Wargaming, The Object 268 v4 Needs a BUFF.

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. I think it needs 5 more kph and 750 alpha, plus 10 degree more turn speed. Then this garbage is going to become at least playable.

    • maybe they should nerf the IS6 to rbing this tank into the meta? and give it more gun traverse so you can hide the weakspots and armor angle more.

    • 750 alpha? you mean 750 MORE alpha

    • Don’t forget better camo sats. The amount of getting spotted behind bushes is is to high! TDs are supposed to be sneaky, right?

    • I sold this POS and used the credits to re-purchase the Churchill Gun Carrier. Best decision I’ve made in a while.

    • LemmingRush trying to play TDs again, and frankly he is terrible at it and should go back to his MTs which are really easy to play, even babies can drive them well. He’ll never have the skill to play something as complex and situational as a V4, which gets killed really easy due to all the flanking opportunities WG puts into its maps. I mean, when you load in with a Tier 8 MT and you see Obj 268 v4s on the enemy team on Ensk, you go, “Thankyou so much 3-5-7 MM, look at all the free XP I’m going to get when I flank that TD!” Geez, next he’ll be trying to play SPGs ……don’t even try mate, completely out of the league of mere mortals to play well.

  2. This asshole of a tank design in a nutshell ???

  3. “The leopards armor is more reliable than mine”. Pure gold.

  4. THX, I laughed my ass of, it is the most broken tank ever, what were the guys at WG thinking????

  5. “The Leopard’s armor is more reliable than mine”
    “Managing the -W- key”

  6. Dude, how did you manage to do that straight, with nary a chuckle?

  7. a perfect game demonstrating the ‘w’ key tactic

  8. you changed your name?

  9. funny (thumbs up)

  10. Your sarcarsm is sooooo good that in the first 30 seconds of the game I was like “wtf lemming stop drinking while doing video” !?

  11. I think this tank could use 10 degrees of gun depression. Maybe that could make it a bit competitive.

  12. ? WTF Auf is more underpower than this shit idk why they remove it maybe it is tooo shit?

  13. I am refusing to play tier 8 through 10 until this abortion of a tank is significantly buffed.

  14. “difficult to play, wasn’t able to hold W down the entire game”. Pure gold dude xD

  15. Yeah it’s so hard man, such a lucky game

  16. “Relatively”

  17. And you’re still a gold spamming, stat padding unicorn ?

  18. It should also get a V shaped hull, like the 257. Tracking and damage is to annoying when you have to rush the enemies with this slowpoke of a tank. Benefit would also be a smaller hitzone of this HUGE lower plate

  19. I took a drink every time you said relatively. I’m very drunk.

  20. Rastislav Chynoransky

    Good one! It obviously needs a buff: turret, more armour all around and +-90 gun depression/elevation, also it should be allowed shoot like artillery in a very ballistic curve over obstacles. I have noticed also some mediums overtake it – so speed needs to go up too.

  21. i feel like this is a troll video, as most people say this TD is over powered, ok cool it is a troll video… downvote for you sir

  22. Hilarious the whole way through lol

  23. Hi Lemming, thank you very much for the informative video – I have just sold my 268 v4 and bought the FV4005 instead. That tank has smaller weakspots and faster reload. FV4005 is absolutely a beast with camo. Thank you!

  24. Wtf weakspot ? The cupola je 250 mm and the power 0late weakspot is very tiny. U have better armor that a jpe100 and a better mobility than a e50m. I don t agree at all for a buff this tank can do anything

  25. Plus his gun might have bad precision but in the current CT i didn t find any issues the object 268 4 needs really a nerf than a buff

  26. hahahha so bloody good ,more of theseee pls ..

  27. lol that was an awesome game in almost every tank…. but you still only got a first class…. haha

  28. If this gets buffed I quit WoT.

  29. I wonder how many people thought he was being serious… Further more… Of those said people, I wonder how many of them legitimately think that a buff is needed.

  30. German bias exist! Why are all the Russian tanks so bad?? Buff the 268 V4!!

  31. Your best video Mate :)cheers 🙂


  33. LemmingRush for president cause that would be some awesome shit to see him troll the hell out of politicians

  34. Did they really say that they’re gonna buff it?

  35. I hate sarcasm, negativity and irony.

  36. Tibeau de ganseman

    lemming you are 16 days late

  37. #clickbait

  38. When you have to rely on your Leopard team mates to provide armour for you then you know you’re in an underpowered vehicle so sad. Probably second worst TD in game tier for tier after of course the Churchill Gun Carrier, but at least that tank has a decent gun for its tier,

  39. Freking lemmingrush 🙂

  40. grille is abou 10 times better in any regard. obj 4 is a joke. dont buy. and sell. no

  41. Jeez, arty hit you in the side for no damage.

  42. Dirk-Jan Van Egmond

    Lol… talking so much shit about the most OP tank in the game?

  43. The fact that you being sarcastic sounds exactly like you being serious makes me think that all of your content is actually sarcastic and you just hate WOT and want to become the gr3eatest troll in history of this game XD

  44. I cried a whole time! 😀

  45. “i am gonna angle my armor at a 90 degrees angle to the t32″… LOL

  46. What this tank really needs is an overhead view and high elevation so that it can take people out across the map, to balance its weakness to arty.

  47. Played this on the test server…..

  48. I know that this video is about the 268 v4 but since you mentioned the Leopard, I must add that you’re right. The Leopards armor is more reliable and relevant than the 268. Buff the 268 and perhaps nerf the Leo a little. Like 10 mm of frontal armor and with a top speed of 20 kmh. The poor 268 only have 300+ armor with a 50+ kmh top speed. Things like this really needs to get addressed.

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