Warthunder Bradleys with an Actual Bradley Operator

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Source: RubixRaptor

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  1. To correct what i said, earlier i had said the 11H MOS was the mechanized infantry. That is incorrect, the 11M MOS was actually Mechanized Infantry while 11H
    was a TOW gunner.

    • I’m enlisting as 11x this year and I was wondering was your MOS switch your choice or did big army make the change?

    • PiptheGrunt 19D myself cav all the way 🙂

    • @PiptheGrunt I had the same experience you did. Enlisted in the army as 11B got orders to ft Hood, was a dismount for a year, the. They threw my ass in a bradley, I honestly fucking hate the Bradley. All it is, is a rolling coffin/oven/freezer (depending on the environment) the heater never works, the mechanics never wanted to fix shit, always said “it’s operator level”
      And fort Hood sucks, I was there for the last mass shooting. In the parking lot of the building that was shot up.
      Not only that, but fuck Turkey run road.
      B Co, 1-8 cav, 2 ABCT, 1CD 2014-2017.


      PiptheGrunt, my dad was a cav scout back when national guard cavalry units first got the bradley, he hates the Bradley. he always thought that it was too high profile to be a scouts vehicle.

  2. I ended up in the same situation as pip. Joined as an 11B and ended up in a mech infantry unit. How do I put this…..? Fuck the bradley. The army better keep me away from M14 grenades because of I ever get my hands on one I’m tossing that bitch in the exhaust and burning that bitch down. I’d rather walk.

  3. No Dabbing Allowed

    What soundpack is my dude using

  4. -Video intro-
    RubixRaptor: “My friend’s an IRL Bradley operator!”
    PiptheGrunt: * promptly drives into building *

    Seems legit.
    See, us 13Bravos are actually careful drivers who are considerate of the negative public relations impact of collateral damage… 😛

    • First off it was me driving, second it’s not called crashing it’s called tactically stopping really fast!

  5. But what about the Romania story?

  6. What game is this

  7. Finally, someone that actually operates armored vehicles playing war thunder! Thanks for this content man lol

  8. soundpack?

  9. “Your commander said this is a hunter killer, right?”


  10. Maus = Mouse not Moss

  11. Its said mouse not moss

  12. I was talking to my coworker who crewed a bradley, he said that the tow launcher can stay up at any speed, just cant fire.

    • Makes sense, because all the reason it needs to stay still is to fire it. But the launcher folding during combat situations is pretty stupid. Thx Gaijoob

  13. 1st Cav – 1st Team !!! Live the Legend !!!

  14. I was a 13F. One day, our light infantry unit was told it would become a mechanized infantry unit. Did they send us back to Ft. Sill to train on the M7 BFIST? Nah, we just figured it out as we went. Love the US Army.

  15. Fuck a Bradley. 19ks over here!!!

  16. That is without a doubt a m2a2 just by looking at design and track so it’s not going to be like the ones we have now in terms of speed and rotation. A2s had manual operated turrets so it should rotate slower but whatever. Also fuck brads

  17. Warthunder developers: guys do you know what a great idea would let’s add another modern time vehicle to our game filled with like ww1 and ww2 and some other older tanks.

  18. Fucking fort hood, “The Great Place”

  19. Bradley’s are a bitch to PMCS though

  20. That bradley operator can´t talk for two seconds until you guys interrupt him. You seem more focused on the game than him

  21. Bradly kicking the maus and the tiger….

  22. “bradley operator”? ok.. how about bradley driver.. gunner or TC. Also its pronounced CAV AL RY. Not CALVERY. you should know that being in 1st cav. All jokes aside I was in 1-12 Bco 3rd PLT. Did 2 tours with them. I liked 1st cav. it has its BS like all units. 101st is a better unit for sure but its a hole different world from Cav to assault. But ya we used A2s in Korea in 03 and shit they didint get new brads for a long time.

  23. 2:32
    bonk worthy individuals

  24. I mean Bradley’s are cool and all but aviation is where it’s at just saying ?

  25. TheWikingWarrior

    Cavalry Units putting Guideons in the turrets is the most Cav thing I’ve ever heard.

  26. “These B****es float,” says the dismounted light machine gunner, “ with a skirt!”

