to be epic, they are going to punish these people. Even removing Minsk and Kharkov was idiotic. If you are not proud of where you come from then you are just ungrateful, so after punishing us by introducing broken tanks that destroyed the game now they are punishing the people who stood with them all these years. My predictions is that world of tanks will be a dead game in 2 years. And yes they will blame Putin for that but no one asked them to make politics…..sad news for a game that became pretty sad.

  3. But Lesta studios is based in St Petersburg

  4. I don’t wanna be a lier but I heard they are moving to the Lithuania,Vilnius

  5. Hillary Bossyray


  6. This is about money and smell like ESG.

  7. They just need to add a Ukrainian branch and when ever they fire at a Russian tank they one shot it, sort of like what they’ve been doing to real Russian tanks and helicopters.

  8. Bravo Wargaming

  9. Good on them, but sorry for those people employed that may lose their positions. Whether this is due to finances and upcoming coming sanctions or due to principals the message should be clear to Putin, you are not a viable to work with any longer.

  10. I encourage everyone to stop playing the game until they communicate more about why they are doing so by respect to their employees.

  11. I can’t blame them, I wouldn’t want to be affiliated with a Country full of BABY KILLERS. We know better than most people due to playing a tank game that when you aim the main gun on your tank into high rise apartments or a house you are trying to kill innocent people. So its not just Putin and his generals that are BABY KILLERS while the whole world watches. Fu.. Russia LONG LIVE UKRAINE ❤️

  12. i hope wg will leave planet earth. and only return if they have figured out how to fix their fucking trash awful game. thats pay to win in every single way.

  13. Guys guys this is huge, most of the shit changes and russian bias will have to stop since we are now who they have to listen, HE changes where mostly supoorted in RU server, as well as many other shit changes

  14. I hope they look into a better match making i have way to many games where one team steamrolls they other losing by 11k Hp just had one recently where I had a team lose by 17k and it’s very frustrating when I just get into a position and half my teams dead already and can’t do anything

  15. Sanctions… at least the admit the humanitarian scandal from russian gov by those actions. Or they want to avoid sanctions.

  16. Just one comment: What happens with all the guys who start there statements with, “This dying game…” Do they have to refrain from commenting for 2 years? Not such a harsh penalty since some of them are probably on their second or third ban by now.

  17. Terrorist states of america indeed. gladly TSA is drawing it’s last breathes

  18. Why not jump into your own stomach!? it is so make sense. What a stupid move. If you WG mix politics and games / business either you are idiots or you are forced to do it.
    If you, as a gaming company, interfere in politics to show solidarity with anyone, you are monkeys from a business standpoint.
    If someone made you make such a move, then we see the power of politics and forcing one point of view on things which indicates that there is no freedom or democracy in the Western world, but brainwashing with political goals.
    Either way, this is an absolutely wrong move that I can neither support nor understand. Until now, you have always been guided exclusively by profit, which has changed?
    Maybe I’m not surprised by your move to follow the Western narrative and worldview, or you just financially calculated that your earnings are higher on Western servers, hypocrites?

  19. russia had every right to attack ukrain , but no one has right to kill innocent humans

  20. Lesta Studio is a Russian Company so……….

  21. Just a PR / sanction dodging stunt if the Russian company is still owned by the Kislyi brothers. I am not putting any more money in the game.

  22. Great news – max respect to Wargaming Net.

  23. Maybe the 0.1% of rich people there should help other. Ohhh wait. It’s the real world and situation of the worst states on the planet. Funny how lot’s of people are defending their leaders. Hahah sad

  24. I’d like Wargaming to give players a 30-day window to sell back their premium Russian tanks and use that gold for some other Premium tanks, without tier limit (up/down exchange possible) or penalty.

  25. instrumentos virtuales

    but why do we talk about sanctions when the WG has: Headquarters: Nicosia, Cyprus …I believe that the money of those who buy goes there, I do not think there is a conversion to rubles

  26. Checkpoint Choons

    Time to work on World of Tanks 2, with individual tank NFTs Wargaming Net.

  27. I’d rather losing my job than losing my life

  28. Aleksandar Novakovic

    That game is dead.

  29. Nothing new . White russia ( belarus have been a dictaturship seens 1994) so it have been financing Lucashenko & hes best friend Putin . They could have common seens move it long time ago & have a headcourter in cyprus is just illegal taxplanning to avoid taxes more or less & to get money in ( you cant buy from belarus just like that (sanctions etc ) ) . But it is good now they cant pump in taxmoney in to belaus & russia anymore . Shuld have been done many many years ago .

