WARTHUNDER In 2021 – How Does It Hold Up

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Source: Resonant

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Warthunder has been a powerhouse in free to play historical gaming for years and is still packing a massive punch. But how is it in 2021. How does it hold up?

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  1. this game looks insaaane I think it’ll hold up for a long time

  2. Yea I’ve been enjoying a return to WT in 2021. Blue water war ships are great.

  3. Number not onea

  4. Warthunder is pog af

  5. Alexandre Bitencourt

    too much grinding for a lobby war game, more grinding than some MMO…

  6. War Thunder, almost fun

  7. If anyone wants to join a squadron in war thunder reply to this comment ( discord needed)

  8. Sako Sniper War Thunder is dying. Posted 3 days ago… funny now they pay you to counter his truths. Recommend watching this before investing time and money in the game

    • Sako is statistically wrong. The game is actually growing pretty steadily. But his points are valid, they are just overlooked.

    • @sylamy Yep, he thinks his opinion is reality.
      I’ve been playing WT for several years, the player numbers are at an all time high.
      This is fact not my opinion, and this makes Sako an idiot.

  9. how much they paid you for this video? i mean , i lobe war thunder too ,at least a few years ago ,i have a 100lvl account with most of the tech tree unlocked and many premium vehicles but in last years this game really started to be a pay to win game ,you had to grind a lot and farm money to just repair your tank or plane , with premium account and vehicle the game is like 2-3 times easier and better but back than i didnt had a job so i stoped playing wt …

    now i dont even want to go back cuz i know i will donate and i dont want that .

    What is good about this game and why i was keep playing are squadron battles (clan wars) , where it was very tactical and intense .

  10. Nice video!
    Btw, what is the name of the ending music 9:21?

  11. Alexander Krueger

    Wow, this review is so blatantly bought… Really disappointing to see because now I can’t take your reviews seriously anymore.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love War Thunder and play it every day but this video was garbage.

  12. Did they pay you for this? I’m afraid to call it a review since it is barely it.

    • Gaijin should demand their money back.
      WTF, this guy plays a campaign mission against AI planes?
      This youtuber is a joke.

  13. OGs will remember the YER Thunder days when the game was over in 2 minutes 😂😂

  14. Meant as conctructive criticism: That was a bit dissapointing video and not the level of quality your usual videos. On the topic of the video, I got no idea how it does hold up in 2021 from it. No comments on the tech trees and how much stuff is available, number of tanks/planes, factions etc. Nothing about how long it takes to grind up new tanks or planes. Nothing about how much pay to win there is (or not) in the stores, how expensive premium models are. Just some random gameplay and not even showing the ship combat. Even for a shill video there wasn’t much in there to make me go ‘heck yeah, I wanna play that’.

    • 7 nations and there are like 1.500 vehicles it takes about 1,000 hours to grind out a big tech tree( Germany USSR USA British) the game is a little pay to win because the game needs to be monotized the premium vehicle are usually the same or a little bit better then the tech tree counterparts there are no premium multiplayer modes but there the premium modes are campaigns that I have not purchased but it think are a little outdated

    • Of course he don’t speak of the flaw of the game, he is sponsorised
      And to have play this game for more than 3 years (without premium lmao) and stopped playing it since the harrier release just after i have unlocked my first jet just killed my will to do the insane grind
      Imagine unlocking your first cold war era jet after 3 years of playing the game to get smash by 10 harriers….
      It’s almost impossible to dodge the harrier missile and i didn’t even had the time to unlock the missile for my plane so i can’t compete and just that show the big br problem. Star fighter VS cold war era jet

    • @Narillio the star fighter is a cold war era jet.

    • Yep a really half assed advert

    • @sylamy damn compare to my CL-13A they look like they come from 2020 lmao

  15. Generalfeldmarschall Cryatoc

    I feel like it would be probably my favorite game if it wasn’t for how grindy it is. Even with premium, it’s just too much, I play for a night and lose interest

    • Same but after 5 years playing on and off I got my first 10,7 jet a couple months ago and have started enjoying low tier ground CAS

    • I wish we got a quality game like war thunder/wot that is not pay to win or grindy at the slightest.. I would pay for that shit

  16. I’ve been returning to world of tanks lately really enjoying it

    • I downloaded it a few days ago. I love the game. If it’s as bad as many people are saying in these comments. Than I believe it might have improved. Don’t take my word for it I’m not an OG whatsoever. I only started a few days ago.

