Wargaming should be ASHAMED about the Object 283 in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks released the new 283 as an “11% chance” tokens from Holiday OPS but this is not the whole truth…



0:00 Why should be ashamed about the Object 283
2:00 What is the chance of getting the Object 283 permanently?
6:28 A new low for Wargaming
:11 What is YOUR chance of getting a Object 283 permanently?
11:23 are spending THOUSANDS to GAMBLE for this tank!
14:31 Wargaming should be ASHAMED!
15:57 How can Wargaming fix ?
18:29 Should you quit being a tank collector?


  1. Opened 40 tokens and got 2 rentals

  2. That is why I don’t bother with these tanks, I just play for fun

  3. They do it because their target audience is a pack of morons who like to give wargaming money. Just stop.

  4. I dont really understand this, I mean you literally dont have to spend anything to get the tank like you would have to do with the bz. Whats the point of having a special tank if everyone can get it for free by doing nothing. I mean, just because a new tank is added for an event, I dont think everybody should get it easily. The only people I think this might frustrate are the tank collectors, but I’m sure they will add it again in the future in a black market or another event. I got it permanently right after the second rental and I didnt even play it once. Either way, if it would’ve been op and fun like the bz, or at least premium to be able to farm some credits I would understand it, but currently I dont see why anyone would want it besides collectors.

  5. It would take literal thousands and thousands of people to fix the token system if it was taken to the EU or US court in a class action lawsuit.
    The court proceedings would be a hell to deal with but if a group of people sued WG for this it would set a president case for any and all future monetization disputes.

  6. Those guys spending thousands on loot crates in an attempt to get an item in the game are exactly why this shit is going to come back

  7. The whole thing is obnoxious

  8. Alexandre Silvestre

    I was a lucky guy… 1st token I’ve got a rent time, 2nd token was garbage and on the last token I’ve get the tank :D… I never put money in the game.

  9. I managed to snatch one in just 10 tokens, guess I got lucky

  10. I got the permanent version on my 3-4th token the tank is okay but when you have the t55a t54 obj430 it isnt that special

  11. I have received the 283 10 times as a rental. Still don’t have it permanently.

  12. I just got my permanent 283 🙂

  13. well… why do you play it.. i can pritty much guess why quicky play… but this game is just a shit show now quit and never look back

  14. Not a tank collector my self. I find the common rewards more valuable

  15. 11:25, if you have a 99% chance to not get the actual tank from a single token, and you have ca. 80 tokens if you play as much as possible, it means that there is a 0.99^80 = 45% chance to not get that tank until the event is over. In other words if you go all in, you have just over 55% to get the tank, not 80%, which makes things even worse.

  16. if you look at the WoWS numbers for some of thier premiums in boxes its 1% or less. No way this is 11% for a permanent chance to get it. its probably 1% or less. In the end, the only way to get them to care is for players to not spend any money and not worry about the tank but WG knows that isn’t going to happen. Now what WG should do in this case is 1. DROP the rental and just make it an 11% chance. Anyone who got a rental already, should be given the tank. You they will never do this. What they will do is just put it up for sale next month sometime.

  17. Mate. 80 rolls of 1% chance definately does not mean 80% chance since this math would assume that you’d have a 100% chance at 100 rolls,which you don’t have.

  18. Why do you not play War Thunder? Sure it has it’s negatives but it can’t be worse than WoT.

  19. It is I who Nuts to That

    Mmm yes the amogus machine

  20. Wow! Really? I must be the luckiest f2p guy on WoT then… Got the Obj 283 (perm) with my third token!

  21. JoseBR520 / NoobContent

    My friend doesn’t play WoT anymore. For whatever reason he logged in , spun once and got the Object 283
    I spun countless times and got 3 rents

  22. While loot crates and “gambling” mechanic is wrong and does not belong in the game, at least in my opinion. Your math is also wrong. You also assume the 1% chance to get permanent Obj. 283 which you get from where exactly? You don’t know the exact number. So it’s absolutely misleading and wrong to make this video. You are doing math on a guess and not even correct math.

  23. I think.. I was extremely lucky to get it permanently with my 3rd token. But I spent only 1 token per day when even started. So in 3rd day I dropped the token in and I was happy to get it. But all my friends have it only for rental. So I think it’s that 1% or something chance too.

  24. They don’t even help you if you ever get hacked! someone got my account and they won’t roll it up far back. Idiots. Good luck if this ever happens to you.

  25. All of this means nothing because people STILL SPEND ALOT OF MONEY on the game. Until they stop, WG has zero reason to change their methods.

  26. Also the thing to remember is that Supertesters of this tank had to play a minimum of 30 battles – so you’ll have some super testers in that list, including me!

  27. I always buy 50boxes to receive new tank and thats it fuck WG

  28. Just see what happen in wot Blitz, if You no pay, you don’t have event, this is nothing, sadly. After all, great content Quicky

  29. 44 tokens and 4 rentals all im gonna say … but i did have some other ok rewards like credit boosters

  30. It’s not even anything special.

  31. The definition of insinity: Doing the same thing over and over and expect different result.

  32. ps music changes when u get rental or perma tank

  33. I’ve got this tank for 5 days rental, played 5 battles (didn’t even mounted any equipment) and deleted it from garage.
    Didn’t know you can get more rental time xD

    Other things from tokens were only the lowest crew book and those damn medkits.

  34. I want to play tanks but WGing want me to play their version of Farmville!

  35. Got it in 5 tokens. You know what, i’m happy

  36. I got it permanently but sold it thought it was really common to get

  37. This tank is so bad that it should have been given to all players that have at least been playing for three years…

  38. I played that tank is nothing special 😀

  39. Cry me a river.

  40. Lol for arguing that boxes are not gambling and they literally put in a slot machine.

  41. It’ll be funny if it turns out to be 0.5%
    Sad, desperately sad… But I’d laugh to mask the crying…

  42. What is the difference now between WoT and Mir Tankov, and what is the future bringing for these 2 games?

  43. Thank you for covering this!!! Maybe to somewhat mitigate the fallout, they could allow those of us that got it for rental at least 3 times or so, to but it for it’s listed gold price. It would really help save some face.

  44. Holiday ops 21 and 22 were genuinely fun, best time of the year. I spent the last 6 months excited for Christmas in Wot again.
    Not even an advent calendar :/

  45. They should be ashamed for treating Chaffee like a gold digger, while in reality is them that want our gold

  46. why the fuck does everyone seem to hate wargaming for giving people an 80% chance of getting a tier 9 premium for free? you wouldn’t need to spend any money and you have a pretty high likelihood of getting it for free. like why would they just give away a tier 9 premium for free.

  47. I’ve opened 600 crates and received the 5 time rental 15 total times. Giving me a total allowed 75 matches in the tank and still have not won the obj 283 to own. The mechanic is clearly broken. I opened a ticket a John McClane responded with the following:

    Thank you for contacting Wargaming Player Support.
    We appreciate the time and effort that you have spent on creating a ticket regarding this matter.

    We’re sorry that luck wasn’t on your side.

    The tank can be obtained both for rent and on a permanent basis.
    The chances of getting a tank both for rent and permanently are the same.
    The presence of a rental tank does not interfere with obtaining a tank permanently in this event.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.
    Have a wonderful day ahead.”

    This is a sham. If the chance to win verse rental was the same @11% after opening 600 crates I would have won the tank. The mechanic is either broken or people were scammed….

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