  30. Lesta Studios HQ based in St Petersburg… lol

  31. is it still the case (or was it ever) that it was like all about EU being the money cashcow for wargaming and that russia barely provided anything to em?

    i think i read something like this long ago in past – idk if this is or ever was the case tho?

  32. People hate WoT thinking it’s in general sense bad. And still play it.
    That is thanks to WoT devs team, that just got fired. I come from many FPS games, where many drastic, stupid uneducated and what not decisions had been made that killed the fun, or those games entirely. Big titles.
    What was special about WoT, was that the devs did not over-do it (except EBR perhaps) in any instance. All the changes were felt, but they were not violent. That is what kept the whole playerbase together.
    I have not experienced A SINGLE event in my life, nor have I read about it, where a new dev team would’ve improved a game. It’s always down hill, and most often – very steeply down-hill.
    New talent will breathe new life, you say ? OH BOY. For the last 10 years we had an influx of new talent, in EVERY SINGLE GAME STUDIO. Morons, idiots, lazy asses and bonk brainers.

    Btw, QB, buy a mirror ok.

  33. So basically they are relocating and nothing is going to change in the game to revive it and make it a healthy fun game again

  34. Konrad Henrykowicz

    Yeah. Sure.

  35. It was a business decision based on sanctions. Nothing more, nothing less.

  36. Too late, I‘ve deinstalled everything. Sod the Russians

  37. Håkon Sønderland

    If I understand this correctly (?) the two Belarusian brothers who own Wargaming are splitting the company between a company in Russia, that they fully own, and a company outside Russia (I assume in tax-haven Cyprus). If this is the case, this is just a despicable tactic to make it seem like they are withdrawing from Russia, without actually doing anything. If they are not quitting Russia completely, I can see no reason to support them. They are war-profeteers, propping ut Putin and his war criminals. They deserve no support.

  38. Wot Addict Global

    I expect no more Russian bias – lol

  39. It’s time to enable account transfer and merging between different servers and different regions

  40. Sardonic Spartan

    They will be just as greedy.

  41. This wont make any difference at all. WG will still screw players for money, any new develpoments in Minsk would have been shared accross other sites in other countries. Just a PR stunt, they keep RU players happy by having a RU site and the rest of world happy because development moved out of Russia. If you believe there will be no contact between RU and rest of world then you really live in a different world.

  42. First of all a BIG FAT THANK YOU for this video.
    Thank you also for highlighting the consequences for employees in Belarus, who never decided any war, any attack, and just need to find some daily money out of a job. Very sad for them too.
    We shall see consequences for us players, but let me think that this will be not that big consequences. Shall we have to wait longer for updates? It would be pathetic to place that at upper importance compared to what is lived now by people in Ukraine, in Belarus. And probably later in the test of the world, including Russia.

  43. QB, thank you for your thoughts behind the press release words. It was nice to hear what the company have done to help the Ukraine. Like you, I hope new ideas result, and the game gets better as now blood is brought in? Hopefully some of the developers can carry on remotely and I wish them all the best. They didn’t start the war, they have just been caught up in it a collateral damage.

  44. WG is essentially committing suicide to virtue signal.. also shareholders is the wrong word, they did and probably still do have investors, just like Elon musk has for Space X, private investment in the private company. Although not having a voice and a will like a public investment, they can demand their money back on whatever terms they agreed upon. Whatever you think, the bulk of these investors will be from the countries that WG has decided to throw shit at, WG will loose a substantial amount of liquid assets in the process. But more to the point, Russia’s will turn on WG like a enraged tiger. they will lose a substantial number of their player base.. the very reason for the Russian bias and high numbers of Russian tanks is that the players that support this game are mostly Russian and very patriotic.

    WG, in trying to appease the libtards and neo cons of the western world, have killed their own company. I wonder who will walk in and assume the assets of WG in minsk and Russia…

  45. GeneralTrueFocus

    The profit/customer/region is first NA/EU lastly RU, basically “losing” money on that RU market, the infrastructure costs/customer are the highest, they managed to pull one off, using the current situation, and distance themselves from this free2play market.

  46. This looks like just a cosmetic move.

  47. Does this mean the obj.268v4 can finally be nerfed?

  48. What is with the guys from Russia. Ive spend over 600€ on that game, imagine the Russians who spent that amound of money and cant play anymore.

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