Wargaming’s Forgotten medium tech tree line?

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  1. Check out the video happy players on the end plate, if you wanna see the T-44-100 in its current state in action! Thanks for tuning in, please leave your feedback in the comments below <3

    • Circon i really have to thank you for this vid. Almost every tank i now have is getting out of date and no one is doing anything about it.

    • Wells since Russian tanks lost to nato tanks in reality
      We need zupa paper tanks that Russian scientists drew while drinking vodka to show them who’s the boss

    • Circon thx for this clip. WG definitely know that they overstrengthen russian tree and meds/heavies therein. This content is beautiful since it demonstrates clearly what WG disregards or know that they do not know or worse. Original tech tree tanks are way underpoweŕed recently. I suspect that WG knows that most of playerbase grinded thru most of trees… etc. Nice theme, your argument is precise and the message is well delivered. Keep them coming

    • My CDC is not getting out of garage since armor is more important than anything else in this game.. this game is completely broken… thanks for reminder to WG even I sincerely think nothing will be done..

    • Yup the videos good to see but to bad WG doesnt see this. They to busy buffing the hell outta tanks and missing others.

  2. Of course they keep buffing the Russians – they’ve been in the game the longest and have always had a reputation for being ‘balanced’, so more people play them. Thus, more Russian Medium Tank players have been whining and moaning about the current meta, so they’re getting useless buffs.

  3. Just one word-T95E2 😀

  4. I like this kind of video. To the casual player a lot of these stats don’t mean a great deal so it’s interesting to see the thought processes of a knowledgeable player when making these kind of comparisons.

    Also… I cant help myself… #RussianBiasIsReal

  5. This video made me cry honestly

  6. M46kr ??? hello ??? terrain resist of the is7 for a tier 8 mother fking premium ??? what

  7. Can we just stop adding tanks and add maps? Hell I’ll even be ok with some sort of premium maps. I’m sick of playing: defend derpenburg, assault derpenburg, defend Siegfried, assault Siegfried in that sequence. It’s boring. I don’t play the game to be bored.

  8. Just more proof that WG is staffed with clueless pillocks. So happy I left WoT.

  9. strangealienGOD ofPower

    Key difference between 430 and 120… 430 has 248 PREMIUM pen… that alone makes it bad…

  10. if the CDC is so bad Circon, how can I possibly have 540 battles in it?

    I’m kidding. It’s cuz I’m a bad player ;-;

  11. Why TF would you get a Super Conqueror when you could just a Obj 430U??????

  12. well yeah….
    I played t-44 before it became HD and before some buffs
    I loved it a lot- it was my fave T8 mid and i 2 marked it……
    And i don’t understand why they are keep buffing T-44 while it was already good even before it got buffed turret
    And wow. I can’t understand why T-44 now have gun handling as good as T25-which sacrificed its armor and things for gun handling. LOL.

    +welp seeing myself- T-44 acutally have a bit worse gun handling compared to T-44-100 :l

  13. Am I the only one who think pershing is also really underpowered/ powercreeped

  14. T-44= 33955 kg
    T-44-100 (which is a T-44 with about 700-800 kg extra sideskirts)= 33500 kg :-O
    Normal… it’s russian weight-removing stalinium i guess

  15. t54 prototype was terribly slow for a medium

  16. They are making all the Russian tanks into SuperTanks.

  17. Russian bias

  18. On how I see it is that what should concentrate on one branch at a time. Example: one patch Americans then other Japanese then German and so on. So for each patch they focus on each tech tree. That would mean that they would buff some that that need it and need some that need it.

  19. now look at The TVP VTU.

  20. 25 dislikes?! Either Russian or WG employees cause this shit is fact!

  21. This might be the patch that finally draws the last straw for me. This nothing more than a blatant “FUCK you!” to the entire Chinese medium line and even the 113 to some degree, many other tanks are being ignored in favour of MORE russian buffs, and they still haven’t fixed that train wreck they call matchmaking not to mention no new maps because the HD maps are *still* being worked on. I’m taking a break from this game, hopefully not permanently but we’ll see…

  22. @circonflexes i love these tips of video because u have a clear point to make and you make it very well….. and if you make more by the way plz do can u call it rants with circon

  23. Keep these coming! News and chats from experienced and frequent players keep me updated so easily, and Make u notice things u normally wouldnt. Keep up!