    • @Ręåpêṙ it’s gotten better since I last played like 6 years ago

  17. I got to admit low tier arcade is fun in war thunder but the game as a whole with the huge amount of grind isn’t. When I was playing war thunder I always kept shitting on WoT and WoWs but I recently came back to these two and the amount of fun that I have is incomparable to WT. I have been playing WoWs for about 2 weeks and I already have a tier 9 battleship and about halfway to the tier 10 BB without paying a single dollar as the game gives so much free stuff from the crates, daily missions, campaigns etc.

  18. I stopped playing WT years ago years ago because of how insane the grind was and I wish this video actually told me if it has gotten any better or not instead of just being just a blatant ad.

    Maybe you should reconsider changing the video title

    • It definitely hasn’t it’s gotten worse and p2w but it’s always fun to absolutely demolish the wallet warriors in some of the worse aircraft and tanks

    • I’d say the grind is still bad past rank 3 and REALLY BAD past rank 5, they reduced the rp requirements to get stuff significantly compared to what it used to be rank 5 and below but at the same time slowly stealth nerfed RP and SL gains, the aircraft grind is a bit easier compared to the tank grind, and heli grind is just straight up awful, can’t speak on naval

    • Every war thunder In 20xx year video ever.

  19. anyone else sighs when they saw the shell amount he had

  20. Kristof Karwinski the great

    Steel and flesh 2 is more popular than this game

  21. As grindy as the game is. Wish they also added infantry combat.

  22. *This is a New Low*

  23. Play War Thunder for FREE on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S: https://wehy.pe/y/1/Resonant

  24. peter griffin real

    Realy like how ww2 tanks play agenst cold war tanks

  25. I just downloaded the game a few days ago. I loved it. A LOT OF grinding tho…

  26. Wow how much did they pay you to shill this? Pathetic. This game has so many fucking issues but the developers just pretend they don’t exist. It’s improved graphically but is otherwise worse than it was five years ago.

  27. Thing that made me stop playing WT, is it gets to a point that the disparity in not having Premium, and spending money to alleviate the horrid grind gets tiresome quick.

    Facing opponents that have more upgrades and crews really becomes apparent. Leading to some pretty bad match ups that basically means you will be outclassed in most respects.

  28. the game fucking sucks thats all i have to say dont play it

  29. Samuel Leppämäki

    rule number 1 of WT: Never trust your team to have any braincells.

  30. I stopped playing after 2017 garbage

  31. ur voice was so annoying in the beginning

  32. Antoine Fluxy Van Hove

    Next time announce it will be an add video…

  33. it gets more shity money milking shit with every update .. and yet im still playing … please save me

  34. emperor palpatine

    rename this video seriusly you clearly dont play the game and just call it an ad dont call it a review when it clearly isnt

  35. Playing since 2013, for the first time in this 8ish years i feel lazy and feel so discouraged to get in game just to get daily reward, i dont know why, i think that last event got me bored af

  36. Love the Blue Water ship update and rocking some RB tank battle. This game is still a blast.

  37. Search “War Thunder vs. IL-2 Tank Crew”…….and be free from the Snail.

  38. war thunder is utter garbage. Arcade ground is unplayable so is arcade air and everything in the game is overpriced considering the gameplay quality

  39. If you love grinding for months for a couple tanks, sure do it… not great in 2021

  40. Alot of negative comments about how ptw it is lol. They need to make money some how.

  41. John Matthew Tagaza

    If only war thunder have an “OPTION” of removing airplanes in at least Arcade mode Then I could say this game is fun. But today all i can say is Its only for pro people or people who loves too realistic games. Love the tanks but not the gameplay.

  42. Caleb уэллетт

    very late to the game, just started playing and am in love

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