WARSHIP BATTLE (AMTRAC) – USSR VS USA (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. This Name Is Excrutiatingly Long Isnt It

    How the hell does a guy have “Master of Russian Bias” as their title!?!? I
    want one.

  2. I know it’s for fun but this wasn’t fair a reserve vehicle vs a high teir


  4. Play World of Warships please!!!!!!

  5. anyone else see baron on the lvt team

  6. Dude Phly you are awesome af. How did you think of this

  7. fuck you
    grilledsword fish

  8. Average Asian (Mr. Sushi)

    Honestly, I think ten vid would look better if it were PT-76 vs M551, Cold
    War battle, or Gulf War

  9. Unfair just really because of the russian ammo and sloped armor. lvt team
    should of gotten more players :

  10. phlydaily plays with the su -100 tank

  11. Husky The Dinosaur

    Kamikazes vs PT-76s and LVT(A)(1)

  12. Phly can you play more world of warship.

  13. Caelan Hofmister (Greedycaelan)

    fun game mode.. takes forever to get back into combat

  14. I wish the tanks would sink like ships if they’re destroyed ?

  15. Thought i was watching world of warships…

    Twas fun

  16. when u Make WoWs Videos again?

  17. Great video im from argentina

  18. I only come here for the intro music.

  19. hey phly I don’t know if you were always able to do this but you can go
    first person with the BF 110-c4

  20. There is cruise control on War Thunder, by pressing E you can increased the
    gear and by pressing Q you can decrease the gear setting.

  21. Teddoproof Gaming

    its not fair!!!

  22. How the hell is this battle even fair wtf

  23. how do you get red white and blue smoke?


  25. Where is baron?

  26. 21:04 why is the game black but the GUIs fine?

  27. M48A1!!!!!

  28. “Fuck you CCS in a nice way” -21:10 some fwb action going on here?

  29. wow plzz (world of warships)

  30. Александр Левицкий

    Да! блять!

  31. Mr. Grenade (Pan Granat)

    But that’s unfair.. tier 1 v tier like what.. 3?

  32. Florin Magureanu

    +PhlyDaily please do more World of Warships! :(

  33. Kv2 vs German kv2

  34. 殺手, 阿Ching

    8:22 “i’m trying to ketchup here” PhlyDaily 2k16

  35. You are american, but you has played for USSR. Hmm… But i reaved a like
    because i am russian :-D

  36. 殺手, 阿Ching

    Also Cold war light tank vs WW2 tracked armored car? Seems legit.

  37. war thunder=russian bias simulator


  38. wasn’t the Sheridan amphibious?

  39. How do you get those binoculars up in game?

  40. Also Phly plz fly out the b-18

  41. Rasydan MRMR (U-2412)

    the russian bias is real.

  42. make world of warship vid man

  43. Give the IS-4 Some love with his gun

  44. russian bias

  45. i think with the tanks in the water if they get shot below the water line
    they should take on water and have to be repaired?

  46. lmao i got 1337th like that’s leet

  47. phly: 7,3,5,1

    me: what about the even numbers?!

    phly: I can’t even!!

  48. i cant find that tank in wt

  49. Christian løvschal

    do the tanks sink when dsetroyed or does they just float?

  50. baron could you please use the cromwell 27M RP3 AND WYVERN plzzzzzzzz ;)

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