  24. Yes please some love for the T-34-2 . TDS .

  25. I had an SU-152 hit me with a HE round in my CDC… Left me on about 200hp but killed all my crew……………………….

  26. i have been saying cdc needs a buff for a long time. well actually a shit ton of the old premiums need buffs because of power creep.

  27. If WG are gonna keep the current MM the 95% of tier 7 tanks need a buff.

  28. And about the Super Pershing also forgotten long time ago.

  29. wot wont sell tanks if they are the same or worse than the present units. It’s a sales issue. To sell something; “new & improved” is the dialogue.

  30. I just want them to buff the Matilda IV already, how long are they going to keep the penetration on that tank the same..?

  31. What the fuck did Hitler did to generate so much astronomical pettiness hate from these slavs? We just want some balance.

  32. Hope Wargaming listen <-------- did u like my joke?

  33. Not trying to disrespect you circon, because you’re one of my favorite youtubers, streamer and even one of my favorite person on the internet in general, you are great, seriously. But you really think the game company will even notice you? C’mon man, wargaming does not give a flying fuck what people think, they only care about money, period. So not trying to disrespect your efforts, but seriously, they don’t give a fuck about you, or me, or anyone, they basically allow in game cheats, it’s been proven, for years. There’s nothing you or me or anyone can do about it, i simply quit, maybe try a different game for a while and come back to WoT, you’ll notice how cancer the game has turned.

  34. Revalorise needs a buff like there’s no tomorrow. Especially mobility.

  35. I like this format.
    Next Muraz0or incoming 😉
    No mean words, just objectiv comparisons.
    You should have much more subs so you actually have even more weight against WG blindness.
    Same goes for armor comparisons on heavy tanks. Some nations can resist HEAT spam while having less nominal armor and beeing more mobile,… and some get an awfull number of downgrades because of their armor but getting HEAT penned all the time. (Straight turret armor while aiming and shooting at the enemy while having bad accuracy, long aimtime and slow turret traverse,….)

  36. Maybe the buffs are to counter the potato computers and presumably worse ping?

  37. When Circon gets analytical, WG should listen. He would obviously rather play, entertain, and educate than rub WG’s nose in their glaring mistakes. When he deigns to do so, the shit is obviously out of hand.

  38. Thank you! I have only a t8 prm
    AND it’s a f CDC (I know i’m stupud)
    Please nerf all or buff it For The LOve OF GOD!

  39. So Wargaming logic- buff premium tanks. Then buff them more … and then buff them more because they can`t debuff them . In the end we are going to play a game where armor and penetration will be cosmic numbers

  40. Meanwhile the Leopard 1 can still be penetrated by tier 2s…

  41. Great content and hopefully WG listen. I really enjoy the WoT but I have noticed (might be just me) that playing some of the non-russian tanks has become more and more tricky over time. If WG are not careful we are going to get games where it’s mostly going to be russian tanks v russian tanks with not a lot of variety.

  42. Namegoeshere Orhere

    If they’re going to buff a Russian line I think they could have buffed the IS-4 line just to make it less irrelevant than the new heavy line.

  43. How about giving the Super Pershing the 704HP engine the normal Pershing can mount? Every patch the poor fucking SP just gets weaker and weaker.

  44. Ya STA-2 could use a bit O love from WG also!!!! But yup they forget about them just to have push up on the tank so they can resell it again to people becasue they just buffed the tanks. So you know a lot of people are gonna buy that t44-100 now after it does get buffed. I didnt buy it because it was like the old t44 so seeing tier 10s about 75% of the matches I wasn’t gonna buy it. But if they do that then prolly will grab one. I like the video Circon but do you think that War Gaming actually watches these videos? But hey RUSSIAN BIA’s

  45. great – straight talking. facts

  46. Russian bias……nuff said

  47. Don’t ask for logic there, because there isn’t any. Edit: @Circonflexes – I like the format, please go on with this. We need the community contributors to give this kind of feedback to Wargaming, since there seems to be no other channel through which the community can make itself heard. There has been such a large number of poor design decisions recently (The Defender, or the Type 4/5 HE guns, to name but a few) which could have been averted if Wargaming had deigned to listen.

  48. We can all thank fucking Murazor for this.

    And should WG buff others to match the T-44 100, hello power creep.

  49. I kind of like these buffs for once 😛

  50. I mentioned it too About old not competitive prem tanks on the eu forums. But i decided not to buy anything anymore and slowly quit playing wot.

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