Warthunder’s Nightmare History of Controversy

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Source: ZoltanSultan


  1. i wonder where that freeabrams guy now? never seen him again

  2. if you dont want to you do not have to play this bullshit game

  3. Wait it was FearNaught that posted that?? I was in a couple squadrons with the guy and he was pretty cool, never expected that from him.

  4. As a former Swiss Guard i am offended that there isn‘t a Flag of the Vatican ingame.

  5. Remember when any tank could help repair instead of only certain vehicles? Good times

  6. “Hostile annexation of Crimea”?
    How does that boot taste?

  7. Proof of war thunder officials trying their best to make the game look better than it is even possibly going to court over it

  8. The decal thing was a money grab and the political situation was an excuse nothing more don’t try to hide gajins greed

  9. God I remember the 1.79 Riot, good to see that they are atleast somewhat listening to the community, even if it requires a damn riot lmao

  10. Love these different videos on War Thunder. The market could have been included, there was a lot of up-roar at the time.

  11. This list needs the 1.29 economy changes as its #1.

  12. Awful, incompetent, shady company.

  13. This video could definitely use a part 2. For example the time people thought gaijin was funding Ukrainian speratists

  14. I remember being able to scale up the “spade” decals to make your tanks to make them look burnt out, made for great moments in ground RB

  15. Good video, bad music choices.

  16. Is that everything in war thunder.

  17. Why have you bought the Chinese flag cringe

  18. “the ability for allies to fight your fires has been added”
    yeah, but nobody does it.
    not even squadmates unless your friends with them

    • I mainly play arcade battles on ps4 and it’s super rare to have anyone help with repairs.
      And usually by the time your on fire your usually ded

  19. Ight bro just subscribed

  20. But why only remove the TK ability between Ground vehicles when airplanes can still TK ground vehicles? I still get TKed by bombs dropped from friendly planes.

  21. Bro remember back when you could team kill in tank battles? Good times

  22. Hey that document had “declassified” written on it

  23. I remember when the chally controversy happened. The guy leaked cutout of the turret to prove mantlet armor should be thicker by comparing it to truinnon length. Not only did he take wrong measurements for truinnon length making his argument faulty he also wrote “declassified” himself on the document. Absolutely laughable.

    • There is more myth than truth to that at this point. For all that’s currently known, that document was indeed declassified whether in error or not, was presented in a heavily redacted form, and there have been no criminal proceedings against the guy. If the documents had been manipulated there absolutely would have been. All information claiming this to have been classified information came straight from Gaijin themselves (including MoD’s supposed comment), in what is so far a most succesful series of PR campaigns involving supposedly “classified” bottom-of-the-barrel decades old technical docs.

  24. Honestly, Gaijin controversies are nothing compared to Wargaming’s.

  25. Note: they didn’t put Palestine flag….why? And why not!

  26. Its not his job to decide the fate of parts and FPE, but at the same time his behaviour on that stream was unacceptable, He listed things people are not asking for as an excuse to get angry

  27. This game sucks

  28. boosters already expire

  29. Thankfully I quit War Thunder permanently several years ago. Knew there was something fishy about the game, never knew it was this bad.

  30. If only I can come back.

  31. Legend of total BORE troll {I hate cheese}

    Back in my day you’d get a 2-4x RP boost for the first battle of the day, and certain nations of the day!

  32. “Weird warthunder would want to censor the internet” you clearly haven’t tried to communicate with them. They tend ignore bugs and glitches and when you report them they say its a you problem when hundreds of people are like hey new bug. Then their steam moderators tend to mute anyone who discredits or discuss their dislike of wt devs. Same on many other forums that discuss war thunder. Most communities dont act this way but war thunder devs do. Its weird.

  33. A Half Sesame Seed Bun

    I had 3 LA-7s hovering above our spawn. Super annoying. Need spawn protection for planes.

  34. There’s not many videos on your channel, but that’s ok because you really do emphasize the quality over quantity

  35. It was a minor stuff but when they released a German premium La-5 it was an absolute UFO. That plane was insane. And so were the sales figures.
    And then the sekrit dokumints were found and everything went back to normal. Normal. Hah.


  37. can you make video about history of war thunder Tournaments?

  38. 1:53 Wow that’s some Games Workshop level of scumminess.

  39. I don’t play time scam games. Be better on yourself.

  40. Sub to this man smh

  41. Zoltan I am here to claim the title of BofFs YouTuber now

  42. dang didn’t even mention the thing about them funding pro-russian terrorsists

  43. Bring back TK’ing so R3’s and EBR’s don’t get the chance to leave spawn.
    I’d also bully every German I laid eyes on, ESPECIALLY Pumas

  44. I want to see another brief history of war thunders problems video that was very good

  45. LoL
    Free FPE and parts
    For arcade noobs that want to play WoT on WT

  46. It could just be for publicity, but Anton seems like a nice guy

  47. With parts sure I can understand it might be researched how to field repair it, but if my crew needs to research where to buy a frigging fire extinguisher every time I buy a new tank, thats a joke.

  48. Ok, Alkonafter it’s a kind a person who shit talk to much and think to much about him self. So, probably that kind of situations don’t be surprises at all. He pissing off many people in snail office (it’s inside information btw) and inside community. So, that happens. And to be fair I don’t see much support to that jerk beside that snails just step out of limits and do shit as it is in context like “if it’s happens once it’s happens again”

  49. 8:20 notice the chinese flag is free. Fuckin’ sinophiles.

  50. Out of topic, does buy squadron vehicle with ge included all modification or just stock vehcle?

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