  27. So the Polish IFV that He was talking it’s license build Finnish Patria XC360 (whit couple of hundred changes made by Polish factory WZM SA). Official designation is XC360P KTO (Kołowy Transporter Opancerzony) “Rosomak” (XC360P Wheeled Armored Transporter “Wolverine”) Armed with Mk44 30 mm Bushmaster II, 7,62 UKM-2000 GPMG and Spike LR ATMG. The General was asking About Bradley because “brass” is desperate to replace over 1800 of obsolete BMP 1 (We have approx 960 Rosomak in couple of variants, and this will not cover all the needs) with something more modern. And company called HSW is making a mess of designing and building new tracked IFV “Borsuk” (Badger)…this s**t is almost as convoluted and as sad as story behind Bradley

  28. Bradley vs maus, seems legit

  29. My dad drove M3 Bradley’s in the 90’s during desert storm

  30. This video reminded me of overhearing the weird kids at lunch in high school

  31. Ahhh the wonderful stupid Bradly. So so not good

  32. Should have asked why the toe stores like that whenever you’re moving

    • It’s not automatic like you see in the game. Usually its stowed and only deployed when you’re about to use the TOWs. If you left it out, the weight on the hinge and actuator would break the whole thing.

  33. your local communist

    he told me to watch pentagon wars. I went to watch pentagon wars. talk about a kick in the ass.

  34. One of the best features of the early Bradley was its aluminum armour that when hit would usually burn filling the cabin with aluminum oxide.

  35. Jarosław Giedrojć

    Year 2019 and people still thinks that Pentagon Wars was an accurate portrayel of development process for first US IFV.

    • Well, it was obviously dramatized and exaggerated, like most satires. I doubt people think it was that accurate on the Bradley, as more of the military brass spending way too much money, way too inefficiently, on grand projects, that end up not being that grand in the end.

    • Jarosław Giedrojć

      @Plain Plane Well i think people in the USA still dont understand that with the Bradley program you recived the best IFV of that time. Even with some initial problems like too thin armor M2 was still superrior to BMP 1 and BMP 2 and way better thean british Warrior or German Marder 1. Also its normal for vechcles like Bradley to also be a scout. Honestlyu what i see in pentagon wars is a AF oficcer hwo dont understand modern combat and a role of IFV in it. Also it’s alway funny whean you hear American soldiers complainig about M2 whean Polish military mostly use old BMP 1’s and our wheeld Wolverines dont have any ATGM. Summuring in the early 80’s US Army Recived the best IFV on the world and most complains about it are from people that didnt understand its role and dont know what other militaries of that time used in their arsenals.

  36. A Troop transport that can’t carry troops, a reconnaissance vehicle that’s too conspicuous to do reconnaissance….
    And a quasi-tank that has less armor than a snow-blower, but carries enough ammo to take out half of D.C. THIS is what where building?

  37. Next up: “War Thunder Tigers with Real Tiger Operator”

  38. next video: war thunder RB or sim jets with actual fighter jet pilot

  39. Maus is pronounced pretty much the same as mouse, not like “moss”

  40. Hey do you have a discored

  41. tiger248superior Is meh name


  42. Are those more bombs? Famous last words.


    Poland is middle europe btw

  44. Shoulda told the Polish General that he wanted a Swedish Bofors CV90-40 or the CV90-30 either is good ya. At least I can tell the Polish got some damn sense cause they asked the little man on the ground for the truth…………….that shows a lot of Brass Balls and humility coming from the Polish Brass. For a high ranking commander to plop on into the turret with you and ask down to earth questions is great

  45. Christian Juarez

    As part of 1AD 3rd ABCT 2-13Cav. I absolutely hate the Bradley. I’m a scout, ex driver of the Bradley now a dismount. My MOS is a 19D, we do work with two main vehicles Bradley the CFV, the stryker either the infantry variant or reconnaissance variant.

  46. The brad is a hunk of shit ?

  47. Eyy, yo: Any chance you can bring back Pip for Romania?

  48. Best get rid of the game asap, all I can recommend to all army personnel. It took me ages to get rid of all the malware that Gajin put on my computer, you best read up on it.

  49. Awww hell yea 1st Calvary from fort hood that’s what I’m talking about steel on target????

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