Warthunder’s History of Lost Features

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Source: ZoltanSultan


    • I love your videos but I have a question. You mentioned Break but what about the other game mode, Skirmish?

    • Hey Zultan, I myself am trying to make youtube videos as a hobby, and i would like to ask what kind of video editing software you use for your editing?

    • @Pingus Pringus Premiere, avid or davinchi and occasionally some vegas depending on the project. Not a fan of final cut.

  1. I enjoyed break gamemode 🙁

  2. 2:00
    Just read it they said.
    It’ll sound fine they said.

  3. They also removed the AI tanks from the Carpathians map. They also removed the D point as well, and that was only available on the Carpathians map

  4. That’s such bullshit as well. Surroundings of Volokolamsk was one of the best maps to play in simulator ground forces. And it was just ripped out of the game without any consideration.
    It’s like they don’t give a fuck about SB modes…

  5. I may be misremembering, but there was an IL2 game and later like “wings of steel” or something? for consoles and it had the original grind method. The maxing out XP gain on planes at least in those games was alarmingly low so it got very grindy very quickly.
    The “Hole in your left wing” “on course, on time, and on target, how are you” lines also date back that far, along with some of the original air-arcade markers that have since been replaced. It might be easier to find more footage from the older games that pre-date warthunder but I’m not 100% sure

  6. That Guy over there

    I’d sware to god you could use the hull MGs years ago

  7. Wait so the maus is coming back in 2021?

  8. break was a terrible game mode or it was simply implemented terribly like many other things have been, new caps took to long to spawn in and because you knew where the caps would spawn allowing instant decapping even if they hid where the caps spawned the lack of “random” placement made it easy to hold the positions allowing for rapid decaps and mostly ruined by fast tanks like the m18. Old warthunder was interesting i dont remember the economy well but i do remember a mode called something like “historical battles” or something where you only were put into axis vs comintern or allies or allies vs comintern for example witch wasnt mentioned although the flight models were garbage back in the day and russian and later japanese planes models were some reason more rigid and could break other planes wings with minimal to no damage (but hitting the hull proper would often break their wings sometimes it would cause the victim to implode) and could fly better at max damage so long as the engine and pilot wasnt knocked out and in historical later reworked and renamed to realistic the control wiring needed to be intact and to this day russian bias is a thing because the ussr planes got their damage models updated and fixed last instead having a unbreakable model while others could have wings broke in half or tail section sheered off

  9. small maps are the sad side of WT
    if you want small maps go WoT

    small maps = spawncamping
    small maps = no 4km shoots
    small maps = less time to enjoy a battle and reverse the course of that battle
    small maps = BS

  10. 4:05
    classic WW2 vs post war BS

  11. 7:13
    the reasons was that gaijin hate germany

  12. “They looked at the data for the most banned map”
    Like, I can think of at least a couple other maps in the game still that are so, so much worse than Volo. And it’s not just a ‘just my opinion’ kind of thing, but like a ‘every game I’ve played in the past, there was multiple people bitching about it’ kind of dislike.
    Eastern Europe, European Province, and a few more. All are severely unbalanced. One side always has a massive advantage due to spawn locations. You are forced to spawn in a strategically bad location because if you spawn in the other location, you can get destroyed from literally the other side of the map. Yet the other enemy side does not have this issue because theres a big fucking hill in the way.

  13. the main issue in the game is still tooo many small maps

  14. when you realize that since you stopped playing the game, 3 of your favorite vehicles are now pretty much illegal O_O
    if they brought back the old hanger music, I would play again. It’s pretty much the only reason why I did for so long.

  15. Forgetting about the d point randomly popping up do or the winning side to cap to win faster and ai tanks shooting players with he(except Russian ai tank that had apcbc)

  16. helis need a own mode again

  17. I realy liked the leveling system compared to rp system. It wasnt as grindy

  18. all i miss is accuall armor

  19. How do I have 3400 hours and didn’t know ground targets were just an engine block

  20. I honestly liked the break game mode

  21. I miss the old menu music still, even though it’s been like 4 years

  22. How old are you to War Thunder?
    Dude 1: Im AI tanks in ground battles old!
    Dude 2: Im No ground forces at all old!
    Dude 3: Im ranked system, no BR system old!
    Me? Oh im pre-Steam, pre-crewlock, pre-module research, pre-squadrons, and pre-ammo belt selection.

    This games come a long way, but also walked backwards a LOT since 1.27.

  23. you forgot the D point

  24. Thing that upset me most is the removal of decals and plane skins from the game I paid real money for

    Also the old camera angles planes had when dogfighting

    And the events like guardian angel

  25. Hellamachopter

  26. They banned just Volo? Maybe I am a whiny bitch, but I despise nearly every single map. I cannot name one map I would consider more than just ok, but I got plenty I consider awful.

  27. Man i miss small Volokolamsk
    Gibe Baek Gaidjien!

  28. I liked playing battle royale using kv-2

  29. Break was honestly my personal favourite game mode. Sure it was a bit broken but I enjoyed it.

  30. 4:15 That OG war thunder music gave me so much feels, can anyone tell me where to find it?

  31. They got rid of volo! Nooooo

  32. remember when they briefly tried that mechanic where so long as you had one crew member the tank wasn’t dead, and you just had to manually switch his position from driver to gunner and back again?

  33. 2:00 that map ins most infamous with me because the first time I got that map was my first encounter with a heatfs cheater

  34. For pre-battle rating gameplay, you could actually fight MiG-15s in a P-51D.


  35. BR is broken, change my mind

  36. I miss the old rank and economy system

  37. spawn camping

  38. Realistic battles used to be designed differently. They were supposed to replicate actual battles that took place, often one side was at a bit of a disadvantage. In the battle for britain one, the germans didn’t have an airfield to land on, but the brits started on the ground. okinawa was removed from the game (horribly unbalanced), and the others got a few changes to be more fair.

    ground forces sim used to be full of large maps. Part of my frustration was that they appeared less often, and more smaller maps got added.

  39. So break is where Enlisted for the Idea for Capture Points.

  40. My biggest gripe with warthunder post 1.37. Is there was almost no correlation.
    I had unlocked the majority of UK and German trees. Upon the handover Received 20 million Free XP. No gold. But reset to barely a third of both trees.
    Bearing in mind the upper levels of Both trees were a grind fest. Taking over a month for single ranks to be earned. It cost a fair amount of gold to make it viable.
    And Gaijin refused to refund or balance my account back to pre 1.38 levels. Due to lack of enthusiasm. I have only just reach the the 262 and Meteor again. Gaijin can drown in a puddle of goat piss.

  41. Been playing since 2014, brought back some memories

  42. What about the floats game mode? My favorite game mode of all time

  43. I really hope for the return of Air RB Enduring Confrontation.. would be such a relieve from the current shitshow Air RB currently is..

  44. also they remove teamkilling in tank AB

  45. The feature I really miss! If you got a separated case round and got shoot at the end of the loading your reload progressed from the half mark and did not started up from the start!

  46. I’m one of those weirdos who loved volo

  47. ZOLTANSULTAN u forgot my baby… the lorraine 155 ;-;

  48. If you voted Joe Biden. Build back better socialism.

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