Warthunder Review

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Source: SsethTzeentach

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War Thunder is a highly detailed vehicle combat game containing over 2000 playable , aircrafts, and ships spanning over 100 years of development. Immerse yourself completely in dynamic with an unparalleled combination of realism and approachability.


  1. I had to take Ritalin too, i’m with ya seth, it was difficult to put that shit down.

  2. Hey Sseth this may be coming in late and all but I really hope you are doing well. You sound like a great guy and idk how much of the substance abuse stuff was true but if it is there’s no need to be ashamed of it. If this is in fact real and you’re struggling with any addiction and keep going back you gotta seek help. I’m sure tons of people are ready to support you so that you can get better and wouldn’t mind if you took a break for your mental and physical help. I truly wish my favorite content creator to be happy and healthy not for the sakes of content but for the person he is. If anything comes up you can reach out to anyone anonymously and they’ll be glad to speak with you. Much love and best of luck!


    u have a nice voice. it is a pleasure to watch ur vids. It would be even better if you’d say anything about XDAO City Quest. Have you received prizes from it?

  4. ill only register if sseth can keep his press account

  5. I’ve spent so much time playing this game. I’ve avoided spending the money though.

  6. had a feeling seth is having fun while making this video and getting paid for it

  7. Flying and nukes after very fake. Love the content.

  8. free to play, but PAY TO WIN

  9. Sseth is trying to sell this idea that he’s Danish. His channel says that he’s located in Denmark, in one video you can even see him with some typically danish foods. But consider this, have you ever heard anyone else from Scandinavia speak english without a hilarious accent?

  10. tank battles are better in realistic

  11. Talks about tier 1 is plenty good enough but proceeds to show clip after clip of jets towards end of video. Viewers smashing credit card on table. Gaijin happy.

  12. This was a fantastic video honestly. They got their moneys worth.

  13. Does anyone remember Dripith timestamp ?

  14. if your fan base leaks classified military documents, I think you deserve some kind of an award

  15. As a scatterbrained bitch who ended up with brain zaps after 4 days of paroxetine deprivation (ran out), dont be afraid of adjusting ur med type and dose and being on top of things. Be honest w your doctors abt what makes u tick yall and wean off gently

  16. Jokes on you I am already mentally ill

  17. Instructions unclear, started grinding to top tier now my will to live has left me

  18. Farewell Sseth.
    See you next time.

  19. “prove the tank is inaccurate”

    *releases classified military documents*

  20. A bit of a forced vibe in this one, anyways still a fan.

  21. Stay strong Sseth, addiction can be a life ruiner. Just keep fighting it and focusing on your wellbeing!

  22. I love you Sseth

  23. my guy
    this montage
    straight fire

  24. as a Xanax enjoyer i can confirm i’d rather be a Ketamine snorter

  25. Dare I say, the Taylor Swift of video game reviewers?

  26. how can every video from this man be such masterpiece… as well as his friend UberDanger

  27. Over a single year Sseth turned into the very shill he always pretended not to be. Unsubbed. Have fun with your F2P garbage and teenage audience.

  28. Eggprant & Brocorri Prease!

    Good to hear you beat your addiction. I myself quit, relapsed and quit again just recently. Its refreshing to hear you’re not alone despite it feeling that way sometimes. Anyways nuff with the gay shit, good video kommada seth!

  29. I can’t believe I just beat it to tanks dry humping..

  30. I have been playing it for the last 6 years and i uninstalled it last week this game is broken it has too many hackers and gaijiin is not doing shit about it and the top tier is broken. I love your videos man but this game is shit.

  31. Gijan a real G for letting Seth post this. I hope they didn’t want any changes

  32. I like how stupid people are, guys, the song is in the description…
    Pro tip: That’s the first place you should always look for.

  33. everytime i listen to Sseth go off on his insane tangents in these videos i always remember that theres an alternate universe out there where he never left the medical industry, and this absolute unit really do be out there in Universe P345 diagnosing and treating cancer patients

  34. Cook serve delicious when

  35. Now, this is epic

  36. That’s true don’t rank up in War Thunder eventually your going suffer a blow to your ego when players who are the definition of psychopaths are going to destroy you from the other end of the map with a 360 no scope and then call you a “Gogogaga nooob cry baby.” and to go back to rank 1.

  37. The planes aren’t real joke is pretty good, but I’ve got 4 pilots in my family.

  38. i feel that adhd rant

  39. I’ve always maintained that you don’t play war thunder, war thunder just has it’s way with you

  40. pleb plays arcade jets

    i cant even

  41. Attack the D Point!

  42. Arcade player admonishes game for 22 minutes

  43. PM me for an invite to me and my friends discord, then maybe you would reach the ultimate level of gamer skill levels. Or something

  44. this is high quality content

  45. So, when is the Raid: Shadow Legends review?

  46. Just a panzer crewman with wifi

    tldr play russia so you get russian “balance” on your side

  47. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ׅ

    vampire survivors next pls

  48. Sseth making sure my neck don’t break, much love!

  49. People who haven’t played this game don’t realize how many hours the end footage must’ve taken :O

  50. What does “pl” mean?

  51. Hope, you’ll review World of Baltika 9 after War Tunder.

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