WARNING: Save Credits 🔴 NEW Auction + Offers Prediction | World of Tanks The Auction is Nigh

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks The Auction 2022 – Rare Tank Offers for Credits, Gold and Free EXP.

You can not make this sh** up, literally in the middles of me spending 44 million credits, they released an article about the upcoming Auction… During a consumable and equipment sale… So here is a little warning for you to NOT do that and maybe you can grab something from the auction.

What do you think?


  1. The timing of me spending my credits while they released the article.. Oof, so hopefully this video saves at least some of you!
    But what are your predictions for the Auction? Any of the older vehicles + new tank release?
    As I said in the video, my guess would be SMV CC-64, the tier 8 premium Italian TD. Might be wrong, but this is what they usually do before new tech trees.

    • ” SMV CC-64, the tier 8 premium Italian TD” – I disagree. They can’t capitalize on “real money” sales if they put it in the auction.
      EDIT: No tank sold on BM/Auc/Vafentrager Event Boxes has made appearance in the store. So, no, Itallian TD wopnt be in the on

    • Well i dont care about the auction. If they release the Minotauro with this armor i am out of Wot forever, i am sick of these unpenable hulldown tanks.

    • I hope for Panzer IV/V

    • T9 Chief will be ranked reward or maybe an extra expensive battle pass stage. Most likely ranked – because the top player on teh server always needs an advatnage over the average guys.

  2. Saw the video from WG, then logged in and spent 40mil on consumables. Why? Because f. auction. I enjoy playing the many tanks i already got. I only get gold from xmas boxes, i only use it to convert it to free exp, of which i have 6mil atm, and then i train crew members with it during promotions like the one that’s on now (1 : 25).

  3. TehButterflyEffect

    Crazy that you guys spend so much on consumables instead of equipment. Consumables aren’t worth it when credits are so hard to grind.

    I’m finally back up to 6.5 million credits after buying a tier 7 tank yesterday that I’ve been grinding.

    • Think of it like this: If you’re going to use premium consumables anyway, which some people do, spending a million credits on them now during the sale saves you another million down the road when you’ve used them all.
      The same goes for standard consumables, it’s probably a great way for a free to play player to save a lot of credits.
      Any small repair kit now essentially saves you 1,5k credits in every battle in which you use one until you run out.
      Combined with the health kits that can make a significant difference to the overall earnings per battle you get as a free to play player.

  4. I only have 15 mil credits left so that really sucks

  5. U still can get same credits back after discount ended, just resell consums @dezgamez nevermind i saw date of auction house

  6. The opposite is true. Spend on consumables and equipment for tanks you actually play rather then overspending on the auction for something that’s going to just be gathering dust in your garage.

  7. Put the memes in the bag Nii-chan

    Instructions unclear, spent 2m on equipments

  8. I spend all my Credits 10 min before this Post 🙁

  9. hahah…I did exact same thing….omg

  10. it makes sense for vipera i did see it in a game a few weeks back

  11. welcome to the club, Dez.
    same thing happened to me, kind of … bought my consumables early morning and then this “Auction”-video came up.

  12. I wish i get the ,,warning” days ago.. before i spend my credits ….

  13. too late. Oopsy.

  14. The auction has never worked for me, ever time it’s been broken. By the time it comes back up every good offer has gone. Love how they say don’t worry you have plenty of time, total rubbish.

  15. i can see it now you get the winning bid lets say 10 mill then in the last few seconds someone drops a bid for 1bill. Ive played EVE online thats how auctions for rear items go in the gaming world or they from the get go put down a bid for ridiculous amounts money not even to have it form them selves just to make sure no one else can have it and if its for gold its asured someone will drop $100’s if not $1000’s to out bid every one.

  16. I think the udarny is gonna get a skin and be a event tank for Halloween. It just sounds a bit “spooky”

  17. oh this is something im not interested in at all. It will be another milking the kind of 780 and quilin. dummies spending their hard earned (or bought) resources on things of very little or no value at all. oh, and…you can not WIN an auction. a common misconception. as long as you spend as much as $1, youre not winning, your buying. period. WG are just scammers that know how to do it precisely to milk you effectively. so good luck to all unicums to spend hundreds on a few pixels 😉

  18. Thank god I only spent 6 million on food

  19. For 1 weekend in my whole life im leaving my house and there has to be some auction .. that hurt my collector hearth

  20. don’t worry, I spent over 10 mil for buying new and old tanks… then I hear about this…

  21. @Gavin Prime I was young ok..

  22. asia got Object 268/5 the object 268 version 4 but with a full rotating turret!

  23. I saw the release of the auction video just after I spent 6M on consumables 🙁 The other thing is that they announced the consumable sale way before so I really didn’t expect an auction would happen right afterwards. Furthermore, the discount on consumables runs out after the auction is over, so if you bought too many consumables and want to sell them to get credits during the auction, you will lose half of the credits.

  24. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was only one tank/item available for credits and not one that’s particularly rare or good lol. Like a double feint play by WG monetization team

  25. don’t waste your time on world of tanks we are just puppets in this game.

  26. too late…


  28. F auctions. Just ignore the overhyped ones

  29. to late, already spent all my credits on consumables and equipment

  30. thee timing is deliberate!

  31. I don’t think there has ever been an auction where I had more than 3mil credits in the bank. Im too busy researching the tech trees.

  32. Warning!!!! F yourself and become poor. Empty your wallets pls. Dont be shy . Dont hesitate to spend your real money or gold. Dont give a damn.

  33. omg AAAA KV-KTTS evry year same 😀

  34. Fuck WG. They want you to grind cache and mindlessly play game so they got you hooked and them to boost their numbers. So sure you miss the chance to get bonuses but you are the Boss of your time and do nit get yourself pushed in playing when you do not need or want to play.

  35. Auction in WoT is mostly poor GARBAGE, so pass!

  36. Well, I’m not saving many credits, since There is no way I’d ever have more than people do, and I’d rather have more equipment and consumables

  37. lol. Obj268/5 20 mill credits. WG are surely taking the piss

  38. spent my credits yesterday aswell 🙁

  39. I spent like 6 million credits already. I knew the auction is coming but I still have like 16 million credits left.
    If the Vipera comes, I’m going to bid for it. I mostly play TD’s, so it’s kinda the only tank I want. I don’t care about any other tanks in the auction

  40. First one is Obj. 268 V5!

  41. Obj. 268/5 is the first offer.

  42. Bruh I’m just grinding my tech trees. I likely won’t be participating in the auction

  43. Absolutely beautiful marketing.
    Put it everybody in The pour House for half price consumables.
    Then show them something that they must have.
    Just think how much real money is going to be spent soon.

  44. VZ 55 GW (Gothic Warrior) 😉 madness started

  45. Screw WG and their money grab auctions. Hard pass……

  46. obj 268/5 20 mill credits !

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